Tony Oller Shoots With Norway Babes

New Tony Oller photo shoot with his Norwegian babes: ‘Hangin out with my buds in Norway at our Photoshoot! The Blonde beauty is Vendela from Sweden plus Naomi Jo from England who I think we all can agree is gorgeous as well ;) ;) Also the beautiful Tasha who is helping us out to raise awareness about endangered animals (hint hint).’

  • Anonymous

    those girls arent babes lol

  • Anonymous

    all you haters are just jealoussss :)
    he is an awesome singer & actor, he is super sweet and really cutee.
    I think it’s great that he’s doing something for endangered animals, it shows what a great person he really is. and those girls are gorgeous!

    tonys biggest fan ;)

  • Whatevver!!

    There’s nothing over them to call them babe?
    But everyone that stands beside Tony gets hot, ’cause he’s just so not LOL :D:D

  • Anonymous

    wat r u haters talking about? he’s hot!
    he’s got a great voice too!

  • Ashley

    i know, seriously.
    theyre not that pretty,
    but tony is HOT[:
    and im NOT jealous,
    its just the truth!

  • Else Marie

    I’m Norwegian, and what the heck is this?
    Project Norway? Whaat?
    Tony Oller is definitely NOT that famous in Norway,
    people here have barely heard of him.

  • Brunettes Get Better Grades

    Hes pretty cute :D
    lol ‘Norway Babes’

  • Anonymous

    lmao looks like he had fun

  • SwedenBabe16

    Vendela Palmgren is gorgeous! :)
    I might want to go to Sweden sometime here soon…

  • Lilja

    That’s Vendela Palmgren! I know her :)


    The girls aren’t really that pretty…..

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  • Anonymous

    Babes? Selena, are you bisexual?

  • Anonymous

    who is he? like he was in as the bell rings,
    but is he famous in Norway or something?

  • Anonymous

    they are not that pretty

  • Anonymous

    um no one even cares about this guy. really. he liek not even famous at all. ad the bell rings, which is 5 mintues? i obly know who he is cuase hes always posted on ehre so i looked him up.
    hes noy even that hot.

  • Sabrina

    Vendela Palmgren is great!

    Not only she’s a very beautiful blonde Swedish girl, but she’s also a very talented singer.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Babes? Selena, are you bisexual?
    LOL good one.

    it’s norwegian babes not norway babes.

  • Shania