Victoria Justice Simon Curtis 4 Minutes

Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis rock out to Madonna’s ‘4 Minutes’.

  • Kayla

    theyre the next miley & mandy lol.

  • ranny

    theyre the next miley & mandy[2]

  • Anonymous


    Stop talking crap about Victoria.. She is freecken awesome!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    no one cares abotu victoria justice. seriously. i’m not hating. i’m like her best friend and i know for a fact she’s trying hard to make it. but shes trying TOOOO hard. geez. EVERY tween celebrity out there is making youtube videos dancing to random top40 songs. FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL try finding something a little more original. bitch.

  • Anonymous would think a teenage boy and a (somewhat hitting)teenage girl would have something better to do when alone in a house to themselves than making a youtube video. like seriously????? the ass shaking was DISTURBINGGGG

  • Anonymous

    who is this Simon Curtis guy?! he’s cute!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s trying so hard

  • lolethamoxa

    victoria justice: wannabe miley cyrus sorry… slutty little disney bitch

  • Olivia

    Hate that song.

  • Rianne



  • Anonymous

    hes cute. shes way too skinny

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    stop posting your retard videos here

  • Anonymous

    hes kinda creepy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think his a gay

  • Anonymous

    oceanup why are you still posting these OLD videos? The one yesterday from Taylor was from January 2008 and this one was from April 2008. If you’re going to post them could you atleast write the date so people don’t assume they’re recent(especially considering this was posted around the same time that Miley posted her video to 4 minutes. They weren’t copying it was just a popular song at the time.)

  • fwfsddf

    ok u retards if u dont like the video or the things they post than dont commet.. i mean seriouslyy.. get a life

  • gay

    that was the gayest thing i saw in my life. victoria justice, please eat.