JONAS Lucas Brothers Promo Pictures

JONAS pictures. Do YOU dress like that for school? Photos: Disney. +7!

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  • Brunettes Get Better Grades

    Holy shit..
    my hormones are in full swing now.. thanks alot boys..

  • Scarah

    im thinking they (the characters) go to a private
    school cuz they all have that thingy appliqued on to
    there clothes

  • Anonymous

    they look good in uniform

  • Anonymous

    got to love a man in uniform
    it looks cute.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i wish my school had uniforms, because thats all my school is about who has the best clothes, because who has the best clothes has the most money, and peope at my school are shallow
    i’m sorry but you made me love my school uniform. but i really do wish we could
    wear whatever we liked.

    oh wow. i love you JB but erm, acting? nonono. stick to singing pleeease.

  • flyonthewall

    in a picture say ‘bdlt’ with very
    small letters!

  • !!!!

    I have to wear a uniform …but we get one set uniform not loads of different ones! I think they kinda went over the top!

  • Esequias

    Why do I have wear THAT THING to go school? I want the Jonas’ uniform!

  • Anonymous

    kevin and joe look too old for highschool

    i actually don’t think they do. not to bad anyway. i mean no different then the HSM crew playing seniors.

  • djgq

    i kinda dress like that for skool..
    lol it looks like they r trying to copy gossip girl.
    wit the whole uniform crap.. lmaoo

  • Anonymous

    omj i love Logan Noh, he is so hot

    post stuff on logan noh

  • Anonymous

    i would cry i f i had to wear unifroms :|

  • claire

    love love love these i love in the ….7th down besides the two main ones nicks bag matches part of his suit and his tie (: i think its kinda cute i can not wait till jonas starts!!!!

  • Anonymous

    logan noh is awsome. i love him

  • emily (:

    i still don’t get why they call it ‘jonas’ if they’re playing the lucas brothers.

  • alice

    I have a uniform…but im from england and all schools have uniform! But no one wears anything quite like what they have on! They would be laughed at if they came to school like that!

  • Hannah

    They look hot.
    And yes i do have to wear a uniform at school.
    i go to an all girls school so yes.
    but you have to wear a uniform to every single school
    in australia.

  • Jackie

    love their uniforms !! but the would look incredible in anything ! ahah

  • mali

    Wait, what are thses pics for, i mean they are in uniforms, so whats it for??
    I go to a school with uniforms, but not uniforms as cool as that tho LOL

  • kelly


  • Anonymous

    it’s obviously a private school. they all have emblems oin their clothes.

  • Anonymous

    we dont wear uniforms.
    but majority students at my school wear uggs, skinny
    jeans & abercrombie or holister.
    well thats for the girls.
    boys. its shorts then a abercrombie sweatshirt.
    they still wear that stuff even when its like 10degrees.

  • Anonymous

    well… i have a uniform and so i don’t go crazy, i try to add more fun flirty shirts… btw! nick looks hot in a uniform!!!!

  • Anonymous

    write about logan noh

  • Anonymous

    logan noh for life baby

  • emily (:

    also, they’re REALLY bad actors. really bad. the only ones than can sorta act are selena and miley. demi can sing and her personality is cool, so are the personalities of the others. the boys are just untalented all-around :|

  • Anonymous

    oh come on!! how gay do they look??? i love them but come on, theyre wearing MATCHNG BELTS!

  • Yvonne

    Aw Kevin and who ta hell is this Logan person?

  • rosemary cynthia

    cant wait
    add me on youtube

  • heidi

    yay school uniforms
    actually, i kind of like my uniform, dont have to worry about what i wear in the morning :)

  • anonymously

    I went to a Catholic High School so we had all of that.

    Cardigans, polo shirts, sweater vests, ties…

    Though this stuff looks a little too trendy for school uniforms.

  • Yvonne

    Oh, and baseball bat girl looks like Demi in that pic

  • and im still tippin;)

    Hollister is played out…

  • Anonymous

    logan noh is a total hottie

  • banana

    joe is damn sexy!

  • Anonymous

    i use to dress like that when i went to catholic skool
    but i moved to public skool ever since i moved to texas=(
    gosh they look hot in uniform. im guessing the quote “a man looks good in uniform” is right.=)

  • Anonymous

    post more about LOGAN NOH and ALY & AJ

    Team Logan Noh

  • http://me dazerblaze


    (sorry for the caps)

  • Sneha

    Nick looks so freaking good.. I think I need to turn a fan on.. cause hot dayumm im burning up.. WOW..
    *End of teenie moment*

    anyways this show looks cute :)

  • Anonymous

    what do you mean Do You Dress Like THat For School????
    Its obviously a uniform-but they have many different choices for their uniform

  • Anonymous

    JB can’t act for shit.

  • Anonymous

    ok, i guess its different in the usa because i go to an all girls catholic shcool,and wear uniforms with blouse,blazer,tie etc. but its not a private school!

  • audrey

    unfortunately yes.
    I hate how unrealistic they make uniforms be.


  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty boring.


  • Anonymous

    i do think they’re school uniforms are quite trendy.
    i love plaid.
    so im all for the plaid :D
    also, who is logan noh?
    i went onto his imdb
    the kid is fugly.

    us, its usaully hollister abercrombie areopastale
    uggs emus mj banana republic
    i guess its like gossip girls clothes they’re uniforms are trendy :D
    i live in united states(tennessee)
    so like only christian catholic jewish schools only have uniforms
    i would love to go to a christian school though

  • jb fan


  • lmfao


  • (: me!

    REBELDE is just a bad copy.. the original show is from argentina and its called Rebelde Way!! :)

    Jonas look good! :) i love how nick looks in uniform! he is hot! :)kevin and joe look great too

  • bionicaaaa

    nice jonas is sooooo fuckin hotttt i cant bear it we r huge jonas fanssss

  • Anonymous


  • Hayley

    my school’s shirts are like the polo that Nick is wearing.
    but we definately don’t have any plaid.
    but my old elementary school had A LOT of plaid.
    i wish my school uniforms were as cool as these. :)

  • Jesus

    Catholic school?
    Wow these boys are even reperesenting me, in their new show..
    gotta love ‘em :)

  • marie

    the jonas brothers should really just stick to music…cos that’s their thing…
    ..just saying

  • Anonymous

    anyone who watches this show deserves to be shot.

  • lir

    what happen to nick muscles they are gone noooo!. see this is what happen when miley is not around the muscle desinflate we need miley so nick get some muscle back. now he is getting skinny like selena no body. he needs miley has a great body tone and i guess he liked looking her best around her since he looked better on the muscle department not the hair i think his hair short looks good!we need some miley muscle back!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yahh i dress like that
    Prep schools rule

  • lola

    anyone else think they made them have uniforms so it wouldnt look weird with the jb wearing suits while the ordinary high school boys wore casual clothes? lol
    its like the first private school on disney and the first show with uniforms……. a man looks good in the uniform

  • Anonymous

    nick is looking hot in that polo baby!

  • sara

    everyone where i live wears uniforms…public school or private school. but the public school uniforms all looke the same and the private schools have different plaids or whatever.

    that school in the show has a whole lot of options for uniforms though. we just have one type of plaid skirt or shorts; a polo or oxford shirt; a sweater,sweatshirt, or fleece;& required socks. i dont actually know of any schools that have that many options.

  • Ponch

    GOD can you say REBELDE much with the uniforms?!?!?!

    Except Rebelde is probably 100x better than this crap
    fest! And the wannabe blonde trying to be Mia/Anahi. psss
    psssh whatever.

    I do love JONAS, I just DNW this show.

  • lola

    oh and guys its not religion based private school
    its like a academy/prep kinda school

  • megann

    it’s called uniforms

  • marijuana

    LOOOOOOL I think its pretty cool dress like that in pre schools its fun..

  • rii

    the jb look good in uniforms? not trying to be mean but how is it different than what they usually wear? except these clothes just follow more of the same color/pattern scheme and have emblems on them. its like no different than how they dress now.

    anyone else think they made them have uniforms so it wouldnt look weird with the jb wearing suits while the ordinary high school boys wore casual clothes? lol

  • Meylitza


  • Lacy

    OMH haha they are matchnig lol.
    Nick looks frikkin sexy I might add.
    Kevin is stunning!
    and Joe looks hot!

    Lacy Anne

  • Anonymous

    i wear a uniform to school, but NONE of the guys at my school look that hot

  • ….

    it’s obviously a private school. they all have emblems oin their clothes.

    Yeah it has to be different in usa because in england all schools have emblems!

  • sarah

    preps ew
    lmfaoo jkjk jbs work itt

  • eww

    kevin just looks too old to be in high school. chelsea staub looks like a pothead.

  • Yvonne

    How nice, not!

  • sarah

    lol i sounded really stupid saying that lol

  • Anonymous

    I like how they kept the same clothing style they
    normally use instead of just wearing something
    different for the show

    and their uniforms look amazing on them! =]

  • Maddie

    i went to private school for 12 years and had that same blue plaid!

  • shammi

    damn, i’ve always loved a guy in uniform!
    joooeeee <3

  • michelle

    its called a uniform.

  • Anonymous

    I wear a uniform, and I’ve gone to three schools with uniforms, and while they’re are alot of different mix and match pieces, usually you don’t see that much variety, they look way too fashionably coordinated..

  • ViVi4N

    its called jonas bcuhs thay live on jonas street and
    wanted to name it after that
    and i quess tha just had t make it work, since it was already called jonas.



  • sarah

    nobody freakin cares about logan noh, everyone knows ur the same freakin person so shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    i miss when their hair was like that.

  • Jane

    it’s obviously like a school uniform. they looks super sexy though!!!

  • Cristina

    Haha that is sooo not a uniform.

  • Anonymous

    thats what i wear to school…whats a matter with it?

  • rii

    also… anyone notice that there is not one picture with nick’s sleeves not rolled up? jeezus christ!

  • Bitchess!

    they are trying to dress like the people from gossip girl. lmfao.

    like for real!

  • lolly

    they are hot
    nick is cute ;D

  • Anonymous

    they are so sexy in uniforms!!!!

    I can not wait for the show!!!! so excited!!!!

  • nika

    we kinda have uniforms liek that..

  • lola

    no i do not dress like that for school.but we do have stupid uniforms.we have have are shirts tucked in and no wearing jackets in side the classroom.and and other stupid things like that.

  • Anonymous


  • danni

    omgsh the internet is going to explode tomorrow! lmao and sad but yes when i went to boarding school we HAD to dress like that i didnt mind, they all look soo great! :)

  • Anonymous


  • adb

    OMG MEE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Pff…I WISH our uniforms looked that good….and the boys in them.

  • victoriaa.

    ohh hot dayyum
    if the guys here dressed like that. :P

  • kega

    the tie the boys r wearing was actually the pattern i wore in my elementary skool, the boys wore those ties and the girls wore the skirts wit dat pattern

  • Jeniffer

    I don’t have uniforms lol but can’t wait for the show

  • Anonymous

    pic of logan noh illugally gambling underage

  • Anonymous

    Kevin and Joe are getting a little to old to continue to be on Disney Channel. I bet this show only last 1-2 seasons. But then again the cheetahs are like 28.

  • Anonymous

    Joe looks so hot in that sweater vest! :]

  • djfjdj

    Is Chelsea Staub Mexican, or any other type of latin?, she looks it, she’s gorgeous by the way.

  • Tanisha


  • Anonymous

    aww jonas brothers<3 soo cutee
    yeah my school uniforms suck..

  • beth

    I used to dress similar…. but every high school in england has a uniform. So glad I don’t have to wear a uniform to college now hahahaha

  • Harper

    I kinda dress like that for school because a lot people have a uniform

  • sarah

    this is so gonna be awesome, p.s i love kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and joe and nick

  • Anonymous


  • twal

    i can’t wait for the show to start!
    the boys look so attractive in these pictures! ;P

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures. It looks funny and cute. I wish Joe Jonas in his school blazer would go to my school. Yummy.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is so hot…

  • no

    wow, plaid overload. the last picture hurts my eyes.

  • Shekinah

    they look soo hot!!!!!! wowie!!

  • ilovepetewentz


    joe looks HOTTT ;)

  • Anonymous

    yes, i wear a uniform too.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    ihave the same uniform almost.
    their tie’s pattern is the pattern of the skirt i have to wear.
    lol ><

  • Anonymous


  • Angelina

    so cute.
    the lockers kinda look like veggie chips.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, if you’re going to try supporting this ‘Logan Noh’ then don’t do it repeatedly if you’re the ONLY SAME person doing it 100 times. It’s only going to piss off people and dislike that guy even more …

  • Gem

    omj i hate chelsea staub.
    or chelsea dust- as staub is german for dust. xD
    jb look amazing. =]

  • Hermione

    well that doesnt look stupid at all….

  • Anonymous

    i can’t wait for thissss! love the uniforms they are so sexy!

  • ecko

    what the fuck?!
    no one knows who the hell he is and stop saying that, we dont CARE!

  • Kayla.

    joe’s lookin’ mighty sexy in that uniform ;]

  • Anonymous

    Well obviously not everyone goes to a prep school like the show’s set in.

    And the correct question, Do the GUYS at are school
    look like that? –Nope, or at least none at mine.

  • Anonymous

    are really hot and sexy

  • Quinn

    Joe reminds me of Superman from Superman Returns. xD
    They all look cute. < 3 I’ll def watch the show. ;D

  • hannah

    actually i do dress like that to school! and i dont even have uniforms!

  • Anonymous

    field hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cote

    well i do dress like that because we have a school uniform but its not so bad after all and by the way the guys look soo hot! but the girls look a bit exagerated… im sure that no girl dresses like that for school…

  • reah

    do they go to a private school?

  • mee

    the half filipino half american girl is actually pretty

  • hey fool wassup

    why does that bother you so much…get a life

  • Mrs. Jonas

    Sooooo hott <3 i luv them and cant wait for the show =]

  • Anonymous

    Logan Noh is going to take over the universe

  • Anonymous


  • asdf

    those pictures seep ‘bad acting’ like no other.
    ugh that show is going to be terrible terrible terrible x10000000.

  • Karissa

    i go to their old schoool :]
    Eastern Christian Academy,<3

  • Nina

    wow! that’s a lot of variety in uniforms. i wish
    my school was like that. can’t wait for the show to
    come out.

  • Anonymous

    they are workin’ those uniforms (;

    makes me wish that’s what i had to wear.

  • Anonymous

    chelsea’s hair extensions looks so trashy.
    like, really? with this show, youll be able to afford something decent.
    and boys. i love you with all my heart,
    but this show looks terrible.
    its like a ‘hannah montana’ knock-off.
    im sorry. i just tell it like it is (:

  • Anonymous

    they look so cute and HOT!

  • brittany

    so those pictures are EXTREMELY cute ;]
    && YES i do dress like that for school, prob worse.
    plaid skirt, green knee high socks, ugly brown shoes… yeah i think i win!
    jonas <3

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas !!!! soo sexies!
    i love kevin jonas!

  • Kristen

    I love Nick in polo shirts.

  • Anonymous

    Thats how they always. dress…this show will be a hit because of their musical sucess NOT their acting abilities, which are okay

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait!!!!
    hot hot hot!

  • hey fool wassup

    we dont wear uniforms we just wear all polos

  • Anonymous

    FIRST :D

  • Anonymous

    they cant act

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • lala


  • hollabitchez.

    they look gorgeous, like always.
    loove you boys, can’t wait till the show :)

    and omg, the live chat!!
    but it’s gonna be soooooo full.
    oh man.

  • Anonymous

    They are gorgeous. All 3 of them :)

    They look amazing, and this show actually looks like it’ll be good to watch.
    I’m still in awe about how hot they look..
    In those uniforms.
    I go to Catholic H.S. so I’m liking this whole uniform thing they have on the show.

    Nick…that 7th picture…in the polo..
    oh boy.

  • julia
    watch, read and comment PLEAASEE :D

  • Anonymous

    looka cute

  • Kelly

    First! :)

  • alliegator.(:

    i’m excited for this show.
    they all look gorgeous. (:

  • JB lova gurl baybie <3

    OMJ I CNAT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY LOOK SOOO SEXII IN THOSE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alejandra

    wow they look freaking amazing hot
    nick u are sooooo hot as always

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    some fug boy who is trying to give himself some free publicity on oceanup,get people interesting in him ,I’m thinking it’s either him,his mom or his publicist

  • Anonymous

    I love Jonas Brothers they’re so cute and Joe looks SEXY!

  • Gianna

    haha actuall my uniform for school looks like that!!! LOL

  • caligirl

    first and they look hott!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    oh hott daymm this is going to be horrible! i love the jonas brothers but oh boyy

  • Anonymous

    haha i have to wear a uniform too…

  • not


  • Anonymous

    wow… those uniforms do them justice, they look amazing. i know this show will be retarded but i cannot wait to watch it, haha.

  • Anonymous

    I agree,I think he’s doing it himself

  • lovngjonasnky

    KEVIN!!!! I can’t 4-get Joe and Nick. BUT KEVIN!!
    YES !!!

  • stephanie

    sadly i do dress like that, i got to a prep school. but i guess its pretty cool now because
    the jonas brothers are dressing up like us too

  • mj

    omg joes like so hot and sexy…mmm…just wish he were right beside me so i could kiss him jajaj…

  • Lexy

    i’ve got school uniform, so yes.
    everyone likes to add their own styleee

  • monika

    for some reasons; i think this show will be fun to watch. :)

  • Allie

    there all super hot,
    i can’t wait. :D

  • Yvonne

    Okay. I just never heard of this Logan til his name keeps showing up here

  • Anonymous

    I think that the shows gonna be a flop. They have overdone themselves. I love them but a show? Thts just too much. –Blakely

  • kathleen

    prep skool boyzzzzz HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    kevin looks smexy here…. <3

  • ontheDL


    their uniforms are adorable. haha.

  • Anonymous

    i love logan noh so much. hes awsome.

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    they look so HOT in uniforms!!!! I have to wear a uniform too, cuz i go to a catholic school, and it sucks, but they look HOT! the red sweatervest thing Joe is wearing kind of looks like the one my school uses too!!! lol!!!!

  • ashley

    lol joes outfit with the scarf is cute some guys where that!! but it looks like they have school uniforms!

  • julia
  • lulu

    i’m from england – of course everyone wears a uniform here especially in private schools like mine… but it doesnt look cool. seriously.

  • Anonymous

    no i dont dress like that

  • Anonymous

    So cute <3
    Kevin’s hair looks so good.
    And Chelsea Staub is so pretty! :)

  • Anonymous

    this show has epic fail written all over it.

  • Anonymous

    nobody dresses like that at school!

  • Anonymous

    it’s called uniforms!

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait
    i love kevins character

  • Shania

    Joe would get his ass beat at my school for wearing that red vest.

  • jerseygirl

    Awww they look adorable. And it’s a private catholic school, so yeah I think what they’re wearing is accurate. A little more stylish than what I had to wear, but not too far off.

    And, btw, I think that last pic is a photo still from when they shot the pilot episode last year. None of them look like that now.

  • jblove

    Especialy in pic 5! :D <3

  • ….

    They totally over did the uniforms! I wear a uniform but nothing quite so…stylish.

  • DomRep

    actually.. in my country every
    school must have a uniform :/

  • Anonymous

    it looks so good!

  • anonymous

    oh sweet fucking jeezus.

  • x
  • jonaslovee

    i love the school uniforms :)
    well it’s a private school, so I definitly do not dress like that for school lol. But that is how they dress in private school’s.

  • Amy loves Nick Jonas

    They are swoon-tastic…
    and Nicks hair is getting longer.. yay..
    They seriously look really good though. wow.

  • azza

    yh i do dress up like that for school becuase i live in england and plus its a catholic school.

  • ashley.

    lol, agreed x]

  • Anonymous

    I wish my school have uniform because I’ve never been to a
    Private school

  • nataliee

    those are the coolest lockers ever
    except they are really small

  • Amy loves Nick Jonas

    haha, yea the guys at my school would be like ‘what the fuck?’

  • lizz

    i have to wear a uniform but mine is really boring and blah compared to theirs

  • Anonymous

    kevin and joe look too old for highschool

  • sarah

    i wish my school had uniforms, because thats all my school is about who has the best clothes, because who has the best clothes has the most money, and peope at my school are shallow, but i love those uniforms, and i think its funny how they are all dressed too look like there in highschool, and kevins the only one that looks like hes i high school, jo looks like hes in middle school, and nick looks like hes like 22