They Came From Upstairs STILLS

Stills from Ashley Tisdale‘s new film ‘They Came From Upstairs‘. The film, which hits theaters in 2009, costars Austin Robert Butler, Kevin Nealon and Doris Roberts. +3! Click to enlarge. Credit: H-S-M.Org.

  • Anonymous

    on the 2nd pic the blond boiy was on zoey 101 for a short time

  • Anonymous

    ashley tisdale is so pretty

  • jojo

    cool! wow Ashley Tisdale has a new movie coming out soon/..can’t wait! xD

  • Anonymous

    robert hoffman is the man. love himmm.

  • Anonymous

    In the 1st the guy from aquamarine

  • heather

    omg, in the first pic, the guy in the checkered shirt, with brown curly hair, isnt he from Unfabulous?

  • mary

    omg they look so cute
    cant wait to seee it
    i love ash!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love carter jenkins<3 he’s so cute.

  • Anonymous

    It looks cute.
    I would watch it.

  • tay tay

    average looking eeww.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol. that top pic is so corny looking.

  • nardx


  • Anonymous

    the title sounds a little dirty….but im just a prevert lol

  • kelly

    hahaha the blondie (austin) is my cousin !

  • http://gfhg,con Gay

    This movie Seems GAYYYYYYYYY. (:

  • Anonymous

    MAJOR waterbra in the orange shirt.

  • Gay

    Gayyyyyyy. (:

  • creepin gal

    i loooove robert hoffman <3 <3 <3

    …tisface not so much

  • truth

    Wtf is up with the top of Ashley’s hair in the 3rd
    pic? looks like they put too much hairspray on that bitch

  • Anonymous

    ROBERT!!!!! hehehe love him