David Archuleta School DANCE Drama

TWIST interview with David Archuleta at their private concert. David reveals who his songs are about, school dance drama & advice for the new Idols!

  • Nia

    He is so gorgeous.
    His voice is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    how old is him?

  • Anonymous


  • ummmm?

    yeah i think he does in his video a little too not over you he does and it does not look fake:)
    gosh he has such an amazing voice!!
    i am a huge fan!

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t even watch the video,
    but i’m guessing he said something along the lines of
    “i didn’t have a date to my prom” or something.

  • jj

    He really is such an amazing singer. And he is soo
    cute!! I met him twice, and hes even cuter in person!!

  • ViVi4N

    david archuleta is 18(:
    hess sooo cutee<3
    ahmazinqq voiceee :]

  • JB lova gurl baybie <3


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • romy

    He is just adorable. I’ve been watching him since last year every single fr##!!! day on tv, internet, articles, you tube, you name it. My whole life away for this kid. I just simply adore him…. Pure talent right there

  • Anonymous

    lol!!..omg i was first!

  • Anonymous

    he is soo cute! totally my dream guy!

  • Anonymous

    he is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    does he play guitar? he seems like a guy that would!

  • disneylove
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/lmiguelez anonymous

    Nsync went to a school dance of mine

  • o

    eeeeeeeeee CUTIE ^.^ <3

  • Anonymous

    mmmm mmmm mmm mmm

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i met him, and you can be like omg liar but w/e cause i actually did, and he is the sweetest cutest boy ever. i love him! he has so much talent too

  • beth

    eww david archuleta is so ugly and short.

    Logan Noh is way hotter

    post some stuff on logan noh

  • <3JB

    ya david archuleta sucks and Logan Noh is hot

  • Laura

    I’m in this video! lol i was at that concert. He’s awesome <33

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