• dan

    the reason why vanessa is pale in this pic is not bec she is pale it’s bec of the pics quality…they’re both adorable beautiful ladies…

  • Anonymous

    i’m jealous

  • FUCK U!

    i hate ash hahahahha SO WHAT??..LOL and her horrible noise…hahahahahha it’s sucks

  • samantha

    i think that maybe cause they’re best friends? they lend each other clothes? so it’s not a whole ashley copying vanessa thing, this is pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Who care its ugly anyways&+ theyre bestfriends one probably let the other borrow it!

  • Lucas

    Ashley, sure.

  • kelsey

    Vanessa! it looks sooo pretty on her!
    i luv that coat/jacket!
    its from Victoria’s Secret PINK
    i saw it on there website!
    vanessa’s purse went wayy better with her outfit than ashley’s!

  • vanessa rocks!

    VANESSA rocked it! ashley should stop copying her!!!! first with the dark hair and now copying outfits all the time? its like SERIOUSLY girl be your own person!!

  • Ela

    Where Is It From ?


  • mena

    Ashley 4ever!

  • anonymous

    Why would Ashley Tisdale copy Vanessa?
    Ashley Has her OWN Style!
    She changed her hair to brown cause it’s her NATURAL COLOR! Not because she wants to ‘copy’ her!
    Uhm, didn’t you know, she GOT her own style!
    Please, THINK before you speak.

  • yanyan

    vanessa looks like casting in twilight!!!
    and ash looks like a mannequin

  • Anonymous


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    ashley !
    and she won :)

  • Anonymous

    ash should come back to blonde
    shes so beautiful and by copying
    vanessa she gets ugly.nessa looks better in it

  • All Ashley

    Ashley Tisdale.

  • A.

    Vanessa looks really pale.

  • kyra

    i like vaah

  • Anonymous

    i fucked taylor lautner

  • http://myspace.com/kyraquiambao kyra

    VAAH ;D

  • Grace Jonas


  • samantha


  • A.

    lol. Second day in a row I was first.


  • http://www.myspace.com/poppypoppyx poppy

    vanessa looks soooooo beautiful here:)
    and her outfit looks better then ashleys but ashley still looks gorgeous as well:D
    im voteing BABY V!

  • Anonymous

    I Have that coat. :]

  • http://www.bopmag.com Kay

    How is Ashley winning? vanessa always loses in her polls.

  • http://www.vanessavogue.com kay

    I’d have to say Vanessa.

  • Nat

    I love the coat ^^ does anybody know the brand?

  • Gina

    Vanessa for sure…. Ashley’s doesn’t really look balanced cuz everything, even her jeans are really light and the jacket is really light…

  • tia

    i think its actually pretty fug no matter which one wears it…..

  • cyn

    I think thats such a pretty outfit :] Vanessa wears it a little bit better though..i like the black underneath better :]

  • Gina

    To Agnes: The poll is asking WHO wore it better not who you like better. Pay attention a little more next time, ‘kay?

  • agnes

    I think that ashley use this clothe in correct way. Só I vote to her cause’ I like so much her than Vanessa. She is so sweet and cute and i Aprecciate this clothe on her but in vanessa i think the clothe so simple!!! tkz

  • julie

    i think they share clothes.

    but vanessa looks better in it.

  • http://google.com haha

    I’m gonna take an out-of-this-world guess that they share clothes

  • vanessa

    my voto x vanessa hudgens is so cool

  • Anonymous

    i like ashley better but vanessa wore it better
    the coat has a more darker feel to it (to me), so i would wear dark colors like vanessa did