Teen Vogue has a special article on Taylor Momsen. The full article is here. +7 pictures under! 

What do you snack on to stay energized on set?

I eat a lot of apples and peanut butter. The other one isn’t super healthy: I dip animal crackers in water. Call it gross but that was my comfort food growing up.

I don’t eat any red meat. I was a vegetarian for about a year, and then I incorporated fish back into my diet. And I eat a little bit of chicken occasionally, for protein, but I eat a lot of vegetables. I’m pretty much vegetarian, aside from when I do eat fish or chicken. And a lot of fruit, I eat pretty healthily. My mom raised me to eat pretty well. I never really got into junk food. But once in
a while I do splurge, though.

What is your fitness regimen?

Well, I used to dance. That’s how I started out in fitness: I was in a dance company. When I moved to New York for the show, I stopped dancing and I hit a point where I was, like, I feel so lazy! So I started going to the gym a bit, and I like it.

I don’t exactly have a specific thing I’m doing yet, but I’m still trying to figure it out, working with a trainer and walking. My most routine workout would be just walking around New York. I try to walk more than I take trains or cabs, but it’s hard in the cold.

What do you wear to the gym? My thing about going to the gym is that I
leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in
real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don’t feel good when I
leave the house,
then I’m not motivated to do it. I need to like how I
look while I’m doing it.

What do you hope to achieve in the future? I definitely want to
continue doing what I love. I’m also a musician and singer, and I write
music. That’s a huge passion of mine. Huge, huge! I’m currently working
on an album with my
band, so I would love to do something with that.

  • yo

    shes needs 2 eat a burge for once instead of animal crackers in water

  • Anonymous

    oh god who cares?

  • jenna b

    oh god who cares

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why evryone is sain she should stop smoking ?!
    its her decision – her life.
    some people have a diffrent phylosophie to live.
    live as long as you want and not as long as you can.
    so let her hav fun. let her smoke if she wants to !
    and her weight is healthy because she eats healthy and does lots of sports !

  • Morgan

    is that a birth control patch on her left hip?

  • dude

    is she wearing a nicotine patch on her hip

  • Anonymous

    shes so freaking ugly and has nasty body how do u people say shes pretty OPEN YOUR EYES!

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  • emmi

    It might be one of those quitting soking patches

  • ava


    nobody was talking about miley until you frken miley worshippers had to include her in every damn story.

    guess what, she’s not in this one, get the fuck over it.

  • Chiggyx3

    She’s skinny. What the hell are you talking about?

  • :)

    AHhh she is wearing a birth control patch!!!
    oh and to the person who complained about her leggings and how they don’t let sweat out, thats kinda the point,
    when you work out you want to sweat more to loose
    water weight and those leggings do that. Oh and she
    has a weird looking face. But she is cute in the show.

  • Anonymous

    oh and she can smoke weed all she wants, it’s not bad for you. if you did your research you’d know that.

  • Olivia

    Shes fat. She could lose a few ponds. ahah kidding

  • lolly

    shes cute
    love her

  • Lau

    Please give her some food.

  • asdfjsdf

    Is that a band aid on her hip?

  • http://oceanup.com michelle:)

    hhahhaa stfu in a miley post
    everyone brings up selena,demi,and jonas brothers.
    so shut the hell up
    its a free country i can say whatever i want and you cant do anything about that:)
    get over YOURSELF.

  • Anonymous

    I love her. But, that patch could either be the birth control patch or a patch to stop smoking. It can also be a bandaid… but the birth control patch goes there… and the nicotine one goes anywhere on your arm or torso. I still love her though!

  • Anonymous

    shes so stupid. meat is not a meat. vegetarians are still vegetarians i they eat fish.
    you make no sense..
    durrr x]

  • Jane

    she looks really pretty, but she is wearing a sort of odd outfit

  • Anonymous

    nicotine patch.


    seriously like she needs to work out, look how thin she is and as if she eats anything she mentioned…

    seriously taylor go and eat something… lol

  • <3

    people that call her fat
    id like to see you.
    im sure you’ve got something to loose
    shes nowhere near fat
    so stfu

  • me


  • Anonymous
  • MarieJordann


  • Anonymous

    To Stupid:

    Sooooo did you just say meat is not a meat? And no vegetarians ar not still vegetarians if they eat fish, they are pescatarians , I know because I am one. DURRRRR.

    With love from Me

  • Brittany S.


  • Anonymous

    hahaha omg your rite lol i am on a gay laptop and when i type my fingers in the mousepad and it cuts and pastes haha i meant to say
    fish isnt considered a meat hahah LOL

  • Anonymous


  • izzie

    she’s so thin :|

  • Anonymous

    1stt!!! wow i wish i was that healthy!

  • Brittany S.


  • qwd

    uh no

  • erdghyrtyr

    151 rum, pineapple juice, malibou, caribou.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • ontheDL

    i like the girl, but someone from the GG set needs to fix her roots. LOL. they bother me when i watch the show. haha.

  • nikki

    “hahaha omg your rite lol i am on a gay laptop and when i type my fingers in the mousepad and it cuts and pastes haha i meant to say
    fish isnt considered a meat hahah LOL”

    actually a vegetarian diet means excluding meat, fish, and chicken.
    She is on a semi-vegitarian diet i guess… Just thought I would share :)

  • Anonymous

    i hate her.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so annoying and has no talent. although i’ve
    never heard her music, i’m not too excited.

  • Anonymous

    shes so cute. love her.

  • monika

    i love the fact that she has like fat on her belly,makes me feel much better cuz i have it too :)
    && ii didnt know she had her belly pierced.
    she’s soo stunning<3

  • Anonymous

    Taylor needs to put on a bit of weight

  • Laaaa

    How is she fat….??
    Gorrrrgggg I work out a hellllll lot hahaha if only I looked half as amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Her legs are really skinny!!!

  • Anonymous

    she has a good body and all but she needs to lessen that eye makeup of hers..

  • ava

    this is a taylor momsen post-
    taylor momsen, and miley cyrus, are in no way related

    one is actually a legit actress. one is a teenie bopper.

    you just want to bring up your savior at every opputunity to get people to argue with you.

    get the fuck over yourself, you 12 year old little prat.

  • Maddie

    She’s so tiny, and seems like a nice girl. She just needs to quit smoking :(

  • Anonymous

    oceanup please post this!
    lol wtf is this. is she trying to get attention or something? or is it a hannah-montana-esque “disguise”?

  • emmi

    she is so thin
    whats that patch on her in the first pic

  • Anonymous

    a band??

  • megan

    if anything she should be gaining weight.

  • Anonymous


    tech n9ne !!

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  • eriinnnn !

    does anyone else see the patch on her hip??
    what is it?

  • hmm.
  • Anonymous

    is that a nicotine patch or band aid?

  • lynda

    she reallly shouldn’t be working out -_-
    maybe if she stopped smoking weeed she’d be perfectly healtyyyy

  • Anonymous

    shes so stupid. meat is not a meat. vegetarians are still vegetarians i they eat fish.

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    nice belly ring

  • brazilian hot

    uiui pegael

  • YUP YUP.


  • http://oceanup.com michelle:)

    i see nobody called her a slut because of a BELLY BUTTON RING
    and shes younger than miley . bitches just cause it was miley.
    youuu haters really just use EVERYTHING about her to call her a slut.

  • g

    whats the bandaid for?
    could be a tattoo…..?

  • Caitlin

    She isn’t fat you idiot, shes so skinny she can be anorexic!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she awesome
    you people need to leave her alone
    she was great in spy kids 2 and the grinch and she was really young in them!
    and she’s a great model and singer to
    just because she’s not a fugly brat on disney channel like miley and selena
    doesn’t mean you can all take the piss
    and so what if she smokes GROW UP! it’s her choice
    and she doesn’t actually like her life if your worring about her shortening it
    she’s sucicidal and she has the cuts on her legs to prove it!
    thanks to people like you
    so STFU!

  • Anonymous

    oceanup please post this!

    She looks retarded. It suits her.

  • http://oceanup.com NADiNE<3

    and the fact that taylor bent down while exercising,
    if it was miley people would have called her a slut for exercising “inappropriately”
    those people have no lives obviously.

  • Anonymous


  • Youve got Maillll <3

    EWW shes beautiful and all but:

    seriously, excercising in RUBBER LEGGINGS?! wtf not a good idea. those things dont let out sweat so thats so unpractical and would make you stink!

    shes so skinny, but too skinny, shes untoned and lanky
    but drop dead gorgeous – EAT PLS

  • Anonymous

    fat, are you kidding me!! you’re stupid she’s not fat if anything she’s too skinny.

  • Anonymous

    fat, are you kidding me!! you’re stupid she’s not fat if anything she’s too skinny.

  • Anonymous

    what a dumb bitch lol

    “i’m a vegetarian, except for when i eat meat or fish”

    btw guys go to

    sad sad sad.

  • aaallleeexxx

    ooooh bellybutton piercing, cute.

    love taylor, even if she does do crack.

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