Miranda Cosgrove DESPICABLE ME

Miranda Cosgrove Myspace blog: ‘Over the break I started working on a really cute animated movie called ‘Despicable Me’. I’m so excited to be a part of it. I got to go in a few days ago and see my character and hear about the movie.

he animator actually animated ‘Ratatouille’ which is one of my favorite animated films! lol It’s so funny seeing your voice come out of an animated character and it’s a comedy so it’s been a lot of fun! They have been letting me come up with some of the lines and stuff and get really into it!

My character is Steve Carell’s adopted daughter lol. Also there are a lot of great comedians in the movie that I really look up to like Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Jason Segal and a lot of other really funny people. ‘m also working on some more songs for my CD..Ever since I started playing guitar when I was little I have always
tried to write songs but I wasn’t really sure about how good they were
lol. When I first started writing with people for my CD I was really
nervous about getting in there and telling them all my ideas. Now it’s
my favorite part!

 Lastly, the other day my best friend came
over and we choreographed a dance to the song ‘Circus’ by Britney
Spears. It’s the dorkiest, worst dance on earth lol. It was so much fun
though! ..My song ‘About You Now’ is also doing great and is now 47 on
the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart!

  • i hate stupid people alot-

    shes like,,,, so annoying, not that talenetedddd its not liek she can sing. watever she a ucute actress but never gonna be as big as miley (EVE THOUGH IHATE MILEY) or selena or jonas or demi

  • Anonymous

    That’s something I’ve wondered about too. Makes you more popular I guess.

  • rosepedal

    She is so ugly….her head is the size of a large potatoe ontop of a tiny body. and her cheek bones are weird. in this picture she looks ok but now that she’s older danggg shes ugly and not tallented at all…she can’t even sing well

  • selenagomezhasalargeheadtoo




    (shes so untalented)

  • imani

    she cant act. she cant sing. she’s not pretty.
    she’s ew.

  • abi!!!

    its a shame that she wont actually make it very big. there are already kids her age who can do everything she does…and theyre already famous, e.g. miley, demi, selena, etc

  • jesse

    russell brand!

  • paula


  • me

    1ST!!! GOOD 4 HER :)))

  • me


  • Anonymous

    she is never going to happen

  • mee

    seems nice!

  • Anonymous

    I hate russell brand

  • neelam

    her smile is very similar to the Jokers (Heath Ledger)…why so serious??

  • http://www.youtube.com/javaromaa Shinaya

    She’s on icarly right?

  • IrishJonasFan

    Shes adorable, and so talented.. she beats out almost all of the damn Disney stars..

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    She’s nice,
    WOOO! RUSSEL BRAND,I LOVE HIM,LMAO,seriously,he’s sooo HOTTTT! ahaha,
    I love the song about you now(:

  • Anonymous

    she is so cute! i love her. too bad she’s on nick and not disney, so most likely she’ll never be really big.

  • Anonymous

    good for her she’s really nice,
    how can anyone russel brand?,god he’s lame.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how can anyone russel brand?,god he’s lame.

    yeah and not funny at all. i don’t get why so many people like him.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao,you rule and yes russel is hot,it’s weird that a jonas fan like you likes him,haha he tries to piss them all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I love the song about you now(:
    me too,hah

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Russel brand rocks,he fascinates me,lmao-

  • Anonymous

    Omg he was joking,and I don’t blame him,everyone would kiss joe nick and kevin,lol he’s funny,

  • Anonymous

    ok, so is their like a rule in the hollywood rule book, that says if youre a teenege girl you have to act+sing???

  • Anonymous

    ok, so is their like a rule in the hollywood rule book, that says if youre a teenege girl you have to act+sing???

    no, but if you love acting and singing both you totally should.

  • Amy

    lol me too, I found, Russell’s jokes funny at the VMAs..
    especially the superman one:
    “They could get any girl in the world to have sex with them but they just wont do it, its like superman deciding not to fly, but just to take the subway everywhere”

  • Anonymous

    russel brand is super hot!

  • Anonymous

    he wants jonas brothers soo bad :)

  • deanna

    i love how the industry pushes all the teens to sing act and dance.. even if they aren’t good at it. about you now is pretty catchy.. but she’s not a good singer. i wish theyd let them stick to what theyre good at- which shes good at acting.

  • Anonymous

    who doesn’t dear?

  • Anonymous

    she’s a good actress but not singer.

  • Anonymous

    she’s a good actress but not singer.

    i think she’s a good singer.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t have a problem with these girls singing. i love all of them so i don’t care.

  • sarah

    she seems really nice and shes a good actress…she makes me laugh when i watch her show and shes becoming really big

  • Kara

    omg cool good for her i love her songs about you now and stay my baby shes sooo cool her and demi lovato

  • Anonymous


    Russell Brand, Steve Carrell and Jason segel all in the same freaking film.

    My three favourite comedians.

  • Anonymous

    i hate her.
    i liked her better on Drake & Josh though (instead of iCarly)
    acting all “preppy”, and thinking she’s “funny”

  • lolol

    she says ”lol” alot

  • amy

    wtf is up with thos brows??

  • kelly

    y did they use a pic of her from when she was like 10?

  • Anonymous

    she gota bigg head xD

  • Anonymous

    big ass head