Hannah Montana The Movie New Promo

Hannah Montana: The Movie new promo in an unknown language.

  • titejo324

    This is not French !!!
    French is anything like that believe me!

  • paige

    language… umm im thinking ….. idk. lol

  • claire

    french. wtf?!

  • Anonymous

    It’s french

  • Anonymous

    2nd!!!anyway,It’s french…

  • hfhf

    How can you americans be that retarded that you think that was french? CAn you guys only speak one language?

  • Kata159

    it is hungarian. learn it people! i am hungarian too and it never sounds like rench…ugh :@

  • Anna

    looks more like spanish

  • http://www.miss-roberts.gportal.hu gerty

    guys, its hungarian! i know, im hungarian, soo. i cant believe i didnt see that commercial!!
    it says: “turn here if you want to see the first look on the new hannah montana movie. join miley cyrus to see what’s happening, on january 19th, monday, 5:30pm on jetix.” so its just a commercial, hopefully someone will record the full version. its so cool they airing it, but i hate that jetix tries to pretend its the hungarian disney channel, because its soo not.

  • Julie

    How can people think it’s french?