Taylor Lautner talks to E! about gaining weight to play Jacob in New Moon.

  • Muahhh

    oO0Ooh yeaaaa!!! New Moon’s not gonna be all Jacob with long hair and ugly clothes…It’s gonna be TAYLOR with his amazing hair and all his muscle. oO0Ooh yea. New Moon’s already MY favorite movie…Hahaha New Moon was my favorite book too!!!

  • samantha collins

    LOL that would of been funny :D

  • Anonymous

    i think i just melted

  • Rachel

    Taylor you silly goose it’s not yea, yea, it’s sure, sure. He’s so cute!!! I can’t look at him without smiling. Hahaha I remember when I was like 12 or 13 or whenever Cheaper by the Dozen 2 came out, I used to watch it because he was in it lol. I remember hating Alyson Stoner. But now I like her so it’s all good=]]]

  • anonymous

    awwww :D
    i loooove Taylor(:
    im so glad hes back as Jacob!
    copon would of ruined it for me :p

  • nafereti


  • hazek<3

    lmao!haha he’s awsome!!!=]]
    i’m freakin happy he gets to
    play jacob for the sequa(s)!!=]<333
    ughhh i love him:)lol

  • dev

    something about the way he said “yeah yeah” at the end just made me MELT.

  • Anonymous

    aww taylors looking cute<3 :)

    ugh he was hideous in twilight, im really happy for him to continue to new moon though:D

  • Shelly


  • http://Oceanup.com Ari

    close your eyes.
    and listen to this.
    am i the only one that thinks he sounds gay?

  • Karreee

    Oh thank goodness Jacob cuts his hair soon.
    Whoo, I’m loving all this Lautner news we’ve been getting lately. :) Loveit! And love Lautner. What does Copon have to say now? x) Haha, not to be mean, but srsly..

    Did I mention I love Taylor Lautner? =)


  • cindyy

    he just keeps getting hotter and hotter


  • rerfejnrh

    mmmmmm he’s fucking sexy and hott! and cute! i love his hair hes such a fuckin cutie!!!!!

  • Briony

    i love taylor! :D
    i wonder what he will look like with all that fur!

  • tonya

    i love him.

  • http://wwe.myspace.com/zls123 zoee

    aww haha i lovee taylorr<3

  • tina :)

    ahaha.. he says yeah yeah at the very end…. he should of said “sure, sure” like jacob. that would of been funny!

  • Anonymous

    he is speaking much more manly than before, and i mean much more manly than a month ago.

    has anyone ever had a problem with the way he spoke (and how overly enunciated his words used to be)? i am in NO WAY trying to bash him, btw.

    it’s better now though (:


    he is so freeeeking hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.myspace.com/getlike_jonas yaz

    gosh, i love him.

  • RAwRR_itzEM(ily)

    <33 MUY CALIENTE!!!!! luv him cant wait 4 new moon!

  • Anonymous


  • RAwRR_itzEM(ily)

    haha i was thinking the samee thingg.

  • Daniella

    he is gorgeous!

  • mk


  • http://1pinkie7.wordpress.com xOiLY.Ox

    I just MELTED when he said “Yeah, yeah” at the end.

    I <3 him! :)

  • Anonymous