Megan Fox Golden Globe GODDESS

Megan Fox posing seductively at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards. +2!

  • Anonymous

    she looks better like, this – without so much makeup.

    but she also looks super skinny, way skinnier than before.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous.

  • Nicole

    Angie >>>>>>>>>>> her Angie cannot be topped. Sorry.

  • Taylor


  • Anonymous

    she looks kinda odd with her hair pulled back, but she’s still stunning as always.

  • Anonymous

    hottest woman on this earth.

  • Anonymous

    freakin gorg! i felt bad, she kept on like talking down about herself on the red carpet :(

  • JB lova gurl baybie <3

    she looks kind of scary.

  • Anonymous

    Brunnetes f*ckin’ ROCK! hehe (8

  • Anonymous

    She looks natural, which is good. Hehe.
    Mmm, she looks different with her hair pulled back,
    but I’m not saying anything! Her eyes are amazing,
    and her dress is stunning.


  • andy

    thats money right there.

  • Anonymous


  • andrewe

    shes gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    she looks kind of scary.

  • weee

    wow shes gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Haha, look at that guy staring at her in the third pic

  • jenny

    wow she looks so different!

    shes gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    She looks weeeiirrrd here.
    But I like her as an actress.

  • Anonymous

    ohh. hey boobs.

  • Anonymous

    i always thought she was prettier

  • Anonymous

    She could look better.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to lay off the botox shes beautiful but is starting to look plastic

  • anonymous

    She’s gorg.
    I’m just not a fan of the way her hair
    is so severely pulled back.


    uh…oceanUP don’t you mean +3 on the pictures? Get your math right.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you man, seriously, this crap is annoying, my brother is a hacker, and he’s really good… let’s se what he can do to your computer if you don’t stop posting this shit.

  • Anonymous

    she used to be so much naturally prettier without all the surgeries

  • Anonymous

    she was completely downing herself on the red carpet. she honestly has no self esteem at all, i felt so bad. and she really is such a pretty girl. i hope she sees that or at least her boyfriend tells her every once in a while because she made it seem like he didnt care about her either.

  • Anonymous

    well, that guy is really checking her out …

  • dljkfh


    and did she get ANOTHER nose job? idk but it seems it… it looked much better natural, in the beginning. If she keeps this up her nose is guna end up like michael jackson’s.

  • dljkfh


    and did she get ANOTHER nose job? idk but it seems it… it looked much better natural, in the beginning. If she keeps this up her nose is guna end up like michael jackson’s.

  • linday

    Megan Fox I love her but she could look better!!!She’s pure gorgeousness!!!Love her!

  • alny

    effing hottt!
    i <3 megannn!
    and what botox and plastic surgery does a twenty-two year old need? i dont think she has anything like that on her face

  • h

    did ne c her interview on E b4 the show, she was so insecure about the way she looks, i felt bad

  • Anonymous

    ha megan fox is from the same city i live in in florida.
    one of my friends saw her at the mall!
    and my brothers friends new her too from high school, they say she is a bitchh!

  • Anonymous

    idk what it is but she doesnt look pretty to me at all anymore. she used to be really pretty. idk what happened to her face. or maybe its her hair pulled back… whatever it is, its not a good look.

  • Emma

    She looks absolutely terrible

  • Yesi

    she looks stunning

  • amy

    she’s pretty and all, but ever since people started calling her the new ‘jolie’, she really has been EMBRACING it. like look at old photos of her then look at these…you’ll get the picture.

  • Anonymous
  • fguuu

    she said she is prettier than angelina jolie
    she is an angie wanna be!
    hate her

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!! She looks really different!!! She looks a lot like Angelina Jolie ,she was waaayy more prettier b4 without all the surgery

  • Caitlin

    hahahaha look the guy on the right looking at her boobs in the last pic.

  • She’s beautiful

    She totally looks like angilina Jolie here.

  • Amanda

    she looks really pretty here, but
    just not as great as she can look.

    too much surgerrryyyy.
    and she’s like, one of the last
    people that should be insecure.
    she’s pretty darn gorgeouss!:D
    lucky her. i love her eyes.

  • yo

    gosh. she’s so pretty. that dress is pretty ugly tho. and she would be prettier if she didnt have those loud tattoos

  • Anonymous

    ew not even.

  • Anonymous

    Ughh.I don’t find her sexy AT ALL anymore…:/
    Maybe hot, but not beautiful.She seems so plastic to me/

  • Anonymous

    ha, like megan fox has anything to be insecure about.

    look at her. she’s fucking stunning.

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