Taylor Lautner ‘I’m A Rosy Kind Of Guy’

Taylor Lautner dished to Popstar! on what the nice things he’s done for someone on Valentine’s Day: ‘I buy roses all the time. Roses for mom,
roses for everybody! I’m a rosy kind of guy!

So, yeah, roses and I also like to do cards. I rarely go out and buy cards form a store. I hand-make them. They’re not superfantastic, but I’ll hand-make them and I get a little artsy and burn the edges and stuff and make it look cool!’

  • danielle :D

    He’s so adorable.
    Love this kid.

  • kaitlin

    id LOVE roses from him anyday.

  • Anonymous

    hum? why can’t all guys do that

  • Dana Lautner



  • laurenn

    i’d die to get roses from him anyday. (:

  • geraal

    awww:) my perfect man.
    he’s so cute & adorable & perfect..
    hey taylor my birthday’s coming up and it’s like 4 days before valentine’s day.. can you make me a handmade card?
    lol. awww.. c u t e

    and hot:B

  • http://www.youtube.com/jackiesguitar Jackie

    awe, that’s so sweet!
    handmade cards?
    i want one! =]


  • Anonymous

    he can send ME roses any day :)

  • Karreee

    Hey Taylor, my birthday’s coming up…
    I’d love a personally delivered rose and handmade card. =)


  • Diana Le

    He’s to cute for words!

  • Rachel

    Psh…Taylor, we are cool kids lol. I make random cards all the time too. Half of them being pointless=]]] But that’s okay=]]]

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    One Taylor-ized card and a rose or two please :)

  • Anonymous

    Taylor make me a card!

  • Tru


  • Swift like Taylor

    Yeah, he’s good looking. Too bad he’s the biggest douche I’ve ever known.

  • cyn

    youre not a rosy kind of guy, youre a hot kind of guy ;]

  • Anonymous

    i hate roses, they remind me of my “dad”

    but taylor is so cute/

  • Anonymous

    omg hes perfect.
    burn the edges! how cute!!

  • Anonymous

    THAT IS SO CUTE AND ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    *ideal boyfriend!!*

  • bubbz

    wow his hot lol

  • twal


    the end <3

  • Jane

    i wish he would give me roses!!!

    he’s SO hot!!!!

  • Anonymous

    how cutee i love himm

  • Joanna

    he is beyond adorable :)

  • kaylaroseeee


    :) he makes me smile. ahha

  • The Next Big Thing

    Awwwwww! That is too cute! Dammit, Taylor! Become more attainable! This whole wanting-most-what-you-can’t-have thing is seriously starting to suck.

  • mc


  • Eve Cullen

    Thats so cute!!! He is so sweet. He will always be Seth in my eyes!

  • Anonymous

    More like ‘I’m A Really Hot Guy’.
    i’d like roses from him anyday…

  • Koo

    He buffed up.

  • Anonymous

    i like him but im fan of a rob pattinson more than i am taylor fan.
    my love for rob couldnt be put into words hehe
    but thats sweet of taylor.

  • Maria Ignacia (La Guera Rodriguez

    That is completely adorable!!!

  • http://hhtp karishma

    i LOVE you so so so much b coz u are funny sweet
    charming …. and cute

  • -

    that is adorable!
    how cute is he?
    he can make me a card any day! =D

  • Christina

    i love him!

  • Becca

    How sweet :) I like him as Jacob black<3
    But i’m Team Edward

  • Anonymous

    I like him :) <3
    He’s adorable.

  • Anonymous

    give me a roseee hehe

  • Anonymous

    He’s hot.

  • http://gagas sam

    aw cute :]

  • Ingveldur

    oh my god that’s so cute! I love him! <3

  • Anonymous

    aww :)

  • Anonymous

    Aw, he is so sweet.
    Perfect man.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/01/taylor-lautner-im-a-rosy-kind-of-guy.html#comments Sel.

    hes a cutieee.
    i’d like a rose from him.

  • shimaa

    iwish marry aman like u or would u marry me?

  • Anonymous

    ya I would not mind getting a rose from him
    and i would like to see how his hand made cards
    are like

    he is sweet! i would love any guy to do that for me

  • Anonymous

    his nose irritates me