America Ferrera: ‘Shows Like Gossip Girl Condition Us To Be Mean.’

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera told Seventeen [Via Access Hollywood] that she believes there are many TV shows that do more harm than good: ‘Close, genuine female relationships are not what generally gets depicted in movies and TV shows.

Like, if you’re watching ‘The Hills’ or ‘90210,’ all the backstabbing shapes the way we act, you go to school and you think your job is to find a sworn enemy and be jealous of each other.’

On ‘Travelling Pants’ costar Blake Lively: ‘I mean, I love Blake; she’s a wonderful friend of mine, but shows like ‘Gossip Girl’ kind of condition us to be mean. One of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had with girl relationships was working with them on ‘Sisterhood,’ I’d worked with other girls before
and it was pretty catty.
On friendship: ‘It was so empowering to make girls your friends
instead of your competitors. What I’ve learned is, don’t waste your
time judging people, because more often than not, you’re off base.

you’d be shocked to know what they think about you, where you meet
someone and they’re like, ‘I thought you were stuck-up.’ And you’re
like, ‘What?!? I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to talk to me!”

Do YOU think Gossip Girl conditions people to be mean?

  • Anonymous

    umm…what happened to that jonas brothers mean comment thingo??????????

  • Anonymous

    America is def right!!

  • Anonymous

    i want that hat!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t for me, i watch both, gossip girl and ugly betty.
    goasip girl is just awesome, and i love blair and chuck(the characters andas a couple) but i’m not gonna try to act like blair or something

  • Anonymous

    she’s rite, but this is months old. Love America and ugly betty, it’s my show!!!

  • Chelsea

    No, they don’t. it’s just entertainment! it’s your choice to be a mean person. I watch Gossip Girl, and i surely don’t act like that!

  • Anonymous

    that’s not true.
    just like it’s not true when they say that the reason’s girls are starving themselves or getting pregnant is by what they see on tv, or see their favourite celebrities doing. It’s not true, for example if your favourite celebrity got pregnant your first thoughts aren’t “WOOHOO. SHE GOT PREGNANT! I NEED TO LOSE MY VIRGINITY!!”
    It’s just good tv, nothing more, nothing less.
    Besides hasn’t Ugly Betty totally got all the bitchiness in it, and it gives off the feel that girls with braces and glasses are ugly. Jeeees.
    That’s all I’m saying for now.

  • IMDbJB

    Shut up about Jenna already!!
    it was a joke and deleted for a reason!

  • Cheyenne

    Why is she always talking about this? Shows like that are always going to be around. Drama is what draws people in.
    As long as people will watch it, these shows will be on.

  • Anonymous

    the number of comments confirm tha NO ONE CARES

  • elle

    ugh this girl is so bitchy. did anyone see the interview she did with blake. soo rude.

    sorry hun NOONE cares about your opinions.

    and if you do what you watch on tv. then you shouldnt be watching. were not stupid we know its fake.

  • Jane

    this is really old oceanup. it’s kinda true, but only to a point.

  • Anonymous

    you are an idiot

  • Tru

    She took it to far….I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL….People need to understand it is entertainment and if ya’ll get your own lives and stop copying everything you see it wouldn’t be a problem….It’s not a problem for me, and for her as an actress to take it so serious come on….Ugly Betty is not perect either…..But Ima stop…..I love GG! No disrespect to America….

  • Claire

    some friend! i would never say something like that about a friends accomplishments!
    im shocked! i love gossip girl and its all for entertainment. ugly betty isnt so nice sometimes either

  • Anonymous

    this news is SO old.
    it was never even news to begin with…i mean seriously?

    come ON, oceanup!

  • retard girrrl

    mmm.. yes. sometimes it does.

  • Emi

    Well I watch Gossip Girl and I don’t really think so. It depends on the person. If the person is pretty impressionable then maybe

  • Prabhjot

    pu LEASE. gossip girl is the BEST.

  • yeashh

    omg shut up america ferrera no one cares.

  • Anonymous

    This is so old.

  • Claire

    I totally agree. I mean that show does have a lot of cattyness, and it’s not just high school it’s showing it in real life too. And if Blake is a good friend of hers, she shouldn’t be insulting her like this.

  • fia

    this is soooo old.

  • Anonymous

    america is a bitchhhhhhh

  • cherielia

    Gossip Girl may not MAKE a a teenage girl mean, but it certainly doesn’t help in making girls nicer….. if anything it enhances it.

  • Anonymous

    she is so right but gossip girl is totally a guilty pleasure

  • Josi

    dont watch gossip girl.

  • Anonymous

    shes beautiful and a great role model!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I love Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. Two of my big time favorite series :D

  • Anonymous

    That’s a stupid thing to say! So what, if I watch ugly Betty I’m gonna become ugly? If I watch CSI I’m gonna become a killer? Yeah I don’t think so. Unless you have serious issues, you know what’s wrong and what’s right! And…has she even watched GossipGirl at all?? Whenever the girls are mean to eachother the consequences are BAD, when they makeup they make a great team!!! Same as life, it can’t be good and peaceful all the time -_-

  • kamilah

    yah this is like MONTHS old. lets get it together

  • Anonymous

    By the way, there’s a lot of cattiness in Ugly Betty too…even if Betty tries to fight it…there’s still drama just like in every show…so I don’t see why she thinks she’s better than Blake or GG..

  • Anonymous

    Gossip Girl does not do that. America hates Blake, haven’t you seen that interview of them too and Blake starts talking about Gossip Girl, then America starts rolling her eyes. Yeah, I don’t like America. She can go back to that shittyy movie gotta kick it up or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I thought she hated Blake Lively… O.o