Rob ‘I Don’t Like Talking On The Phone’

Robert Pattinson revealed to Frida magazine that he doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone or believe he needs to be role model: ‘I don’t feel that I have to be a role model for the fans. That I have to change my way of living in anyway.

It’s not like it is for Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, in Harry Potter, who have positive roles. I play a vampire, and I don’t think there’s many who expect goodness of them, I am supposed to be evil, haha!’

He also admitted that he’s a loner: ‘There’s just a few people who are worth your time. I don’t like talking on the phone plus I’m always moving around and that’s a problem. Eh, I don’t know, it feels like I’m wasting a lot of my time as it is, and then I would rather stay at home doing some creative than taking a walk with someone just to talk some crap.’

  • Trinity

    I like Rob and stuff, and he’s REALLY hot, but I don’t like how he doesn’t have to be a role model for himself. Edward is a positive romodel because his character shows that you do anything for the one you love. You don’t hate yourself because your a vampire and say that talking to people and taking a walk is “crap”

    So, I can now see why he’s a “loner” since he doesnt’ talk to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    yaaaaaaaaaa lisaaaaaaaaaa
    gettttttttt itttttttttttttt girlllllllllllllllllllllll

  • megann

    he pisses me off so much

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with what he said but…
    He kind of gives me a creepy vibe, then again a lot of people do. Though most of the time I have reason to believe that.

  • Anonymous

    in this picture he looks like a fucking crack addict that hasnt seen light in about 50 years. and his hair?
    you could wring it out and so much shit would come out. yum.

  • Anonymous
  • samantha

    he can have me.

  • aly

    I like him:D

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA I just love him. Hes so funny. And the 2 pairs of pants thing haha its too cute. In a creepy sort of way hhahah hes great.

  • Anonymous

    he also doesnt like washing his hair.

  • abby

    why is everyone obsessed with him?
    like, im not trying to be mean i just dont get it.
    he always looks like he just rolled out of bed, and
    he seems like a real ass.
    i mean, i guess hes kind of funny sometimes, but he
    just seems so full of himself..

    dont freak out on me.

  • Love Ashley =]

    Just tonight (London/ englsih time) Rob went to eat at my uncle’s restaurant in Soho with his friends…. and i wasn’t there :(
    I am so upsetttt :(
    But my friend was there AND he sang to the song she requested on the juke box AND she bumped into him on the way out!!!!!! :(

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwww, hes just like me!!!

  • kelieeeee

    what a weirdo he is sooo damn ugly i dnt know what bitches see in him.. he looks like he doesnt shower.. can you say CRACK HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO amd look little citches im not hating on him so stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like his gay ass movie………..

  • Rosie

    Ergggh…. i love him in twilight but out of twlight hes such a neek!!!

  • Macaaa..! <3

    I love rob!
    he’s so cool and Authentic
    He is not afraid of that the others think
    And i like that so much!
    he is unique

  • Anonymous

    im not i <3 kristen and rob i wish they would go out theyre both unique and seem to have things in common and they get along really well but she has a fucking bf…that pic of him sucks they need a pic that shows how hot and sexy he is and this doesnt show that

  • Anonymous

    EWwwwwww.. He’s so nasty. I know people who know him and what COKEHEAD he is. Disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Oh give me a break, he is nothing the Jonases aren’t,least of all “more honest”. It’s a lot of marketing on both sides, you just have to learn to see through it.

    JB= decent, normal, hardworking guys.
    RPatz=typical douchebag partyboy.

    There, simple!

  • nina

    awww… can he be any more purr-fect?

  • Anonymous


    haha. he isnt full of himself.
    he actually doesnt like papparazzi
    he is also very humble
    from what his cast former cast, & fans
    say he is probably one of the nicest & sweetest humans.
    i’ve met him. he’s very very sweet.
    he isnt full of himself. he’s very nice to the paparrazzi
    even though he doesnt like them.
    haters, your just mad because jonas isnt as popular as they use to be.
    rob is like a disorder. very good one too.
    he knows how to act.
    he’s got a very very good career ahead of him.
    i mean, unlike jonas isnt one of the sexiest men alive.
    rob has been in peoples magazine sexiest men alive
    though he doesnt qualify himself as “sexy” or “gorgeous.”
    he loves his fans.
    he wants to give back to his fans but doesnt know how
    he’s the type of guy who says ‘thank you’
    & ‘your welcome’
    he starts conversations with his fans at meet & greets
    when he is promoting his movies
    tell me how this guy in this interview isnt nice & humble

    or this picture of him he looks gorgeous

    i who love him for his humbleness, talent, sweetness,
    dorkness, he says when you love someone rich & poor or good & bad doesnt matter when you meet someone you are in love with.
    thats him.

    get over. jonas is stuck men who wants more publicity.

    jonas brothers: arrogant doesnt care for their fans
    only for the fame & fortune

    rob pattinson: hard working humble nice caring
    cares for his fans not the fame & fortune

  • Anonymous

    ahhh, he is so hot.

    and tells the truth.

    he is honest, which the jonas brothers arent..they lie about relationships and a lot of other things and i guess thats becuase they are disney kids.

    but rob is always honest, and hillarious.

    gotta love him

  • Tru

    I Love Him…….I hate talking on the phone……Much Much Love Rob! I can text all day though…..LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I used to like him, but he started saying wierd stuff like he only has one pair of pants and he does not like to take showers and now that he does not like to talk on the phone? whats wrong with him? he should at least keep it to himself!

  • Anonymous

    he also said that he is borring

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why are you guys comparing him to the Jonas Brothers?

  • Anonymous

    his hair looks wierd!

  • LaLa Land

    He looks kinda scary in the picture

  • Ally

    Amen, Rob.

  • Chantallll

    I love Jackson Rathbone more than ROb honestly

  • Allie

    i’m sorry for all the Rob fans, but he’s disgusting!!!!

    I like him better as Edward, if anything.
    again, sorrrrrry.

  • Chantallll

    actualli,I luv Jackson Rathbone more than Rob lol

  • kelseyy(:

    Me neitherr.
    i feel like the other person i am talking to wont ever shut up.
    It’s to the point where u need to lie to hang upp.


  • Anonymous

    Hun you dont need to call just come straight on over ;)
    God I am in love with this man!!

  • Steph

    He is definitely unique sexy and amazing. Haha. Although he and Kristen aren’t the usual bubbly celebrities, I can’t hate them for that. They should be themselves and not feel obligated to change who they are just b/c they’re actors.

  • lulybars

    Robert (L)

  • Fla

    he forgot Rupert… i hate when everybody forget about RUPERT ( Rony all the way…. Ginny too)

  • Anonymous

    uhm, kristen is also honest but everybody thinks she’s such a bitch.

    you’re all hypocrites.

  • http://sdfgr selenaloverforeva

    ya,i get sick of the phone i mean u start talking for like a min and then an hour…and its nthn intersting!! ur right rob!

  • xxretro

    amen [;
    hahaa i hate talking on the phone too [:

  • http://sdfgr rockinon4eva

    ya,i get sick of the phone i mean u start talking for like a min and then an hour…and its nthn intersting!! ur right rob!

  • lisa

    if he wants to do something creative
    we can defff.
    do something creative in bed ; ]
    i knoooo alottttt of creative poses
    thats we can dooooo
    just thinking about it gets me turned on hes a hot ass
    mothaaaa fuckaaaaaa =]

  • lurveerrr

    i love rob. seriously he is gorgeous. and incredibly sexy in twilight.
    this picture is not good though, oceanup needs to get a better new one.
    they also def. need to post more about him.
    anywhooo, i lurveeee him. a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Me neitherr.
    i feel like the other person i am talking to wont ever shut up.
    It’s to the point where u need to lie to hang upp.[2]

  • Lindsey

    ya oceanup this pic like sucks of him get some hot sexy pictures that show how hot and sexy he is : )) ur giving people the idea that he isn’t

  • Niceli(:

    He hates going on walks with ppl.. yet he went on one with Camilla Belle? Hmmm..
    Lol. Just my opinion. Don’t kill me :D

  • kamilah

    uhm, kristen is also honest but everybody thinks she’s such a bitch.

    you’re all hypocrites.

    yep thats how it seems. girls are like madly driven to talk shit and hate on other girls so easily. why is that? thats exactly why we are stuck with the stereotype that “girls are katty”. lets get get it together people!

  • Anonymous

    he pisses me off so much

  • Anonymous

    hes so fucking ugly

  • Anonymous

    i hate him!

  • Anonymous300000000

    i think that edward and robert r2 worlds is a romantic vampire(no offence rob!) and another one is a normal down to earth human being that is getting on with his life without any life risking catastropes