Popstar! goes behind the scenes of the new Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Dadnapped’. Star Emily Osment revealed, ‘It’s a really relaxed set, and it’s really nice because everyone’s so chill all the time. We hang out every
night, play Guitar Hero and stuff like that.’
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  • Anonymous

    one preview, i was like “ohhh. i get it now”
    then the next one i saw, i was like “wtf? that makes no sense what-so-ever”

  • Anonymous

    he’s like emo or goth in the movie.
    well, probably gothh though. or just a rebel, etc.
    idk, but when you see his clothes (in the movie), you’ll know what i mean

  • 101girl

    HE IS SOOOO “HOT”!!!!!

  • Tru

    I Love Him! He is so freakin FINE! Much Love David!

  • rachel


  • agus

    i love you david!

  • agus

    i love you david!

  • Gracie Rae

    Gosh he is adorable.

  • Deena


  • rosemary cynthia

    ill watch it but the previews makes the movie look really confusing

  • ViVi4N

    haahaa, this is random, but not really i quesss cuhs its related to the movie. .
    haha butt if you watch the previews of this movie on disney channel
    where its clearer
    it looks like moises arias is wearinq eyeliner ;D
    rofll (:
    thats all,
    btw, i have NOTHING aqainst quys wwearinq eyeliner(:
    i just wanted to point it out, andd mann can you belive hes 14
    it really does not look like it, butt thats kwl(:

  • Viv

    David is awesome :)

  • emily (:


  • Anonymous

    aww , he looks so cute :]

  • Anonymous

    ahh daivd i love youu<33 :D