Rob Pattinson Owns Two Pairs Of Pants

Robert talks to Seventeen about how he only owns two pairs of pants.

  • Anonymous

    trousers, hes just been living in america for too long!!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha.. hes funnyyy

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute and awkward

  • Rose

    Ewww GROSSS
    but I still love him very much<3

  • Bree

    he’s suchh a bumm !
    lmao i love himm and
    his personality !

  • tina

    LOL, he’s so freaken awkward and weird. But I love him.

  • anna

    that’s fine.
    he can do that, no problem with me.

  • melissa

    i hope he washes them regularly lol
    i mean i wear jeans two times before i wash them but i think everyone and their mom does that. don’t deny it, i’ve had many people say it and they ask if there’s anything wrong with that. but as opposed to robert, i own many many many pairs of jeans and pants.

    i love his accent and i wish edward was british. then we could have heard that beautiful accent in the movieee

  • mrssssjonas

    hahahahaha cute!

  • mariann.(:

    ew. lmao.

  • megann

    i like it.

  • Love Rob

    LOL he was talking about in the movie he only wears two diffrent pairs of pants.

  • ariana

    awww i love himm:)
    hes amazing who cares if he has 2 pairs he down to earth
    i love that about him..and hes BEAUFIFULLLL ♥

  • Erica :D

    I love him :]

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    he’s so fucking weird AND gorgeous.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Yeah,but that’s eww.

  • sarahjuana

    He can wear the same underwear for a week and I will still love him and BANG him!
    I love R-Patz<3

  • nina

    He’s hilarious!

  • bre

    robert is just like me in so many ways lol
    HES SOOOOO Ssexy 4 real

  • Anonymous

    hes so adorable

  • ashleyyyx3

    two pairs of pants…

    sweet :)

  • gosh


  • lisa



    who cares if he has 2 pairs of pants

  • Rara

    Eww I doubt he owns only 2 pairs.
    Wait is this trousers or boxers?

  • britt

    hes such a dork!
    I love it :)

  • Karina :]

    ahhh hes amazing!
    i love his accenttt

  • robpattinsonwife

    lolz who cares
    love yah rob :)

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  • Anonymous

    i love him…
    he is so hubble.
    i love him wearing same pairs.
    to me its a good way to stay humble when your famous & have like thousands thousands people looking at you.
    & yes, i think he’s hot.
    get over it.

  • beiirutty…

    hahahahahahahaha fucking sexyy….fuckk me roberrttt hahahahaa

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    okayy…freakin love him and
    all but that’s just gross!!!!!!!hahaha:)
    i still think he so freakin gorgeous<3

  • dfsfsgdfdfvf


  • case

    He’s kidding right? Cause if not…gross.
    And he doesn’t wash his hair either!
    WTF is wrong with him?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    hehe. he is such a dork.
    i love his dorkness.
    he’s so hot.
    damnit. he’s so gorgeous.
    i didnt even know its possible for a human to be that hot
    he is so humble. i love it.

    iheartrob :) i will always heart him.

    he is like my own drug :) i am so not going to rehab for it. sides its a good drug.

  • Anonymous

    lmao comment.