Blake Lively VOGUE February ’09 Cover

Blake Lively looking gorgeous on the February 2009 cover of Vogue.

  • Kayla.

    her mole bothers me.

  • http://KJSASF imdbJb 2

    i hate you.

  • victoria

    get the fuck over jenna.
    it was a joke now stop asking about it because we know you just wanna bash her. *eyeroll*

  • Anonymous

    *don’t kill me* I don’t really think blake is that pretty…

  • Represent IMDbJB


    If you knew Jenna you’d know that she feels horrible about her post.
    But honestly, just because she said something to JB you might not agree with


    your just jealous JB actually commented her back.
    Now, go worship your Shane Gray dolls and leave Jenna alone.


  • Anonymous


  • IMDbJB

    thank you oceanup for bringing it down.
    you did something good for once.
    and teenies,calm down.
    there are more real haters for you to bash on.

  • ZEE


  • rii

    dood, jenna posted on a public myspace. she shouldnt have posted it at all if she didnt want anyone to read it. there may be haters against jenna but i think her post was fuckin hilarious. seriously amazing. made me laugh so much she is my hero!

  • Jonasluver

    her picture was also shown on myspace on the jonas brothers page and thats not illegal
    its exactly the same its her fault for posting it publicly

  • _______________

    people, CHILL!
    breath man.

  • _______________

    what does this stand for?


    The incident is allowed to be talked about. I mean, it is pretty cool that she stood up for herself.

    BUT those pics were a violation of her privacy! They were taken down for a reason. There is no need for some ignorant people who don’t care that THEIR face is splattered on the internet to repost HER picture and HER comment.

    She commented JB.
    JB commented her.
    It’s between them, keep it that way.

    [Love ya Jenna]

  • Jonasluver

    seriously y is it a big deal jenna was the one who posted it in the first place how can she not expect thousands of fans to see it??? seriously it was just mean of her she deserved it

  • Jane

    she is pretty, she looks old hollywood here. i don’t think she’s the prettiest girl around, sometimes she as a horse face.

    and the jenna comment was about the fanfamily thing? i kind of agree. this is it right:

  • rii

    wow, there was nothing in violation of privacy. this is the internet people. im not even saying this as a joke, there was seriously nothing wrong with it nor did it break any laws. do you seriously think posting comments/pics from myspace/facebook/etc is wrong? that it should be taken down? why the fuck isnt there people saying this about that post not too long ago with mileys facebook pics? it doesnt matter if she is a celebrity, she has constitutional rights just like any other person in america. if posting the jenna thing is wrong, it is just as wrong as posting the miley thing. and im a fan of miley, i know it was her own fault of putting up those pics for the people on the internet to see.

    “She commented JB.
    JB commented her.
    It’s between them, keep it that way.”
    perhaps if it was a private message, but it wasnt. it was in a public commenting section. you dont even need to be friends with the jb myspace to see it. maybe if the jb myspace was private then it might be morally wrong, but it wasnt.

  • IMDbJB

    why is it a big deal?

    its a big deal because her picture was posted on a website without her consent.
    she’s a minor. its illegal.

    ALSO, thousands of fans? try posting something on their Myspace SEE IF YOU YOURSELF CAN EVEN FIND IT.

    thousands of fans WOULD NOT have seen it had Oceanup not posted it.

    She expressed her opinion, that isnt grounds for her to be exploited.

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful

  • Cami

    She is so gorgeous. =]

  • rii

    let me paraphrase what ive learned in school and my mock trial team.
    all photos are copyrighted, jenna can sue. but she has to register the copyright before she files a lawsuit. she can file a lawsuit, but the likelihood of she winning would be low. where exactly is the damage? no one used it for commercial use nor is it slander/defamation. all oceanup did was post the pics of the comments. oceanup didnt slander jenna at all, only the haters in the comments did (i for one loved it!)
    go tell jenna to contact MySpace’s digital rights office and complain to the DMCA (im pretty sure this acronym is right) if she wants to take any legal action.

  • Anonymous

    Lol this jenna post is ridiculous since it has nothing to do with blake lively who looks amazing by the way.

    buttttt that was obnoxious, she commented that with the purpose of people seeing it, so ‘she feels bad’ is fucking bull shit. why would she even say anything.
    she should have kept her fucking mouth shut, minded her business, and kept her opinions to herself.
    what idiot doesnt realize that that kinda thing would be blown up to that extent. drop the she feels bad shit. thats the sorriest excuse i’ve ever heard. maybe she can sue, but SHE put it up there, it’s free game.
    no matter what the ‘real story is’. that’s 100% her fault no matter what, NO ONE knows the real story BUT her and she posted it on a place where MILLIONS of people that DON’T KNOW THE REAL STORY were going to see it.

    stick up for her if you want, that was wrong.

  • rii

    oh yah, i guessed i messed up when i said it wasnt breaking any laws. but what i meant was it basically isnt, even if you file a lawsuit for something like this you would never win.

  • Anonymous

    thousands of fans WOULD NOT have seen it had Oceanup not posted it.


    thats bull. someone would have seen it no matter what. oceanup was innocently putting up what they had recieved in an email. don’t think for one fucking minute that this wouldn’t have been on perez hilton. why doesn’t someone send it to him and see what he does. guarentee it goes up. CAUSE YOU KNOW he would do it, but because its oceanup, you all bug. grow some balls and act your age.

  • ohyeahhh(:

    IMDbJB = international movie database jonas brothers = the best jonas fans in the worldddd. (:

  • IMDbJB

    seriously people. Take that picture of jenna down. It was all a misunderstanding. You gusy DON’T know teh story, She feels bad enough as it is. Take it down. It was deleted OFF OF OCEANUP for a REASON. Take it the fuck down and leave Jenna alone.

  • Anonymous

    no matter what the ‘real story is’. that’s 100% her fault no matter what, NO ONE knows the real story BUT her and she posted it on a place where MILLIONS of people that DON’T KNOW THE REAL STORY were going to see it.
    Agreed. That girl has issues. What kind of fool does something like that. Watch what you put on the internet, it’ll come back to bite you everyyyyyy time, she’s the perfect example. Unlucky for her, she really made an asshole out of herself therefore, IT MAKES IT 10 TIMES WORSE.

  • kamilah

    okay this is a blake lively post so im going to be a normal person and comment about that instead of some other meaningless nonsense

    blakes is naturally pretty so i hate when magazines go airbrush and makeup crazy. shes still gorgeous without a doubt but the cover is over done

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous!!! #1?

  • Anonymous

    hey where is the Jenna post?

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks wierd

  • rii