• Anonymous

    He needs to do me right now. Kthnx.

  • Marie

    Why did he sit outside the store on this ‘thing’ ? O.o
    Weirdo .. but still hot !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he looks like a bum with the crate. cant blame him for smoking while ppl r always up in his business but still he could use a shower it looks like :D

  • ashley

    He’s probably dressed like that so he doesn’t attract fans/papz.

    Yeah. He’s still pretty sexy :p

  • Anonymous

    ew this makes him so unattractive!

  • Anonymous

    why is he smoking and drinking beer

  • Anonymous

    Shia is not hot at all!

  • Ladybug

    He looks like a bum. But an attractive bum. Oh my god I’ve never said attractive bum before.

  • _______________

    he smokes?
    : /

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    god, he is hott.
    only if he’d stop smoking, he would be the perfect guy <333

  • delicious

    i love shia
    i think he’s a talented actor
    and on top of that, he GORGEOUS

    but he is the epitome of

    hate to say it, but it’s soooo true

  • anonymous

    try to quit smoking shia, i love you (but i’m starting to think that might just be your characters? :\)

  • Anonymous

    He is so cute.

  • anonymous

    Fuck, he’s still hot.
    Even with thos raggity clothes.
    I just don’t like the cig.

  • mara

    he used to be hot. but now….
    he looks like a hobo.
    hahah. :)

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    Ewww, he is discusting! Smoking and drinking is nasty.

  • Shia is Hot

    It’s funny cause he has so much money but he doesn’t dress like it but he is hot love him. Wis he wouldn’t smoke though. It’s funny that selena likes him cause she said she hates guys who smoke, Just saying I love selena but that is really contardicting herself.

  • Amy

    Ughh he looks like a bum here.
    but he’s hot

  • Anonymous

    he is
    so hott my
    favorite actor!

  • HannahRose:)

    Oh shia what happened to youu?
    come on get it together.

  • Anonymous

    He Looks Like A Homeless Man

  • Anonymous

    i love shia but HE LOOKS LIKE A BUM!!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE him.But hes been looking like a hobo…:/

  • elizabeth

    love shia
    so freaken hott!!

  • me

    woah he looks like a bum.
    he should quit smoking
    and go shopping.
    because hes still adorable
    just kinda gross…

    So true.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck r u idiots talking about its soooo sad boohooo**** how is that sad really its so sad that he’s a filthy rich and he’s a normal guy atempting to live his life andd scum bags stalk him which he’s doing inocent things like geting a drink??? Really people how old r there cunts on this site r u all like 12????

  • Anonymous

    ahh i love him. hes so down to earth. he doesnt even use his $$$ which i know he has a lot of.

  • ashley

    he is so attractive.


  • Anonymous

    that’s sad. he is so good. and hottt,

  • jess

    isn’t he carrying likethat arizona ice tea? haha it look slike it!!!!!!!
    i wish he didn’t smoke either but okay w/e
    and he is so hot!
    he looks like a hobo here but i guess when ur used to dressing up all the time its okay haha

  • Anonymous

    he is beautiful<3333333

  • ss

    he makes dressing like a hobo sexy

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a hobo.

  • kaila

    hes such an amazing actor! i hope he doesnt mess up his life!

  • Kymmi

    Maybe he dressed that way for undercover.
    i mean it’d be alittle hard being followed.
    but he’s still hot :)

  • marissa

    he should not be smoking it is going to ruin his life. i know it is his life but he should make it better by not smoking. i love him but if he is going to smoke then watever with him.

  • emily

    um is being a hobo is next job?
    it looks like it.

  • stephanie

    is his hand ever going to get better?
    i love him :)

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his hanD?

  • Anonymous

    He’s hot!! I just wish he didn’t smoke

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it’s so weird.
    He used to be all innocent in Even Stevens..
    and now all of the sudden, he’s like some hobo looking celebrity smoking ..


  • Anonymous

    I suspect Shia will be the type of guy who will be in
    and out of rehab all his life. Oh well not my life…

  • Anonymous

    This guy is SO cash.

  • Anonymous

    smoker hobo ew gross.

  • REAPLY TO ‘Jenna<3′

    AWH I remember I used to see him on EVEN STEVENS!
    Amazing to see how much people change!!!! I STILL
    love him, but I do miss those good ol’ days

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?
    Let him live his life, since you know, it is HIS life.
    OHEMGEE! He’s smoking, the world must be coming to end up. Get over it.

  • aShLayYyyy guRl

    OmGaa waTta HawtI!!!
    da GuRl aB0ve mEh g0t Da SaMe naMe As Me!!! waTta QuINkyDanK!

  • sgsgfdgf


  • nikkie

    he is so freakin HOT
    ilove him so much .and he looks evan hotter when he smoke ( i have a thing 4 the dudes who smokes ) ;D

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his hand anyway?

  • Anonymous

    uceanUP, i love you.
    post more shiaaaa.
    :D hes so hot.

  • Anonymous

    he’s hot but he looks like a hobo

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his hand anyway?

  • -S-

    what happend to his hand?

  • anonymous

    he doesnt look like a hobo. he looks like normal every day guy. jus bcuz he doesnt want to dress like hes
    going to a party doesnt mean he looks like hobo. all
    u lil girls want a guy who dresses amazing n wait
    never mind i dont have respect for snotty lil girls
    who wants everything they want. peace

  • Anonymous

    i love shia!
    why does he smoke and drink ;(

  • viccccccccc!

    hes so hot.

  • Vanessa.

    he is in a disguise
    ever hear of a disguise?
    that’s why he looks shxting.

  • Jane

    eww he looks like a hobo here. he’s hot, but he looks like a hobo!

  • Anonymous

    not be mean or anything
    but he looks homeless

  • Anonymous

    its so sad
    he is to hot
    to be doing that
    to himself!!!!!!!!

  • ugh

    what a mess. i hate that he smokes :(
    hes actually so hot.

  • Amy

    Hes perfect, especially with cigs.
    Hahaha but I love how he cut his left sleeve.

  • niki

    ewwww, i don’t like his style.
    looks like a peasant :P

  • Anonymous

    Why does he have a crate?
    He looks homeless.

    i was thinking the same thing…..
    its sad.
    i use to be a fan of his when he was even stevens.
    now, i just think he is hot.

  • peaelovejonas

    i agree he does look like hobo and he was so inocent on even stevens what happed to him

  • Anonymous

    How Many cigerettes could he possibly smoke!thats nasty He was sooo cute on Even stevens. now he looks like a freakin Bum

  • Anonymous

    woah he looks like a bum.
    he should quit smoking
    and go shopping.
    because hes still adorable
    just kinda gross…

  • Anonymous

    he does look kinda yucky, but better clothes could fix that up. he’s an amazing actor which is really all that matters. plus so what if he was outside a liquor store, it looks more like a gas station and he walks out with an arizona iced tea….

  • hey

    omg i know i agree with you
    he does look homeless
    and not to be mean or anything either ahah
    cuz he was just sitting outside the store smoking on some like bin or basket or wahtever

  • Anonymous

    he usually gets soda there
    but i wish he wouldn’t smoke
    hes soo hot

  • anonymous

    aww, shia…
    why do you have to smoke?
    please try to quit, you’re awesome acting-wise hehe :D:P

  • nina

    he is HOTT

  • Anonymous

    Why is he sitting on a crate? He looks like a forgotten movie star. D:

  • Supreeetlet

    Let him live fuk up his life.

  • nina

    1st (?

  • Jenna<3

    he seemed so innocent when he was on even stevens
    now hes looks like a bum

  • kamilah

    lmao! the fact that he actually picks up the crate and moves to the wall just to smoke all casual is hilarious,

    i still love him
    you cant deny that hes hot

  • ALLIE!

    noooo he used to be so good

  • Anonymous

    that’s sad, but he’s hott

  • Anonymous

    Why does he have a crate?
    He looks homeless.


    he is so hottttttt,
    and him smoking makes him EVEN hotter.
    i hope his hand gets better!

  • Anonymous

    he kinda looks like a hobo…not to be mean

  • abby jonas :)


  • Anonymous

    he’s so hot, even when he smokes! but yeah i wish he wouldn’t smoke!

    3rd comment!! :D

    god hes so hot!

  • Anonymous

    celebrities are so odd.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, nobody cares whether your ‘first’ ‘second’ or ‘third’
    Ahaa, how pathetic you are.