JONAS Description LUCAS Brothers

Full JONAS description [Source]: Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas are three extraordinarily talented teenage brothers who make up the world’s most popular rock band, JONAS, in Disney Channel’s new comedy series of the same name.

While doing their best to live ordinary lives, albeit with sleek guitars, concert tours, cool clothes and throngs of ardent fans following their every move, the guys always seem to find themselves smack in the middle of absurd situations.

The series is set in the Lucas family’s New Jersey home (a converted fire
station on Jonas Street, the inspiration for their band’s name) and at their private school, Horace Mantis Academy. There the brothers experience all the fun and at times unusual situations that come with being teenage rock stars.

They’re accompanied by their childhood friend, fashionista Stella Malone,
who helps keep the brothers grounded while making sure they always look their best. Along for the ride is Stella’s gregarious best friend and the school’s star athlete, Macy Misa, who is also the self-proclaimed #1 JONAS fan.
Luckily Kevin, Joe and Nick don’t have to experience teen years
without the help of their loving family. Their dad, Tom, is the band’s
manager and the boys’ hero. His dedication to his family, passion for
his sons’ music and his kid-at-heart antics keep the family close-knit.
Monitoring the brothers’ daily lives is their mother, Sandy, who does
her best to maintain a normal grounded family.

Little brother Frankie has a mischievous heart-of-gold and keeps these
brothers on their toes. The family wouldn’t be complete without The Big
Man, the JONAS bodyguard. Home life comes with a few rock-star
embellishments for the Lucas brothers: The bedroom loft they share
comes complete with specialized bunks, musical instruments, three fire
poles for quick entrance into the kitchen and an expansive closet with
a touchpad computer for quick fashion-icon assembly.

Despite their best efforts to keep things normal, the brothers’
off-stage life
can get as lively as a sold out concert performance.
Whether it’s re-creating the family’s destroyed home movie collection,
judging a beauty pageant, crushing on their classmates..

..meeting the
Queen of England or taking the trash out to be greeted by a mob of
hysterical fans, the brothers always seem to be walking a comically
fine line between being average teenagers and chart-topping rock stars.

JONAS stars Kevin Jonas as Kevin Lucas, Joe Jonas as Joe Lucas, Nick
Jonas as Nick Lucas, Chelsea Staub as
Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson (Hannah Montana) as
Macy Misa and John Ducey (Will and Grace) as Tom Lucas.

appearances include Rebecca Creskoff (Mad Men) as Sandy Lucas, Jonas
Brothers’ real-life younger brother Frankie Jonas as Frankie Lucas, and
their head of security, Big Rob Feggans, as The Big Man.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I went into Target yesterday and all I could see was Camp Rock merchandise. At least with Hannah Montana it was cute. Now it’s just annoying.

  • Anonymous


  • —–

    Why dont they just call this ‘the jonas brothers life’ and follow them around all day! I mean come on all the descriptions of like the mum and dad are identical to their real mum and dad….and whats with the bodyguard!

  • Anonymous

    STOP FUCKING HATING,leave them alone.

  • Anonymous

    hate comments=same person,duh.
    GO AWAY and stop wasting time in someone you hate.

  • Anonymous

    well, jb is very into themselves. they just spend like a month building up excitement for a ~big announcement~, which turned out to be “sup bitches plz give us your $$$ kthx”.

  • Anonymous

    This site makes me sad :(
    Too much jonas hate,with no reason.

  • Anonymous

    We get it, guys. You are so amazing and “living the dream” and every girl wants in your pants.

  • MrsJonas

    OMJ!!!! I sooooo can’t wait for JONAS!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!! Especially my husband Nick!!! Can’t wait for your show babe!!!!! Love Ya!!

  • Yvonne

    Ah, yummy Kevin. There are days that I wish Kevin would sport that hairstyle again.

  • Anonymous

    Wich was the big announcement?

  • jessie

    excellent description. honestly, while i loathe them i thought that their fanbase (well, the older members of it) would be smart enough to see through that charade. i guess i was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    get over it.

  • karina

    Thank the Lawd that I’m not a jB fan anymore. I don’t think that I could take more than five minutes of their “acting” per week…

  • Anonymous
  • thiswillsuck!

    hottest on earth?
    ROCK band?
    sorry but i dont think teenyboppers like rockstars
    and they parents exploit them TBH !
    srsly,whatever happened to my johoes? :(

  • Anonymous

    You overestimate the power of hormones in a teenage girl. They see something shiny and are basically hypnotized by it. Happened back in the day with Hanson, too (although TBH they could actually sing).

  • Anonymous

    i’m sick of haters.

  • jessie

    i think you mean underestimate, but i agree. looks undeniably have a lot to do with it. that’s why i have more respect for women who succeed in the music industry than for guys. (hanson was okay imho, i liked their snowed in album).

  • Anonymous

    put wigs on em and its hannah montanna. seriously. omg this is so gay. i love the jonas brothers but whoever wrote this could be a little more original. if i was hannah, i would sue. lol

  • Anonymous

    hot! lol

  • Anonymous

    same here, bb. we need a new boyband asap.

  • Yvonne

    I dont get why haters come in here if they cant stand JB. I hate Jessica Simpson and Beyonce, so I dont ever waste my time going to their fansites. I like to spend my time where I actually like the people of the topic

  • jerseygirl

    Jesus – is it rip on Jonas Brothers week around here? Lighten up people!

    It’s a tv show – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! I, for one, will watch just about anything that has Joe Jonas in it! If I don’t think the show is funny, I’ll just hit the mute button! ;)

    (no, I’m not a teenie!)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    …sorry, but just watching something that has jb in it because they’re hot = teenie alert!

  • jessie

    my two fierce bitches together. i love it.

  • Anonymous
  • anono
  • Anonymous

    they already did
    page 3

  • Anonymous


  • AnonymousAlso

    …sorry, but just watching something that has jb in it because they’re hot = teenie alert!
    And commenting on a post about a celebrity you don’t care about = get-a-life alert!

  • Tara

    But numbnuts, this isn’t their fansite. Its a general gossip/entertainment news website aimed at tweens and teens. For all of you hater haters, they have every right to post their thoughts. You might not agree with them, but tough it’s a free world…people can hate if they want. I actually like JB, but I also respect people have their opinion.

    As for the show, I’m still on the fence. I’m getting concerned they’re more into how many deals they can get rather than the fans.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    alrighty thenn.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THEM! :)

  • Shania

    Joe has a good tan.

  • Anonymous

    Since joe sang the song saying I’M A BAD BOY,I just fall in love with him,does anyone feel like that?

  • Yvonne

    My point was that it seems like a complete waste of time to be in a topic you hate when you could be talking about stuff you actually like

  • Anonymous
  • lalal
  • clint eastwood

    Omg i’m creepin’ that pic is beyond gorgeous,
    anyone creepin?



  • jerseygirl

    Nope – not a teeny. And that was just my feeble attempt at sarcasm.

    I won’t hit the mute button; I’ll watch and probably find it amusing – stupid and silly, but also amusing. It’s good to watch those types of show every once in awhile.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like such a stupid show.
    I was really looking forward to the spy one. :[

  • crazy girl

    I dont get why haters come in here if they cant stand JB. I hate Jessica Simpson and Beyonce, so I dont ever waste my time going to their fansites. I like to spend my time where I actually like the people of the topic

    why do you hate beyonce what has she ever done to you

  • Yvonne

    Because I think Beyonce is a horrible actress and a diva

  • pissedoff

    People aren’t aloud to bash Jonas, yet they’re aloud to bash people like Miley, Demi, and Selena , and Taylor.

    Give me a break, you guys are hypocrites. Hanging by their every move. This show sounds terrible and their acting is horrible.

    I don’t care how much you like them this sounds like crap and a way for Disney to bring more money.

    This is coming from a Jonas fan.

  • Steph

    Whooh! I’m excited. :DDD

  • crazy girl

    and what are the jonas brothers

  • big roberta!

    um, am i the only one who didn’t know big rob’s real name?
    i feel kinda retarded now… :)

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Montana rip off. Seriously Disney? You disappointed me when you tried to make 6 year olds believe there are wizards in the world.

    I also thought that it said “Thongs of our adoring fans.”

  • Anonymously LOL

    I didn’t know Big Rob’s last name either. LOL

    What happened to the Junior Opperative Spy thing?? This just sounds like they’re making a T.V. show based on their lives, but not really their lives. If they were going to do this, they might as well have done a reality show kinda thing with a movie camera following them. It would be better then them pretending everything almost exactly like their real life.

  • Anonymous

    alrighty then. i still say they should have just done a reality show; like ‘ltd’ except make it a half hour. it’d be so much better then them trying to act. i thought ‘ltd’ was entertaining and funny and that was only 5 minutes. but whatever. hopefully this will do well.

    the problem is, the boys always said hopefully our fans will grow up with us. well yea, the fans have grown up AND grown out of a lot of thing. but hope the best for them either way.

  • crazy girl

    why the fuck did u reply to me i didnt say that

  • Anonymous

    crap. seriously.
    but yeah, it will be succesful, because is the show of the jonas brothers.

  • Anonymous

    is really cool
    i loved JONAS!

  • Anonymous

    i love them and all..
    but tis plot is not really original.

    and i bet most people will watch this cuz THEY’RE in it.

    (yeah me too. )


  • Rachel

    No offense because I LOVEEE them, but this show sounds kind of dumb. I honestly do not think it will last long. But we will have to wait and see!!!

  • Anonymous

    thats pretty much thier life lol

    andd HANNAH MONTANA???

  • Karissa

    ahh,im so excited!<3

  • Jane

    i love them, their show might be ok, but it sounds waaay to much like their life! stella=maya!

  • mel

    basically sounds like they’re trying to show off how amazingly talented and rich they are. what a great show. right.

  • Natalie J

    Big Rob Feggans….. FEGGANS?????


  • Anonymous

    why is the band called Jonas if their last name is lucas? WHAT?

  • Anonymous

    Well, let’s look at this from Disney’s point-of-view.

    Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers were their two biggest money-makers.
    They probably figured combining them would be a huge win.
    Unfortunately, it just sounds like an epic fail.

  • umm

    This sounds like the male version of Hannah Montana, what a joke. I like the boys but they seriously can’t act, I’m sure the show won’t fail because their fans will support any stupid thing they do but this show just sounds full of fail.

  • amandaemily

    can someone explain the whole demi lovato bullying thing that someone posted to me or tell me what post it’s on ?

  • Kayla.

    sounds alots like their lives now…

    new jersey, childhood friend..

  • Anonymous

    The picture above makes me miss the good ‘ol Jonas Brothers so effing much…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    awww, i love this old picture of the boys.

    ‘n joe looks so cute with his headband and pink shirt.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I loved when Joe sang that song. I’m trying to get the video on my ipod. But I was in love with him even before I heard/saw him perform it.


  • tiatia

    i heart the jonas brothers (:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “lucas brothers”?????

    oh right…wheneva someone buys a book or merchandise of the “lucas brothers” it’ll go straight to disney…
    thats why they chose that name.
    i get it now.

  • chicken_does_not_go_with_orange_juice


  • anonymous


  • dont forget to brush your teeth


  • gabby

    yes. that is just like their lives. i liked the old jonas plot better. at least it was more original. this is just like a longer version of jonas brothers: living the dream except a bit more exaggerated. kinda. like with the firepoles and stuff. but im pretty sure im going to like it. i mean i like all the lame disney shows and stuff. i think you guys should give it a chance. most of the time you guys think its going to be horrible and in the end you end up loving it.

  • Bonnieeeee

    Another tv show on Disney :L
    Sounds original too

  • kjh

    thats just like hannah montana except with 3 guys


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    DO IT!!

  • ella

    just check the fail-o-meter
    jonas brothers=

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas are three extraordinarily talented teenage brothers who make up the world’s most popular rock band

    While doing their best to live ordinary lives, albeit with sleek guitars, concert tours, cool clothes and throngs of ardent fans following their every move

    i’m sorry, but don’t these descriptions basically scream “hey, look at us! we are so incredible!”

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    I love them with MY HEART>3
    Without them I’m nothing :/ like seriously they are my life :)
    Lucas Brothers? Yeah I’d rather put Jonas ahahha,
    Joey marry me ?

  • Anonymous

    jealousss .

  • Anonymous

    can`t . flippin . wait .

    too many haters . go hate on someone else , jb are amazing (:

  • Anonymous

    hotties :)

  • kt

    oh god they are such tools. i used to just brush them off, but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid their damn faces. that’s right, jb, despite your inflated self-images, there are still sane girls out there who don’t want anything to do with you!

  • haileyy

    this show is going to blow.

  • Erin

    Hey- check out degrassi’s star mariam mcdonald nude pics on ! exclusive only there!! they are from her new movie!!!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t write the plot idiot,give them a break.
    And yea they are incredible anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Anderson (Hannah Montana) as Macy Misa and John Ducey (Will

    WHATT?? im confused??

  • Anonymous

    can you say hot?

  • Anonymous
  • jenna

    i wish joe would cut his hair back like that pic!

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you shut up,go and be “sane” somewhere else.

  • ….

    Oh yeah this sounds original!
    Urghh i wish they would just stick to singing!

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    That’s uncalled for,go away.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, your fail-o-meter must be a different model than mine. The one I’ve got goes from 1 (ehhh) to 10 (massive fail). Let’s see how it responds to this…

  • ari

    no thank you

  • Anonymous

    awesome,i love them way too much :)
    haters get a life and go away,we don’t want you.
    can’t wait! :)

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, they are such jokes. Can’t wait for them to fade away.

  • Anonymous

    Omg i’m creepin’ that pic is beyond gorgeous,
    anyone creepin?

  • Anonymous

    the sad thing is that the teenies will not only watch it
    but laud it as “emmy-worthy” and “amazing!”
    when will these winners hit puberty?

  • Anonymous

    they won’t,they are here to stay,live with it.