Hilary Duff WHAT GOES UP

Hilary Duff made a swift get away from shutterbugs late Monday night as she left Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood with a few friends. Photos: Fame. +5! IMDB has changed the title of her new film Safety Glass to What Goes Up.

From Jasmin @ HilaryFan.Org: Hilary fans have joined together to make a download day for her latest single ‘Reach Out’. As most of you know, Hilary Duff came out with a second Best Of compilation album in November of 2008. Most people were confused and responded negatively..

..about her having another greatest hits album and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t Hilary’s fault. Her former record label, Hollywood Records, pushed Hilary aside [Who was their biggest selling artist of all time] when artists like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers came into the picture.. [Continued]

So to finish her contract she released the Best of album. Well Hilary recorded two brand new songs for the album which are ‘Reach Out’ in which she sampled a Depeche Mode song and ‘Holiday’. Both of these songs, I think I can speak for most Hilary fans, are two of the best songs she’s ever recorded.

When the Best Of first came out iTunes first had the songs only available if you buy the whole album; then for some reason they took it off. Well now they have put it back on and the two songs are available to purchase individually. All of the Hilary fans have gotten together and made a Reach Out download day.

Reach Out is the first single off the album and hasn’t gotten the recognition is should have. So tommorow, January 6th, PLEASE go to iTunes and purchase Reach Out by Hilary Duff for just .99 cents and I promise you won’t be sorry!

  • Kate

    Weird… sorry Hilary =]

  • http://myspace.com/backtothe_101 Olivia

    ugh, dnw!

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  • Anonymous

    You’re right, Miley will not be as famous as she is today in three or four years. But she will still have a career, just like Shia LaBeouf and Hilary Duff.

    Just because she will not be teen queen at 23, doesn’t mean she won’t be famous and working.

    i see you point. i do hope she will be successful but i do think she is reaching her peak now, whereas with shia i think he has only grown since disney.

  • Germany!!!


  • lola

    1st? prob not hahah

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  • DH <3

    It isn’t fair to say that they shoved Hilary aside for Jonas Bros. & Miley. Hilary wanted to distance herself from the Disney image to further pursue her career in film.

    Trust me, Hilary had a big say in whether or not she was going to do a new album with Hollywood Rec. A VERY big say.

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  • http://www.teenstarnews.blogspot.com Lena

    I did like “Reach Out” and “Holiday”, and I completely understand her. But it was wrong to fire her form Hollywood Records! She was dong great..!


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  • Anonymous

    i dont know why people can’t see that this is exactly what is going to happen to miley and jonas when someone newer and better comes along. i remember the era of hilary. she was on top, just like people make miley out to be. its always the same; EVERY SINGLE time. oh well. i guess people will believe when they see it. i wasn’t into hilary to much but her ‘metamorphasis’ album was bomb; hope she can come back.

  • Malea V.

    I understand your view completely, but Hollywood Records did not fire Hilary. Her contract was up, and Hilary herself decided not to renew it.

    For now, she intends to focus on her film career, and if music ever renews its passion in her life, she always has a home at Hollywood Rec., as well as many other studios that would love to sign her.

  • Anonymous

    ha that is true. her whole little french whore role in that random movie, pretty much spoke for itself; sad attempts at moving from the disney wholesome image.

  • Traecyn <3

    You’re right, Miley will not be as famous as she is today in three or four years. But she will still have a career, just like Shia LaBeouf and Hilary Duff.

    Just because she will not be teen queen at 23, doesn’t mean she won’t be famous and working.

  • Shmanderz =p

    DH? Ahhh! you’re on here! i saw your post on the newest thing written about you. txt me your insane!! loves youu!


  • DH <3

    Why thank you ;)

  • DH <3

    Just got your txt. I’m actually busy that day with him, but the day after we can do something. & ya i was ticked so i wrote that. haha loves ya too!

  • Anonymous

    HA HA they pushed her aside 4 the jonas brothers:D:D

    i used to love her.. then she changed too much and her songs started to lack sense hahaha

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been a fan of her since 2004…i love you Hilary!!!!!!!

  • Sella Bella

    You two are so funny! Got your text M definately going with you! Hang on, I’m going to text you probably shouldn’t be saying all of this on here. Sel

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Hilary’s so much better than Miley and the Jonas Brothers!!

  • tia

    i feel bad for her because most ppl dont actually realise that hilary duff IS the most successfull teen star in disneys history, everyone forgets because they assume that title must go to miley cyrus, but hilary sold insane amounts of cds, her movies, while they didnt get the best reviews were always box office hits, her concerts were worldwide sellouts….i mean, she paved the way for people like the jonas brothers. and i think everyone is so quick to say that miley started all this. ummm. no

    hilary duff did

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  • Rachel

    In most all of the pix… Her head looks like it’s floating… H4h4h4h4h4h4!

  • h

    i love hilary, i have been a fan of hers from the beginning!

  • Hilary’s #1 Fan

    I hate this.I hate HR for letting her go.I want more Hilary.I love her.I love all of her music.She better
    get a record company.I want Hil back.