Shia LaBeouf Followed By Female Fan

Shia Labeouf gets followed by an aggressive female fan as he leaves Starbucks in Glendale, CA. Would YOU ever follow your favorite celebrity around like this fangirl? Photos: Limelight. +10 under!

  • Anonymous

    that’s hilarious. :)

  • Anonymous

    this kid looks like him,lol

  • Anonymous

    lmfao, this is totally something i would do.

    look at the look on her face, rofl. she’s totally infatuated.

  • Anonymous


  • kaila


  • Anonymous

    what an idiot, that isn’t selena gomez…are you blind.

  • sam

    OMG :D
    thats so funny! i mean…i would do that, too :)

  • Tracy

    Quit calling people fat, you shallow assholes.

  • Anonymous


  • melii


  • Hermione

    I love him!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she totally isn’t a stalker, she obviously only went to talk to him…did any of you notice the pictures are all in front of 1 store?

  • What?

    Some of you think that this chick is ugly, wow you have got to see Shia’s new serious girlfriend as some are saying:
    Now I personally think that this girl in the link that I just posted is awful looking, she is wearing pants that are way too small for her, and her face looks like she had one too many face lifts, but hey, that could be how Shia Labeouf likes his women, after all, he is a Celebrity.
    However, I do think it is a bit creepy to follow anyone around like this chick did.

  • gerry

    hahahaha, she’s like “oh, why hello shia lebouf. i totalllly didn’t see you there, in front of me…”

  • Miranda W.

    Alright She is down right creepy.
    and shia is down right sexyyy..

  • Anonymous

    he is fucking hot.

  • Anonymous

    i would if it was the jonas brothers ;)

  • Anonymous

    dude i saw that chikc on carson daly

  • Anonymous

    WOAH. she looks crazy.!
    I’d follow but not make it so obvious….

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Selena Gomez has definately put on a lot of weight…



  • miriam

    he is hot!

  • Anonymous

    damn, that girl is hot

  • yo

    werdddddd i would lick him down sry kids close ya eyes lmaoooooooooooo

  • Anonymous


  • Steph

    That’s hilarious.
    But he is fine. (:

  • Marie

    She seems crazy O.o

  • k


  • Cyn

    lol awww poor shia.
    id probably want them to say hi to me or sign an autograph but i wouldn’t keep following them like a crazy person…

  • Anonymous

    omg i still think hes so hot and that girls crazy x) she seems to not bein cold xDD

  • Mammaaa

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa… skeen.

  • mrs.nick jonas

    Wooo hoo i live in LA.
    i’m just a few minutes away from him yay! lol

    I’m going to that liquor and i’m going to kiss him
    and run! lol

  • shia


  • -S-

    hey what happen to shia on his hand?

  • Anonymous

    what is he wearing he looks like a hobo

  • Anonymous

    its depend on the person

  • monique

    god he is gorgeous.
    and that girl is crazy..not for following him but look everyone is wearing jackets and coats and shes in a friggin skirt.
    crazy lady.
    nice hair though.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he dresses like a hobo in this picutre a lil
    but hes an awsome actor that all that matter not looks

  • Anonymous

    i love shia post more on him!!!!
    hes so hot!

  • Steph

    He cut off his other sleeve lol

  • Anonymous


  • T

    Poor Shia! I love the way he dreses. He has some serious style! Kind of like the Olsen twins exept he’s healthy and dosen’t wear animal skin!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, Shis is looking like “wtf o_O”

  • dont worry bout me

    ooh hoo i was really effed up haha that actually was extremely funny

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a hobo

  • Karen





  • Anonymous

    HAHA pretty damn ballsy. plus, she’s cute! he was probably flattered.

  • andrewe

    i love him ??

  • Anonymous

    id totally ask him for a picture then i would leave him alone

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that girl is not that pretty. I wonder if Shia Labeouf is really serious with that girl.

  • Anonymous


  • reahhhhh

    awhh shes so lucky and hes so cutee (:
    i wouldve done the same thinggg . but just for a lil bit

  • Anonymous

    thats so werid AHHAHAA

  • Anonymous

    lol it looks like shes just running to talk to him, not following him



  • Anonymous

    though i’m not sure if i would do the same thing as that girl…
    but ever since even stevens…he’ll always hold a special place in my heart :) hahahh aww SHIA!!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think so because that’s kinda weird plus i’d want to jump him the entire time because he’s so sexy. i dunno what it is about him– it must be the bad boy thing. i kinda love it.

  • Ally

    that’s my friend you’re talking about. :(

  • anonymous

    HELL NO, I wouldn’t do that. It’d be way too awkward.
    But, at least she has the balls to do it. Props.

  • emily

    fuck following him, i would JUMP ON HIM<3333333

  • Selena Jonas??! LIKE OMG

    shes fat.
    she needs to get her ass on a diet.
    then MAYBE he’ll notice her.

  • jonas:]


  • Belle

    he looks like a pure hoboo
    and is just like ‘fuck off’


    love him

  • Tru

    Thats crazy…I can’t lie i probably would have to…..LOL! That is my boo….He is so fuckn sexy……

  • lizzy

    creeper much….

  • kamilah

    haha thats hilarious but i understand why she followed him. look at him he is so delicious omg. i wouldnt have stalked him though. i would have walked up to him and said hi or something thats the normal thing to do!

  • KATE

    LOL, what a crazy bitch, shes a big girl..i really dont think she should run or even wear that soooo not good lol, but hes cute.

  • priscilla

    eww that girl haha
    aww poor shia
    i wouldnt stalk him like
    i would just take a pic and marry him
    haha jk

  • Anonymous

    he’s calling his bodyguard.

  • HA

    What a creeper and she has THUNDERTHIGHS!!!

  • Ladybug

    That’s freakin hilarious. If she was following me around like that then I would be pretty creeped out. But I’m not Shia so oh well.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you completely!

  • Bea

    hes so cute! love him!
    I would follow but from far, like just seing the person!

  • Anonymous

    god he is gorgeous.
    and that girl is crazy..not for following him but look everyone is wearing jackets and coats and shes in a friggin skirt.
    crazy lady.
    nice hair though.

    LOL yeah what the hell is she wearing a skirt for
    i love the pic with her foot up shes like “YEAH HERE I COME SHIA”

  • AC

    What happened to his hands?


    lolol is there any videos of this?

  • Bananamilkshake

    um…wow..that’s LOW. Poor guy!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that follows a celeb around is a muppet
    who needs to get a life of their own………

  • aly


  • Anonymous

    anyone else see up her skirt??

  • Anonymous

    i would def stalk JOE JONAS!!
    haha i love him

  • Cami

    That’s a little creepy. I’d be scared if I were him.

  • Anonymous

    wait, r u guys serious w the “fat” comments? i mean she is is mb not a supermodel but who is? i think this girl is so so cute!

  • Anonymous

    yeah.. her name is SELENA GOMEZ!

  • h

    anyone else see up her skirt??
    ya i think her skirt should be a tad longer

  • Anonymous

    He is always on the phone lately, probably talking to his new girlfriend…here is the photo…LOL
    OR look @ this:

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA!! what a stupid girl. Obviously he doesn’t want to talk to her. lol If that was me I would stop following him since he isn’t stopping lol.

  • oliviaaaa

    ahahahahahahahahahaha omg this is the greatest.
    i gotta say that girl is brave ^.^
    meanwhile shia’s walking around with a nub..

  • Cheril

    I wouldnt do that. I feel so bad for her, haha, he just looked at her and didnt even stop for anything.

  • samantha

    he is beyond fucking hot.

  • Anonymous

    she is cute! and just so you idiots know i was there, and she wasn’t following him and stalking him. she ran up to him because he had headphones in and couldn’t hear her, and she asked if we could take a picture with him. and cute as he may be, he said no, which was shitty. she walked up to him for all of 30 feet if that. AND SHE’S GORGEOUS.

  • Anonymous


  • Kat

    Shes one fat fuckin creeper.

  • Anonymous

    love his style… HOT!

  • Anonymous

    Shia looks legit scared when he turned around to see who was following him. lol

  • Anonymous

    he’s like “wtf? get away from me u stalker!”

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Selena Gomez has definately put on a lot of weight…

  • Anonymous

    lmfao that’s funny

  • Anonymous

    wtf why is he dressed like a hobo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wtf why is he dressed like a hobo

  • Anonymous

    Wow, if this chick is considered fat, then I am embarassed for society. She looks pretty damn healthy to me! I blame celebrities and the media for all these ignorant comments!

  • Anonymous

    I think Shia should be stalking her! She’s hot!!!

  • Mystery Man

    lol. Wow. What a physco. Leave the dude alone. Sheesh.