Dakota Fanning PEOPLE’S CHOICE


Dakota Fanning shined in a stunning blue dress on the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards red carpet in LA on Wednesday evening. Photos: Fame. +2!

  • Anonymous

    u hav 2 admit she looks amazing here!

  • Cami

    She looks great!

  • Anonymous

    she looks fucking stunning

  • katie

    she’s the best kid actress in my opinion.
    and shes so pretty (:

  • http://myspace.com/wildntrendy monica

    wow, she does look really classy and way older than her age.


    omgg she looks so pretty.
    and her dress is heaps nice

  • madelinegrace17

    I WAS THERE!!!! it was really fun

    shes so pretty!! :]

  • Anonymous

    she looks awesome!!
    i love herr

  • emily (:

    whoa, she looks so classy. she’s really talented, i love her.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pinky_girlz11 sara

    she’s totally gorgeous:]
    i loveee her

  • Anonymous

    she looks amazing here but like why is she not in many movies anymore?

  • Jane

    she used to look young and cute, and she has grown up fast! she is gorgeous, and she looks great here

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. I love her shoes!

  • dan

    i saw under her dress last nite she had some cute panties on

  • dan

    i saw under her dress last nite she had some cute panties on

  • Anonymously LOL

    WOW!! Dakota has really grown up in these last few years. To think, she was the little girl from Dreamer, and now here she is looking FABULOUS and sooo much older. She is a really great example and a role model for her sister and other young girls alike. If you dream, and you work for it, look what you can acheive!!

  • Lacy

    SHES SOOO pretty!
    but she doesnt look 15 she looks like shes 12 or 13 alot of the time.

    Lacy Anne

  • Dakota lover

    What a stunning blue dress for a stunning girl!

  • Chelsea

    Wow. Gorgeous. O.o
    Jealous I am x]

  • Kelly

    she is amazing.

  • neatudfil

    iam not a fan of her but
    shes so gorgeous.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/12/selena-gomez-high-school-musical-4.html#comments love robert 4ever

    pretty dress

  • A

    WOW! She looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    i like her

  • Anonymous

    good actress, too


    I like her outfit (:

  • katieeeee

    she reminds me of the blonde girl named tracy who became best friends with evie from the movie thirteen


  • Anonymous

    she’s so georgus

  • Anonymous

    SO PRETTY!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap she’s grown up

  • mallory

    she looks amazingly gorgeous..! wow!

  • Katie

    she’s SOOOO classy!! she’s going to go on and be a really famous, respected actress

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Love the dress! She’s gonna be a babe when she grows up!

  • Anonymous

    you gotta be kidding me this is dakota,my god,she grow up so fast OO’

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/01/dakota-fanning-peoples-choice.html#more natalie

    wooowww she looks beautiful

  • Diana

    I think of all Hollywood teen celebs Dakota deserves the most to be where she is, she is the best actress of her age, and also she really IS growing up, she looks stunning she does have taste cause ehr dress is really tastefull. The color looks really good on her and I seriously can’t believe this is the same girl who did World of the worlds just soem years ago. She sure is growing up to be a nice girl

  • Anonymous

    anyone know where to find her dress?

  • Anonymous

    wow what happened to her?

    what a drastic change! Hahaha

  • gossipgirlxoxo

    wow she’s really prettyy!!!
    but I think she still needs for her face to grow because she already has an adult-like body but her face still reminds me of a baby :D
    but she is really GORGEOUS!!!
    some stars should learn to keep it natural with their hair and makeup and still shine
    cooff MILEY CYRUS cooff

  • Anonymous

    i love how nicely she has grown up and has the talent to match to boot. good for her. i’m excited to see what the future holds for her.

  • Anonymous

    she has gotten so gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    wow she really looks stunning! =)

  • Anonymous

    holy shit.
    freakingggg love the dress.

    better than the last.

    and were these awards televised?

  • T

    She is soo pretty! Very unusual,but in a good way!!! I’m jealous. :p

  • Anonymous

    very lovely.
    love the dress.

  • abby jonas :)

    awhh she looks stunning.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think shes cute! she has no boobs either
    poor girl!

  • Anonymous

    i was just watching a movie of hers when she was little! it’s amazing how big she’s gotten, but she’s pretty! & i love her dress

  • kamilah

    shes growing into a beautiful and classy young girl and has always been an incredible actress. shes going to have a long and successful future

  • Anonymous

    oh, stfu

    dakota is pretty =)
    a little too mature imo, but stunning nonetheless

  • Anonymous

    omg; she’s GORGEOUS.
    no one can deny that.

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty(:

  • Anonymous

    she’s getting so much older!
    i’m a big fan of her acting.
    she’s very very intelligent girl
    and its great to see her be so mature with things!

  • Viv

    She is gorgeus!
    Very skinny, but gorgeus!