Princess Protection Program‘s Kevin Schmidt shares acting wisdom with fans.

  • Anonymous

    dude i definitely needed this. haha.

  • A

    I’ve only heard of this guy one other time, but after seeing that, I have to admit, I’m impressed. He’s so young yet he speaks so much more maturely than the boys in my school.

  • mrssssjonas

    wow this guys really cool :) and he seems very smart and funny as well… he just earned my respect! lol. and its good that he really knows who he is and what hes doing in life. thats cool.
    PLUS… hes reallllyy cute! haha

  • lasdfjf

    I love him :)
    He’s been in a lot of things, so he definitively knows what he’s talking about.

    Everyone should watch poor paul, too. it’s funny.

  • Lauraa*

    He is really cute, and pretty honest(:

    he is going to succeed very fast ?

  • anonymous

    Out of all the actors and actresses that have been asked that question and tried to respond. He is the only one who actually answered it. And he gave some great advice!

  • Emily

    I really respect him. He is very smart and creative and he knows what he’s doing with his life. I like that a lot. I hope he goes far.

  • amanda

    its noah!
    haha, i never knew he was going to be in PPP.
    i love Young and The Restless haha, he’s awesome!

  • Selina

    Aww i love his videos…he soo intelligent…that was some excellent advise :D

  • Veselkaka

    First cool

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    who is he even?