Chris Brown Catches Thong On Stage

Chris Brown handed thon g underwear on stage. Thx sayajosh02.

  • kay.

    hahahahahahahahahahhaha! <3.

  • http://polkadots_chris Chris browns mommy

    Your Guna Get a ass whoping when you come home christopher brown!! your a bad boy! im not going to let you smell my panies no more! no cookies tonight your going straight to bed with no supper

  • kaila

    reminds me of joe…

    and he was lip singing ?

  • meibabyy

    hahaha wow. thats soo disgusting. but then its the funniest thing ever after he catches is. hahahah

  • Anonymous

    LOL! You know, there was also a bra thrown at Joe Jonas and Jesse McCartney at their concerts, too! You can watch the videos on youtube (as you can see, they have different reactions)! I wonder if its all the same person who’s hobby is throwing female underwear at male singers! LOL! I luv the look on Chris’s face!

  • Niamh

    sorry my other comment got cut off…. this was at belfast it was hilarious!! me and my friend were siting down but then this woman swapped with us so we got to stand in like the second row!! It was mighty craic!! He ripped off his shirt too!! it was sexy, i have a pic of it on my phone!lol

  • anonymous

    his reaction was adorable!

  • Fatima Ahmad

    LOL! I saw a video on YouTube, where somebody threw a bra at Jesse McCartney and Joe Jonas. They had very different reactions! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was the same person? LMAO!

  • hahh

    fatima ahmad ^^ lmao!!!!!
    He is so cute! His face with a big smile then he walks off away laughing

  • rcruzleon
  • anonymous

    I love his reaction lol!!! So funny!
    Whats up with all these things being thrown at singers lately? Bras at JB and Jesse McCartney, and now thongs at Chris? lol.

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE his reaction!!

    He threw it and started laughing his butt off right away.

  • edwardcullenrocksmyworld

    hahahaha!! When he laughs it makes ME wanna laugh! x :]

    [ADORABLE xx]

  • A

    LMFAO! That was a perfect throw. He didn’t even have to try to catch it!! ahaha.

  • taty

    lolz i agree with kaylee…his reaction was so cute…his smile is secci…lolz..hes a very optimistic person

  • danamiskovic
  • TouchMeIRock
  • tqxrzrb

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  • Storicco
  • chrisbrownWACK

    lol. 1st joe and the bra. then chris with a thong. whose next?

  • Anonymous

    looks like it b/c he like turned around and was laughing… he like lowered his mic and yet you could still hear him “singing”!

  • heyy

    He’s so damn sexy.
    His reaction = Priceless.

    Hahahaha, hottie fa sho.

  • lala

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a real STRAIGHT MAN…UNLIKE JOE JONAS Who has never seen a bra…actun like a little chris’s reaction tho!!!

  • Anonymous

    cuz rihanna is a minger

  • bleu

    ha ha ha!!!! he’s so cute and adorable, i totally LOVE him

  • Anonymous

    awww i saw him and rihanna live in sydney, australia
    hes soooooooooo hot
    and thats so cute how he like drops it hahahahaa

  • Cyn

    lmfao i love his reaction :]
    but ugh girls annoy me so much.
    who the hell does that??
    what is he going to do? sniff them? wtf does he want with a nasty thong of some random girl.

  • Anonymous


  • i <3 my…ummm…carton of milk

    wow lol first jb with a bra then chris brown with a
    thong HAHAHAH

  • kaylee

    haha his reaction was so damn cute

  • Mr. Anonymous

    He has Rihanna’s thong why would he need anyone
    else’s..seriously like…….

  • Anonymous

    his reaction was priceless he just like threw it and ran off laughing XD!

  • ..

    omg hahha i love chris brown. his reaction is priceless. he is soooo hot and adorable and talented.. ahhh!!!! =]

  • Anonymous

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a real STRAIGHT MAN…UNLIKE JOE JONAS Who has never seen a bra…actun like a little chris’s reaction tho!!!

    its kinda sad that now days if he hasnt “ever seen a bra”
    he is gay.

    maybe he is just a good man!!!


  • Anonymous

    i loved it when the girl threw the bra a joe jonas!!
    at least joe was dignified enough to not catch it…

  • http://- Stephanie Ramirez

    hahahahahahaahah wtf !!!!

  • Tru

    LMAO! I love him! his reactioon was funny as hell! Hello people dont say he gay cause ya’ll hatn on his sexy self! I love him! 1 of the finst MEN! Much Much Love CB!

  • Rez


    his reaction was priceless, and he was totally laughin’

  • Anonymous

    ahaha i love his reaction

  • whatever. {breakfast club}

    what the hell.
    dumbass girls will throw ANYTHING…

  • stckkyttmfl

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  • tiff :]

    aw :]lmfao, i love his reaction.

    hes so adorable.

  • Niamh

    hahaha!! at his concert in belfast the other day he ripped off his shirt!!! It was so hot!

  • kamilah

    classic reaction!
    it looked like it just fell into his hand
    haha i love how he walked away and laughed
    what else can you do but laugh

  • rachel

    lmao !! i love it when people throw things like that at celebrities then like they feel all awkward its hilarioussss :P
    someone should throw a bra at miley we’ll see if she catches it lmao :P:P

  • ibreezye

    it’s like he was already putting
    he’s hands up then he just caught it.

  • ibreezye

    it’s like he was already putting
    he’s hands up then he just caught it.

  • sg

    lololol….it just went right into his hand…jesse and joe with the bras..and chris with the thong, what is with girls throwing their underwear on stage, lol.

  • …..

    he is so adorable omg.

  • Yaarb

    hahah . thats hilarious . did you hear he is engaged to rihanna

  • Anthony

    At least he caught it. Unlike Joe who acted like he was scared of it because he’s a fag and likes dick!!!

  • Anonymous

    he is so cute:]]

  • pzdckxh

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