Ashley Tisdale rocked blue sweat pants on a low key lunch date Jared Murillo in Studio City, CA today. Tis looks like she’s very cold? Photos: Fame. 5+ under!

  • Anonymous

    that bag is hideous.
    louis vuitton is trashy

  • becca

    fck her bag is gorgouesss

  • reahhhhh

    hes so cute <3 and i love ashley`s outfitt :)

  • Anonymous

    that purse is very..loud?
    haha i like it, personally
    but i wouldn’t wear it.
    she looks way more mature with brown hair
    thats just my opinions ^^


    aww, she’s so cute!

    love JASHLEY!!

  • carrie

    that bag is so cheap looking even though it is probably like a thousand some dollars =p

  • http://=) christine

    who cares if she wheres sweatpants……..!

  • xoPink

    she has a ring on her left finger….promise ring?

  • Anonymous

    her nose job makes her look sooooo bad :/

  • holler


  • Rebecca Greenberg

    i liked her blonde hair better

  • katie<3

    yay 3rd!!!



  • _______________

    i sooo like her sunglasses..

  • katie<3

    I saw her purse =] it’s really cool because it’s metallic. she is soo pretty but I agree that she looks better blonde =] she looks like a different person with brown hair =[ she looks like herself with blonde hair

  • anonymous


  • katie<3

    sorry but I was third

  • Anonymous

    Ew…2 da next level.

  • Anonymous

    I like the smiley face on the sweatpants!

  • haha

    hes wearing a chargers hat, i love him already lol

  • haha

    oh and i forgot to mention, i LOVE her purse

  • kelsey

    naw you guys are sooo wrong!
    ashley looks better with brunette hair 4 shure!
    it brings out her face better!
    makes her stand out!
    the blonde was just ewww.. it just blended in with her face!
    i like brunette hair better than blonde anyway!
    but her outfit is ok..she should have worn jeans!
    there less sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    i haven’t seen them together in a while…
    i thought they broke up or soemthing

  • Anonymous

    I feel badly for her, she can’t do anything
    withou being caught! Well, I guess thats the
    price of fame

  • Jonas#1 fan

    Well…….idk if I like her in blond or brown idc really cause I’m that big of a fan of her!!! Hahaha!

  • Anonymous

    whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy!!!!!!! you don’t wear sweats on a low key lunch date at least be like miley and wear jeans and a cute sweater!!your million dollar bag looks TERRIBLE with that outfit!!Ashley also needs to smile she always looks upset….in this comment i am not saying i like miley because i don’t but at least she looks presentable…

  • Maddie

    that purse is absolutely hideous. but i love ashley.

  • Anonymous

    i would never match a bag like that with sweats …