Vanesssa Hudgens LIMO LOVER

Vanessa Hudgens hopped into her limo this morning and jetted off to the Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood for the Stuff You Must Lounge. Inside Nessa greeted Taylor Lautner where they helped hand over a 100,000 check to Lollipop Theater Network courtesy of Acces Hollywood. More on that
later, 10+ pictures of sexy Baby V under! Photos: Limelight.

  • Anonymous

    wow her style has totally changed. i like it.

    not really the hair though.

  • Anonymous

    she looks amazing , i love her shoes by the way!

  • katie

    She’s got aweseome hair.
    The outfits alright.
    the heels HAVE TO GO.
    they are awful.

  • lydia


  • natalie

    i love her hair
    but she thinks shes really hot

  • Anonymous

    are u serious?
    her shoes are hella cute!

  • Miley [ not Cyrus ]

    woow amazinnng =]]

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand her.

    But her oufit is freaking hot.

  • Anonymous


  • ViVi4N

    woohooo (:

  • kathleen

    ow ow! those shoes are H-O-T

  • http://sdfgr selenaloverforeva

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If this bxtch is in New Moon, im going on strike :l

  • Anonymous

    she is SUPER pretty!
    buuut, hooker heels much ? :|

  • imani

    shes so prettyy

  • rachel

    love the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    i love her
    she is so pretty

  • Rachel

    Why isn’t my boy Taylor in these?!?!?!

  • S

    I’m not a huge huge fan of her.
    but she’s gorgeous, for sure
    i love her hair!

  • Anonymous

    i love her style nad hair

  • Anonymous
  • hayley

    she can’t even walk in those shoes…they just look plain RIDICULOUS! I wouldn’t be caught dead in those horrible ugly shoes!

  • selena

    taylor? dont effin tell me this is twilight related! dammit!

  • AllisonC

    Dear god, calm down.
    Vanessa is always gorgeous. lmao.
    i dont like her shoes either, but if you notice, that’s the latest hollywood trend.

  • Anonymous

    love her shoes.

  • mac

    I can never understand how haters can find the most trivial things to hate on Vanessa based on pics posted while she’s doing nothing but walk…The girl has good fashion sense IMO. And those heels are the in thing in nowadays, not hooker heels. lol.

  • aaaaaannnnnnoooooooonnnnyyyyymmmmmooooouuuusssssssss

    I bet those shoes are way better than yours!! :p
    and you wish you have some…

  • culllenlove

    those highheels are NOT hooker shoes.
    ha ha ,
    she’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    i got way better shoes than that. their expensive but stylish at the sameee time

  • Anonymous

    omg she has a horrible taste about shoes… im more sure every day i see a new pic

  • AllisonC

    no, it’s an iphone case :) i have the same one, it slides on and the bottom snaps over it to hold it in place.

  • Anonymous

    she looks pretty :)

  • Anonymous


  • WTF.


  • mel

    she loves to look like a HOOKER because she is one!

  • Anonymous

    those shoes are so ugly :[

  • james

    the thing i dont like about her is u can kinda tell that this girl thinks she is gods gift to everyone.

  • ilovebbiV


    SO freakin PRETTTYYYY
    love the outfit and shoes

    AHHH bbi V is gorgeous

  • Margot Santos

    2 – 4 – 2009
    Hello Vanessa and Zac
    How r u both doing ?. My brothers totally support you and love the Disney High
    School Musical . You both look so match and very cute young couple .
    Love , Sincerly Margo Santos

  • Anonymous

    wow is that a red iphone??!!

  • Mari

    omg those heels are soo HOTT,

  • Anonymous

    i love her outfit

  • rachel

    i love her outfit but i donty realy like the shoes
    her hair’s realy pretty too tho i love her

  • Anonymous

    they post way too mcuh vanessa stuff/

    but they put 3 ‘s in her name in the title HAHA

  • Cecilia
  • Jasmine

    sheesh, these people. haha.
    she’s so pretty.
    i think she would make
    a great leah clearwater. (:

  • Anonymous

    this girl is the definition of perfection.

  • Ed

    Someday she’s gonna make some lucky guy the happiest man in the world, And how I wish that could be mmmmmmme….

    Befor I leave, “I will always love you!”
    Would you like to get married?