Sammi Hanratty AMERICAN GIRL

Sammi Hanratty talks about her American Girl movie on Good Day New York.

  • LaLa Land

    ..sorry but.. who?

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks so young
    but shes pretty

  • camille

    she looks familier
    was she in hannah montana? or thats so raven?

  • camille

    she was holly in the suite life! that’s where i’ve seen her before

  • Allie

    Does anyone care??

  • Anonymous

    she was on the suit life of zack and cody

  • jonaslove

    that doll looks nothing like her lol

  • Anonymous

    didnt she play raven’s neighbor in that so raven??

  • Anonymous


  • caitlinfif

    13 =O i thought she was like 11

  • Jm Wilson

    Hey wow haha
    3rd i think :S

    -take care x

  • Anonymous

    what other movies has she been in?

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  • Anonymous

    she seems perky…..
    i soon as i clicked on the video, i heard like perkish

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty but i thought she ws like 10!