Savannah Outen & Brandy ROAD TRIP

‘Hey everyone.
SO long story short, I brought Brandy (I grew up with her. She’s like a sister. Our mom’s are best friends.) to my concert in Florida with Drew Seeley and the morning show in LA.

We were supposed to fly back home from LA, but because of all the show we had to drive… so here are some clips from our road trip home to oregon for the holidays :))

xoxo Savannah and Brandy

  • basketballdivA397

    I am practicing typing and I like to go to the park and I don’t like to eat bad stuff because its gross and not good so yeah that’s not the way we roll bam bam bam that’s a song o just quoted can you guess the name???? its called that’s just the way we roll. Poor unfortunate souls that’s a good song and I like. I HATE RYAN FINKLESTEINERMANTIONWORKWEISERSTANILYMA

  • Anonymous

    she seems funnny, :)

  • Anonymous

    aww that was sweet :)

  • Anonymous

    eww fat thing

  • Anonymous


  • jessie

    i love her. she seems really cool and down to earth.
    i love wathcing her shows on her youtube with her
    friend kendra. check it out

  • Anonymous

    love her!
    i met her in cali and she is SO sweet.

  • Anonymous

    post more stuff on her!!
    she’s gonna be taking over radio disney on tuesday.
    i so soooooooooooooo excited.

  • Mack

    When I first saw Savannah she reminded me of Selena somehow.


  • Erin

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