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    omg, phil lewis is in here?

  • Selena Gomez- no joke!

    This looks like a good movie! All these people seem to be perfect for their roles! :)

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  • amy

    all star cast :)
    cant wait, i love david henrie

  • Alexandra

    This movie looks soooo good!!!! I lvu that all of mostly the cast is from disney Channel!!! CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!! <3333333333333333333

  • x
  • Anonymous

    luv it!!
    luv emily!
    luv david!
    luv the whole cast!

  • Anonymous

    OMJ i love david henrie!

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  • anonymous

    I know of a better mystery movie than this

  • Cathe

    OMG I LOVE Phill Lewis

  • Ashleeeey

    OMG i love ALL them, so
    i’ll definitely watch it :)