Is THAT REALLY Ashley Tisdale?

Ever-changing Ashley Tisdale unveiled a new look as she visited a
Los Angeles office building this morning. Photo: Fame. +5 under!

  • Anonymous

    ughh she does nott look good. keep the glasses on:)

    i like her but what is she doing with herself?

  • Erica Hsu

    Vanessa Hudgens has that same cardigan!

  • Youve got Maillll <3

    This is why she looks different:
    – She IS wearing makeup, clearly a lot of concealer (even on her lips) and foundation, bronzer
    – She has NO EYE MAKEUP which she usually packs on because she has small, high up eyes.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i know she’s not pregnant but i think ashley would make a really good mom [:
    and she’s not ugly at all!
    i think she’s really pretty.
    whoever calls her ugly because she doesn’t have any makeup on is blind!
    calling someone “ugly” won’t make you any prettier.

  • bettttttttt

    Im sorry but she is trying to conform too much to the hollywood lifestyler, i love her and everything but she looks too fake!


  • JB lova gurl baybie <3

    omj she USED too look so prettty now……………….not!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks the same.

  • Anonymous


  • yesss

    except for that shnoze and less makeup and the short brown hair. she looks the same

  • Jamie :)

    I am sad. She looks so fake now and she never seems happy. I want her to look happy again!

  • lex.

    ehh, i dont like her outfit, she looks to punk for her.

  • Anonymous


  • carrie

    whats so different about her?

  • shannon

    2nd :)



  • katarinaa (:

    what do you mean
    “is that really ashley tisdale?”
    it is her, she looks the same
    and gorgeous as always (:

  • LovePeaceHappiness

    Love her outfit!
    but there’s something that looks different about her face…
    its a little strange

  • firstt


  • kaylee

    why does she look so fake….like a doll?

  • Anonymous

    yeah…she doesn’t look any different. i don’t get it..

  • h

    of course its ashley tisdale, she probably looks a little different because she doesnt have any eye make-up on, no big

  • jade

    It’s like she’s trying 2 change herself 2b or turn
    herself into something she’s not. I suspect the reason
    is as guy,& not the one she’s dating now. when she
    was a blond, she was happy,always laughing & a cute
    attitude. Now she NEVER smiles. WHY change urself 4
    others, Damn, if u were happier the old way, go back.
    No guy is worth all that.

  • Armani

    No its not. its my Grandma in her Ashley Tisdale costume -_- sometimes i just wanna slap the people who write these stuff!!!!!!!

    shes wearing the same glasses,from when i saw her at the americana!!!

    yay me<33

  • Anonymous

    She is not good looking at all. She never was and
    she never will be. Just because she is famous
    to a small degree does not make her good looking.
    She is very very ordinary…

  • steph

    she looks great. it’s just that she’s growing up. she’s already 23 you know. it’s time to break out of that disney look

  • ashley tisdale.


  • britt

    what? she looks normal?
    the same,her gorgeous beautiful self
    i love ashh :)

  • brazilian hot

    ela é linda, com ou sem maquiagem :)
    e olha só, o oceanup só posta coisa da ash que não interessa. os filmes que ela faz e noticias do novo cd eles não estão nem aí ¬¬
    só sabem postar coisa do tipo ‘joe jonas com barba, hot or not?’ muito interessante não é mesmo :) fuck you all oceanup _|_

  • Marine

    I think she is more beautiful like that !!
    On these pictures she’s natural

  • twal

    she looked better as a blond.

  • cyn

    she is gorgeous but her face looks a little fake now because of her new nose..i wish she wouldn’t have done that :/

  • Anonymous

    i miss her nose.

    love her tho.

  • emily (:

    she looked better with her old nose and longer hair.

  • Kat

    her eyes loook extreamly small….its probly cause she hass no make up on.

  • Anonymous


  • *

    In The First Picture Looks Like A Wig !
    I Dont Know I Like Her Better Blonde!


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    That’s her.
    why does ocean up always pick the worst picture of a person and put it as the headline picture?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the only thing different about her is she could use some mascara or eyeliner… she looks like she has no lashes

  • Anonymous

    so true.

  • jonas4ever


  • haha

    maybe THIS is the real her and the blonde looks from hsm days are the way that disney preferred for her to be portayed. and who said she’s less happy, these are fucking candids

  • i know whats wrong with her face

    that is her
    she’s just not wearing any make-up

  • Annoymous

    Thats most defenitely her!!!

  • Mackenzie

    she looks pretty! <3

  • Anonymous

    i hate her.

    i missed her old looks.

    all the hsm stas has gone conceited now -.-

    you heard about them throwing away fans gift in australia? ;O

  • eliza

    no offense, but no matter what she does she’s never going to be pretty.

    how she ever got into modeling in the first place is beyond me. she must have had some damn good connections!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like her hair like that. she looks so much better whit blond and long hair. i miss that ashley.

  • skyler

    i think it was just the way the pic was taken but in the first pic she looks like she is pregnant but i know she isnt cuz it doesnt look that way in any other pic.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    She looks pretty at thhis pictures :)
    The Tizzy forever =)

  • Nikki

    If anything I think she looks fresh faced!

    Dont hate her because her complextion is flawless!!

  • Anonymous

    ashley is so much better with blonde hair


    she look different i guess
    shes not wearing MAKEUP?

  • Alexandra

    wat do u guyss mean?! Thatss totally ashley tisdale. she looks very pretty as she usually does. I also love her style of clothing and wat she puts together. LOVINN HER NEW LOUIS VUTTION BAG AS WELL! My favorite purse designer is louis vuttion as well! lol

  • Anonymous

    duh, she’s just not wearing any makeup to make her eyes looks normal! puft, you guys are decieved so easily :)

  • Sarah

    I miss her blonde hair!!!!!!
    I misss her blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She seems so sadd!!!!
    I miss the old Ashley Tisdale the one that was on the suite life of zack and cody

  • 101girl

    O MY GOSH that first pics!!!!
    Her face looks so diferent she looks kind of scary
    to me lol !!!
    but the rest of the photo’s look fine!!!

  • Anonymous

    She got cheek injections to make them bigger!!
    hahahah jkjk

  • Vicky

    srry but she looks like a man =/

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why everybody is complaining about her being sad I mean everybody has a bad day?
    And everytime those paps following you that must be soo hard!
    And about her style what’s so wrong about it? she looks the same

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why everybody is complaining about her being sad I mean everybody has a bad day?
    And everytime those paps following you that must be soo hard!
    And about her style what’s so wrong about it? she looks the same

  • I LOVE SHE !!

  • Rachel

    NO, it’s Cole Sprouse

  • Joe.

    Dudes, she’s had brown hair for a long time. She looks excactly the same. She just cut her BROWN hair a little shorter. JEEEEEZ!

  • brazilian hot

    ^ your boyfriend should be very girlish

    *google tranlater ok

  • http://picturetrail amber

    she looks fake and she always looks upset. idk she seems like dull. :) but she’s pretty

  • brazilian hot

    *translater, sorry

  • Emi

    I think it’s just because she doesn’t seem to have on any makeup

  • Anonymous

    It looks like she did something too her face. Maybe it is cheek injections.

  • mayaSHOCK

    uhm she looks like her older sister

  • Future Mrs.Joe Jonas<3

    ew i dont like her hair :/

  • Me

    She should never wear makeup again.
    She looks great without it.

  • Bitchess!

    she did her eyebrows stupid.