Amanda Bynes posed in hot pink on the red carpet at VH1’s Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, Wednesday night. Photos: Fame. +5 more under!

  • omar

    hola soy omar de la provincia de buenos aires y te escribo para decirte lo hermosa que sos me encante tus hojosbesoo

  • omar

    hola soy omar de la provincia de buenos aires y te escribo para decirte lo hermosa que sos me encante tus hojosbesoo

  • Ari

    am i the only one who thinks that amanda is one of the few celebs that look better natural. with little makeup.
    and i miss her brown hair.
    she is gorgeous on What I like about you.
    I miss that look.

  • Steph

    Lmao she looks like a bobble head in the first pic.

  • A

    She looks awesome!!
    I miss WILAY. blahh.

  • Anonymous

    their head looks so weird xD

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with her head??!

  • jenn


  • Kerke

    She is so nice and funny but she reminders me of a woman taking steriods

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes lost alot of weight!

  • Emily Ford

    wow, can i have her body please!?

  • s2rob

    i think she looks good and everything but she should really lighten up on the make up.
    it makes her look “botoxed” LOL

  • Anonymous

    amanda= gorgeous, katty= ugly!

  • Jane

    i love amanda bynes! she is my most favorite actress ever, she is so funny, and she is so pretty! gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Amanda’s dress is SO cute
    ..but she has a big head lol well so do i. lol

  • Anonymous

    1. She looks gorgeous, so does her dress
    2. Her head is too big for her body!
    3. She should try parting her hair to the side
    4. She has not lost weight?? Have you ever watched the amanda show? She was a stick
    5. If you miss her show what I like about you, they are airing it on the n.

  • Anonymous

    Katy does not look ugly…

  • Anonymous

    ahh corbin, youre so cute

  • Anonymous

    herve ledger bandaeg dress

  • Marie

    Oh my God she look so gorgeous !
    The dress is amazing !

  • Cami

    She’s so pretty! I think she looks better with less makeup though. For some reason Miranda Cosgrove reminds me of her when she was younger…

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous!! always loved her :)

  • Anonymous

    ahh i was first bitches

  • Anonymous

    amandas head is FUCKING HUGE

  • Anonymous

    Se is so stunning,always loved her

  • kamilah

    “what i like about you” airs on abc family everyday if you want to watch it…i do (:

    amanda looks absolutely gorgeous as usual. i love her she’s one of my favorite actresses.

  • Anonymous

    I love Amanda Bynes =)…HBIC =) besides Miley of course

  • Anonymous

    like her dress but not the color, i dont really pink but she looks good. too much make-up.

  • courtney

    i love Amanda! Post more of her oceanup!!

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Anonymous

    Katy Perry could wear anything and still look absolutely beautiful

  • Rachel

    I loveee Amanda but is it me or does her head look HUGE in the first picture??? Is it the camera angle???

  • hannahiscrazyy

    she’s gorgeous.
    her waist looks SO tiny though.

  • desirae!

    wowwwwwwwwwww. amanda looks amazing! i love that dress

  • max

    WOW! They both look really stunning!
    I’ve always liked Amanda because she is one of the stars in hollywood that fame hasn’t gone to her head. and its rumored that when she acts, she’s one of the MOST paid actresses in hollywood. Katty looks great too! LOVE both of them! :D

  • TeamMiley(:

    lmao nice name!!!

  • Krystal

    She is GORGEOUS & insanely hilarious, love her ! =]

  • Krystal

    I think you have Amanda confused with Selena BIG FUCKING HEAD Gomez. Amanda’s head isn’t even big but apparently uou dumb ass can’t see that …

  • Anonymous

    In the top photo her head is as big as her stomach..

    She’s pretty though :)

  • Krystal

    your** lol …

  • 101girl

    OH I love amanda she is sooo cool
    she is my favorite acter!!!!!

  • lara

    amandas head is FUCKING HUGE


    OH MY GOSH, are you stupid or what? what the hell are you saying!! i hate that kind of comments, so stupid and shallow-minded. she does not have a huge head, she’s beautiful. WHY PEOPLE LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. THAT’S SHIT, YOU SHOULD BETTER START WORRYING ABOUT YOUR LIFE

  • Anonymous

    she looks amazing(:

  • Carlos Villanueva Sanchez Rodriguez De Los Santos Hidalgo Ga

    I’d give them both one……

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