Alyson Stoner Jason Dolley DJ CLASS

New Stoner vlog: After filming Good Morning America with Brenda Song, Jason Earles, Jason Dolley, and Ernie D, the Radio Disney host taught Jason D. and me how to be a professional radio DJ! :)


  • Shania

    I love alyson! :D

  • Anonymous

    second :) cool

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous


  • Bob the Builder

    OOooooh! So that’s the dude I talked to on the Radio awhile ago. Haha I called in as a prank not thinking anyone would answer.. well I was wrong lol. I always pictured that DJ dude looking like that dude from Blues Clues for some reason. lol
    anyways, Alyson Stoner is awesome and Jason Dolley looks like the wind blew his hair a funny direction but he’s still awesome lol

  • Anonymous

    i had no idea that’s what Ernie D looked like.
    i was picturing a really fat, bald guy.

  • Anonymous

    alyson deserves more work. she’s so underappreciaated. She’s self releasing The Alyson Stoner project next month tho.. :D