Taylor Momsen escaping the paparazzi. It looks real at first.. Thx 7localceleb7.

  • L I S A;

    WHATTTT??? im confused

    chyll peoples ; it’s a nike commercial xP lmao.
    but its mad coool ! she looks fierce.

    you work it tay !

  • Anonymous
  • Daina


  • Anonymous

    hey can someone put the link for this my computer isn’t
    working I’m on my iPod please &thank u

  • Anonymous

    wow that was Amazing even taymom change by a stunt woman!! hooray fir tayMom!!

    so this is for nike, thanks for those who know!

    while watching this I was like Go tay when she do the thing on the stairs but when she jumps with the car then swing haha I was like WHAT??!! its good I read some comments here :)

    I love reading post without HATERS and BASHERS!

  • GiRlyGurl

    hey can someone put the link for this my computer isn’t
    working I’m on my iPod please &thank u

  • aila.

    that was epic lmfaooo!!!

  • xoxo~gossipgirl

    hey ppl its NOT REAL!! i thought it was at first (and i i i was like whoa go taylor!)unfortunatly it fake :/

  • Anonymous

    lmao me too<3


    sooooo CONFUSED!!!
    someone help me outtt????

  • Anonymous


    omggg sooo coooolll but soo fake??
    what iss this forr???

    im confused!!!

  • Anonymous

    NICE ONE TAYLOOORR! that was very gooood!
    didn;t know she was that amazing at jumping at cars LOL LMAO

  • tay

    Taylor’s truly amazing! This was a great commercial, or whatever it is. She really worked it in this video, ha! Well, that was amazing.

    Loved it!
    You go Tay!
    Show those bitches on Disney how it’s done.

  • kristal

    not that much papparazzii follow her
    in realll life…

  • Anonymous

    nike’s commercial.

  • cat

    lol i love this! it was amazing and really cool even if it was just for a commercial. Love Ya TayTay!

  • Anonymous

    ahahhahha that is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    haahh that was so funny

  • Anonymous

    i love how she escaped.
    a lot better than others.
    i started laughing my ass off as soon as she jumped on
    top of the car. & same with getting on of the building.

  • em

    taylor is awesome!
    this is such a cool commercial =)

  • http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=446572 lauren

    that was dammnn fiercee
    haha wow i wish i could do that

  • Anonymous

    lol oh its for a commercial i was like thinking wtf thats a new way to dodge them HAHA

  • http://www.lastfm.com.br/user/isabelahudgens Isabela


  • Anonymous

    she started swinging on poles in shit lol was that a stunt double?? also this is ubber funyyy


    so glad at least someone knows what it really is that she is doing. AND I agree,it was a good attempt at parkour

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  • dddddddd

    omg, nice parkour taymom.that was awesome

  • dddddddd

    taylor is taking off

  • x

    show off much?
    but pretty cool Ill admit

  • hayley

    hahahahahha this is fcking awesome
    they got me & my brother confused for an instance lol

  • Anonymous

    hahahhahaaha clever…

  • Chiggyx3

    That was like .. spiderman status, HAHAHAHA.

  • betherzz(:

    omg, was that real? that was SCHWEET! go taylor!

  • dddddddd

    wow 21 comments without a taymom basher. im sure thats a record.

  • Diana

    WTF :P LMFAO! That was hilarious :PPPPPP
    I’m freckin cracking up right now! lol. That was soo funny! Gosh, I can’t stop laughing. That was so crazy. The paps were like “what the hell?” LMAO.

  • A

    Aw, HELL NAW!
    Do not tell me she’s tryna parkour that shit.

  • dddddddd

    i opened my mouth too soon.finally the jerk shows up

  • Melissa

    That was HILARIOUS!!

  • Anonymous

    um ya…so heroin will do that to ya.

  • dddddddd

    yeah melissa ,best commercial since the mannings vs the williams in the oreo commercials.

  • Anonymous


  • Beccaaa.

    What the fuck? I’m so confused. Hahhaa, it looks like her, is it? That’s crazy.

  • dddddddd

    anon ,why hate , just post to who you like.

  • Claire


  • Anonymous

    oh that was awesome!!! i kno every trick they used! it was taylor at 1st then she blends in with 2 body gaurds and a new taylor takes over. they rush the real taylor 2 the car and the fake 1 gets lost!

  • Anonymous

    im so lost right now

  • zanessa rox

    omg haha lol wow at first i thought it was real! so it isnt real rite? lol! yeha i am kind of confused too! ohg well but kool!!

  • Rebecca

    Haha what is this? =P

  • Anonymous

    that would be so hilarious if that was real

  • Anonymous

    thats fuckin awesome

  • Anonymous

    lol wtf? cool comercial tho

  • loza

    holy shit that was awesome

  • Anonymous

    someone said it was for a nikes commerical

  • Anonymous

    im confused???
    wtf is this?

  • Anonymous

    this is soo ofucking random lmaoo!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow dude.
    like wytf. my mum dosnt belive its her after when taylor .. if its even her stunts.

    okay thats just spaaz and freaky xD ..

  • Anonymous

    WHATTTT??? im confused

  • Anonymous

    this is for a nikes commercial.

  • brenda (: !

    haha, it’s mad cool.
    a nike commercial ?
    i believed it for a while. until she started swinging on poles.