Fred from YouTube Aka Lucas Cruikshank will be on The Tyra Banks Show. They gave him a nice new hairstyle. His iCarly episode will airing on March 21.

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  • Olivia

    oh I LOOOOOOVE him <3

  • Carol

    “Ok and the Jonas Brothers havent even been guests on her show yet. But he is? Ummm oookaay”

    Why would she bring them on?
    Her show isn’t like Ellen’s show.
    JB is a famous boy band, whoopie. But this guy is an internet phenomenon pretty much, which is by far more interesting than hearing the same questions be answered the same way by the jonas brothers on just another talk show…

  • Anonymous

    he says so yeah way to much!

  • yummi!

    aww fred
    i havent seen his videos in awile!
    hes soo fckin funny!

  • Anonymous

    wanna see something cool?
    ClIcK hErE!

  • Anonymous

    lol hes like “oh! i probably shouldn’t have shown that!” xD

  • Anonymous

    His normal voice is sexy (:

  • selina

    Ahh i love lucus!! he is soo hott :D i cant wait to see him on icarly n tyra :D

  • NaTiShA

    I LOVE Fred, hes awesome, i watched like all his videos haha..

    and this is off topic but:
    gahh where is JBs big anouncement.. im going fucking nuts thinking about it lol.. does anyone know when they’ll post it???

  • Totally Tamberka

    LOVE HIM!!

  • Anonymous

    because the jonas brothers are crap. she has people on her show who are actually worth watching.

  • Anonymous


  • h

    omg i love his voice, its so weird not hearing his fred voice even tho i’ve heard his normal voice on jkl but he doesnt do vids with them nemore, so ya. lol

  • Chiggyx3

    He’s so cute. HAHA

  • heartbreaker

    hes sooooo hottt!

  • Kim

    I cant see the picture or the jonas brothers one!

  • Sharon

    he said “so, yeah” about a thousand times, hahah.

  • Luca Toni Lover

    i love himm & fred :)

  • Sharon

    he said “so, yeah” about a thousand times, hahah.

  • Anonymous

    SO YEAH…

  • Anonymous


  • roseeeeee

    i <3 u lucass

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i’m 2nd.
    isn’t that so freaking cool.


  • fattie

    aww hes so HOTT

    i love him so much :D

  • Sadiezz

    I love this kid.

  • ally

    i wish he was still in jkl


  • :)

    omg, i lovee fred!! :)
    i’m totally watching this.

  • and

    Ok and the Jonas Brothers havent even been guests on her show yet. But he is? Ummm oookaay

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Haha.. he’s cute.

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