Adrienne Bailon CLUBBING With KIM K

Adrienne Bailon spent her Tuesday night at nightclub Coco De Ville in West Hollywood with Kim & Kourtney Kardashian. Photos: Fame. More under cut!

  • Anonymous

    lmao, she think she’s so pretty. but all she’s famous for now is for her photos. what a bitch

  • Anonymous

    In how many colors does she have that handbag? (And how many people have it?) She has it in pink too.

  • Anonymous

    i guess that now thats shes not with disney she wants 2 do all the stuff that they would never let her do and this is off topic but on e news yesterday they showed mileya dn nick at the golden globes but in a different angle and nick smiled at her

  • gangsta gangsta

    dude, i wanna party with kim!

  • Anonymous

    love em bothh ;d

  • Anonymous

    ughh adrienes okay but kkim k is soooooooo ugly and gross eww~ and too the niley omg i saw that too

  • anonymous

    hmm, i like her top.
    it has sparkles. =]
    i love dresses/shirts with sequins.
    i got one from forever 21.
    it made my life.

  • Anonymous

    umm i think your forgot your pants.

  • deanna

    her dress is pretty. kim is really nice haha.

  • myself

    can you read my mind? hehe

  • myself

    can you read my mind please answer? haha

  • whatever

    i swear,
    their freaking lucky.
    all they have to worry about is what
    outfit they want to wear to the club that night.
    and im sitting here worrying about not passing
    high school, and shit..

    UGh !
    but their bothh pretty.. (:

  • myself

    please answer!

  • Teresa

    Can’t hate her for it. She’s just doing what every normal girl her age is doing…

  • Anonymous

    word im glad she was gettin 2 grwon 4 that time 2 do movies in reality shows lols

  • Anonymous

    Addriena is Kool k stop bashing her. Its hard to have the paparazzi folow you (watch video) I think she looks pretty in these pictures yayyyy Adrienne!!!

  • *cough* right…..

    Her hair doesnt look 2 bad in these pics…

  • Shannon

    she’s pretty
    is it just me or does Kim look REALLY REALLY FAT !

  • Lacy

    D-LISTTT ;)

  • Anonymous

    Its the dress she’s wearing.

  • abby jonas :)


  • Jane

    wow i’m not gonna call her a slut because she’s old enough to go clubbing. but i do think she’s a stupid bitch! and wtf is she wearing?

  • Anonymous

    I think the Kardashians are soooo
    Fuckin Goregous!!
    Its Ridculous!!!lol
    Not really Kloe tho…=[[

  • rosemary cynthia

    cool i see no prblem cuz she is the right plus cheetah girls is over so

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    kim is sucha bad example.
    but i admit their very beautiful!

  • h

    one of the paps asked her about her laptop and she ddnt respond. i wldnt wanna hear bout tht when im going out to a club lol

  • Lindsey

    very attractive first pic (sarcasm)

  • Anonymous

    who gives a flying fuck

  • alliegator.(:

    bring on the sex tape,
    kim knows the way to do it.

  • ash

    going clubbing does nort make u a slut

    she wasnt forced to stop from clubbing while she was disney. it was a choice she made for herself. now that she’s no longer associated with disney she chooses to hang out with her boyfriend’s sister.

    whoop whoop

    the girl is old enough. disney doesnt control her. never did. u guys give disney channel too much credit.

    have you forgotten she was a recording artist before cheetah girls. she was in 3LW with keily. if anything cheetah girls toned her down.

    or do some of you youngins not know who 3LW even is…
    ahhhh the young ones…look it up on youtube.

    just some facts for your noggins

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    khloes my fave kardashien….where is she? LOL
    and no I can’t read your mind…why would I ? Haha
    Peace Out’Ox


    she’s 24 bigg whoop?

  • Anonymous

    what is she wearing?
    wow she changed
    p.s. in a bad way

  • Tru

    I Like the both of them…They might be nasty but their both old enoough to be nasty…….LOL! Much Love!

  • Anonymous

    can someone please tell me if Adrienne and Rob K are

  • Tiara

    No shit laurenn. Your like a fucking year late!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! She looks so much happier now that isn’t with Cheetah Girls!
    Party on girls!! :D

  • meagan

    e news yesterday they showed mileya dn nick at the golden globes but in a different angle and nick smiled at her
    is it on youtube? i cant find it.

  • jess

    she seems cool and i think shes so pretty!
    so what shes like 20 or something
    let her do what she wants….what 20 something year old does not go out and party or go clubbing? ahha

  • eww


  • Anonymous

    Move people, let the horribly dressed cellulite and STD ridden transexuals trough!

  • Anonymous

    Wow they actually look like sisters.

  • earvz

    ok adrieennne ur turning to be like lindsay lohan..
    and its obvious ur party clubbing is starting

  • Anonymous

    Wow they actually look like sisters.

    You mean brothers. These 2 are aboviously man in disguise. Horsefaces like that can’t be female!

  • aly

    ah guess what?!
    That’s what sweet freedom looks like.

  • RAwRR_itzEM(ily)

    haha funny picc.

  • IrishJonasFan

    they look like 2 happy Amiga cheetahs…

  • Anonymous


  • paulina


  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty!

  • moobs

    attention whore

  • Bananamilkshake

    they’re both gross.

  • paulina

    sisters in law :)

  • Anonymous

    her hair looks so cute in that ponytail!

  • twilightluvr


  • jessica <33

    cutee ponytailllllllll
    sis’s in laww!

  • http://xxxsweetmayaxxx mayaSHOCK

    he is gettin too involved with the Kardashian family

  • Julie

    Kim And Adrienne is going to have a three some with reggie bush. lol

  • Anonymous

    Well You Can Tell Shes Not “Disney”
    Anymore =P …

  • laurenn

    she’s dating Kim’s brother.

  • i hate stupid people alot-

    well shes NOT disney anymore clubs = OFF limits to disney peeps
    kim, NOT the best person to assiciate with

  • Anonymouss

    Are they drunk ?