Jesse Mac Mistaken For Frankie Muniz

Jesse McCartney revealed to OK! that he’s been mistaken for other celebrities before: ‘A couple girls came up to me a few weeks ago, and they walked up and I’m waiting for it, like ‘yeah?’ And they’re like ‘Frankie Muniz!’ and I’m like ‘no! Wrong guy. Later.’ LMAO, Do YOU think Jesse resembles Frankie?

On his big backup plan: ‘I always wanted to be a baseball player. I always wanted to be an athlete. I’m a big sports fan. I played baseball all through high school, I was the pitcher for my team, and I probably would’ve gone on to play for college if I didn’t stay in the music industry.’ Photo: Fame.

  • Lynne

    Uhh, I don’t see it AT ALL.
    Being a fan of Jesse’s since his AMC days, I don’t think he looks anything like Frankie Muniz. I think he still looks the same as he always did but (of course) a lot more mature looking and I think he’s sooooo gorgeous. His smile, his eyes, EVERYTHING. Frankie is cute but he’s no Jesse McCartney. Anybody who mistakens Jesse for Frankie or vice versa is just ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    He is very hot and looks nothing like frankie muniz.

  • Brooke

    he’s kinda sexy :)

  • mollie

    jesse does not look like frankie muniz!!
    frankie isn’t cute at all and jesse is fucking sexy as hell!!!

    i LOVE jesse. he has an amazing voice! he’s one of my favorite artists :D

  • Anonymous

    compared to the jonas brothers he rocks he has an amazing voice!!!! and when he was 19 and 16 he was fucking hotter!!

  • Anonymous

    idk who Frankie is… all i know is Jesse is sooooo hot and if i were in a place i wouldnt get confuse like those girls..!

    that sounds kinda embarrasing for the gurls

  • tiff

    he thinks he would have been a college baseball player?? ahha yea right! he is so puny. and frankie muniz his hotter than him.. despite frankie is ugly as hell!!

  • it’s me.

    he’s so hot!
    and he doesn’t even look like frankie muniz!
    he’s so much hotter than frankie!

  • Anonymous


  • Selena

    he is fucking hot bitches!
    whoever says he looks like frankie then go suck dicks
    frankie is not even cute at all, jesse is smoking hot!

  • Rachel

    That is SOOO funny that this was posetd because on New Years Eve, my mom and her husband were wondering who he was and they thought it was “that Malcom in the Middle kid” lol…[I don’t think they heard of Jesse lol].

  • cyn
  • beckyy<3


  • mj

    jesse is so FINE. and frankie is really hot too.

    i would be the biggest baseball fan EVER if he played it

  • Anonymous

    Jesse is ugly and he has alot of scars on his face

  • typical

    haha, his response is totally him.

  • lola [- – -]

    jesse is sooooo hot [ jmac] rocks …but in a little
    way he kinda looks like frankie muniz

  • Anonymous

    he looks NOTHING like frankie! ohmygod. jessie is sooooooo muchh hotter then him! that isnt even a comparison!

  • Anonymous

    jesse is much more gorgeous than this guy
    frankie muniz..and hes even hotter
    with long hair.jess is the best
    i am listening to his songs all the time
    jess keep on singing cause you re
    talented.greece loves u

  • lola

    jesse is soooo hot!!! [jmac rocks] ….but in a little way way he kinda looks like frankie

  • A

    LMFAO!! what an ego-crusher. haha. oh well, i still love him anyways! and NO! he doesn’t look like Frankie Muniz!

  • love.

    jesse = loveee <3 :)

  • anonymous

    uhhh the hair part kinda

  • alyssa michaela


    yeeeeeea frankie muniz! hahahah

  • audrey

    .. He is so much Hotter than frankie !!!!
    but yes i looks like him but just a little

  • Jesse McCartney thinks he’s the sh*t!!

    Jesse McCartney sucks c*ck………

  • Sean

    Is He the guy from some minispy movie?.

  • poker


    This guy is handsome, how can somebody Mistaken For Frankie Muniz may be they need eyeglasses

  • GeneTinsley

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