Sonny With A Chance NEW PROMOS

New Sonny With A Chance promo clips. +2 under!

  • Anonymous

    Demi cant act and this is a rip off of the amanda show!!

  • anonymous

    now i have no idea what funny and comedy is
    is this thing is called ‘comedy’
    yeah right

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    DEMI, you FAIL
    horrible acting. your nothing without JB.

    go kill yourself or something..

    Wow. I feel sorry for anyone who’s associated with you in this lifetime, ’cause in all honesty…

    You seem like a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    fail. just…. fail.

  • Anonymous

    Basically looks like The Amanda Show.

  • Logan Noh

    Logan Noh was here :D

  • Anonymous

    okay, first off.
    We all get the point that Demi should stick to singing, but jeez, give this girl a break!
    She’s under disney, of course she’s going to do this acting thing like every other star.

    And please, dont bash the show before you even watched it.
    It’s not like I think this is going to be great, but hey! you never know.

    Just leave Demi alone.
    ESPECIALLY if you’re her fan,
    support her. Not bash her.


  • casey
  • Carol

    This show doesn’t look bad, it looks good tome. It looks really funny.
    And people’s acting improves a lot. Just look at Miley, I mean her acting is alright now, but look at the first few episodes of Hannah Montana. She didn’t deliver her lines that greatly there, same with Emily. But they improved. I’m not trying to compare Demi with Miley, but I’m just giving an example.
    I’m sure once the second season of Sunny with a Chance comes around, Demi’s acting will have improved a lot.

  • Anonymous

    lol wtf is this shit

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was terrible. Please GTFO, Demi.

  • Emily

    heyy 2 of my friends are in this commercial from 0:07-0:08 (in the audience)

  • i.wana.fuk.edward.cullen.LOL

    Heyy if you think demi looks bad with makeup then miley is…HORRID!!

    Demi roxx and she’s just like any other girl ..she’s even been bullied and she’s getting somewhere ..that’s why you HATERS HATE on her

    she is beautiful and well..I LOVE HER!


    ohh…and she’s a fan of twilight..that’s a bonus!! hahah :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh jesuss whateverrr
    Wisconsin isnt as bad as everyone says !
    trust me i would know ! :/

  • Anonymous

    This show is going to suck.. it’s not funny at all.

    btw, does anyone think that this show looks like The Amanda Show or is that just me? Although, I have to say that The Amanda Show was so much better than this.

  • bob

    I think this will be good.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why is that blonde girl acting like the squeaky version of Naomi from 90210?

  • Anonymous

    I know someone who went to the taping of this and she said it was horrid :x

  • OMG.

    i bet if it were selena in demi’s place.
    she wouldve gotton alot of shit for this.
    pple saying wizards looks awful and shit.
    but since it’s demi with this new show, they bash on her even more.
    only because they’re jealous.
    demi looks pretty. makeup or no makeup.
    but would it kill to get a tan?!
    the only reason why she doesn’t wear much makeup is because this is disney.
    little girls follow the stars, so if they see demi being herself with alot of makeup, they do it too.
    bad influence.
    so yeah
    i thought the show was going to be bad bad, but it looks decent.
    yeah. maybe not like hm or something. but it’s good enough.
    i dont like hm at all. my little sister does.
    well my point is, once you make the original, the ones after it are no competition.
    wizards is funny, well to me, because of everyone but selena.tbh. she seems like a bitch, and well i dont find that funny. so yeah.

  • Anonymous

    this doesn’t look funny, sorry

  • x
  • Anonymous

    Uh no offense to Demi but I do not think that this show will do well.

  • Jonasluver

    uggghh i rlly wish i could think this was funny coz demi’s in it and she’s cool but this wasnt funny at all… maybe it’ll b better wen it previews but its looks kinda stupid

  • Anonymous

    oh dear
    was that supposed to make me laugh

  • x
  • OMG.

    oh good…
    cause i want to fucking tell you,
    you suck.
    there’s been spamm EVERYWHERE because of you
    so gtfo please.

  • Meghan V

    ehhh i think demi cud do better than this =]

  • Anonymous

    errr… okay?

  • Anonymous

    wanna say bad comments?
    say that to the real HER.

  • well

    demi just needs to stop.

  • Anonymous

    its actually pretty funny.
    fuck you haters.

  • Anonymous

    Painful. I hope JONAS is better than this.

  • Anonymous

    logan noh is hella hot. stop hating on him. he didnt do anything to u

  • disneyfan3

    logan noh is a hottie

  • haha

    the last part made me laugh
    but other then that plz demi stop while ur ahead.
    Stay to singing babe.
    that blod girls a bitch
    i lik it ahha
    “You can take the girl out of widtgoston[sp?]
    but you cant stop her froming talking about it.”
    haha wow

  • Anonymous

    i love logan noh

  • Anonymous

    madison owns her at acting sry2say

  • Anonymous

    stop spamming! i’m gonna rip my hair out!!!! and comedy sketch? i didn’t crack a smile during all three of those videos. i don’t even know why i watched them…but i did. i think i need a life :]

  • Anonymous


    and enough with the demi, too.

  • laurennnnnn :)

    omg wtf people!?
    god i had no idea who he was so i looked at his myspace and i almost barfed
    im sorry but…no
    but I LOVE DEMI!!
    ahaha i will admit though…this show looks stupid but i loooove stupid/funny shows
    and wtf people demi is GORGEOUS!!
    stop…just stop

  • Shannon

    i know the kid who plays ” Grady” personally, and he said the show is really really good.
    & he isn’t just sayin that cuz he’s in ti.

  • Anonymous

    maybe this show would be better if the star of the show actually had talent?

  • hjkafa

    DEMI, you FAIL
    horrible acting. your nothing without JB.

    go kill yourself or something..

  • Selena Gomez- no joke!

    So excited 4 ya, Dem’s!!! It looks great, can’t wait til the episodes hit the tv!!!! Want to get together w/u soon and i just want to congratulat u on all ur success. i know you’ll read this b/c we get on all . if u know wat i mean, lol! well, girl good luck and im sure we’ll txt! in fact we’re txtn now! lol! i just told u im on! so yah. by the way g2g girl srry no more txt mom’s taken away my fone. ttyl!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man you people are mean and harsh!!! When Hannah Montana first started, people thought the sets looked cheap, the wigs looked cheap, the show was lame..blahblah…not it’s huge! Give this a chance, too! I think it can do well if people let it develop, cause all shows suck in the beginning when they have low budgets geez…

  • Anonymous

    demi is one of those people who needs a LOT of makeup to look pretty. this new natural look isn’t working for her.

  • Anonymous

    too bad people.
    you cant kick her off the show.
    so shut up.

  • Madison

    it does remind me ALOT
    of the amanda show xD

  • Anonymous

    no thank you

  • Anonymous

    maybe this show would be better if the star of the show actually had talent?

    maybe your opinion would metter if you had actually watched more than a few minutes of previews?

  • Anonymous

    lets force oceanup to post stuff about Logan Noh.

    so everyone comment about Logan Noh on every post.

    it will be hella funny.

    like when oceanup tries to post countless crap on selena gomez, we will just
    talk about Logan Noh, and it will piss off oceanup so much lol

  • XSA

    God this is awful

    Just like Hannah Montana.

    Can’t Disney pull ANYTHING RIGHT?

  • leah

    i will like it. you guys havent even seen 3 minutes of the show!

  • leah

    i like it. and u guys havent even seen 3 minutes of the show

  • blah

    this show reminds me of “all that”, i hope it’s good :)

  • lovelovato

    lol!i cant wait
    and demi looks soo pretty

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    love herr :)

  • lilly

    ummm not every celebrity needs makes yhu look old and if she did put alot of makeup imagine witout is not always good for yhur face.
    this show looks mad funni

  • Mystery Man

    rofl at all the Demi haters. I never seen so much jealousy on one page.

  • Anonymous

    the commercial part of this trailer is JUST LIKE the amanda show….. copycats. its not going to do very well, just like J*)*N*AS w/e… i love jb, demi and everyone but seriously. stick to music. omg :( dont get anymore critical commentsssssssssss



  • Anonymous

    I got 30 seconds through the first one. Utter and abysmal failure.

  • Anonymous

    please develop better taste asap

  • Anonymous

    this does not look funny

  • molly

    i think it looks cute

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love logan noh, he is so hot

  • Anonymous

    saying that previews for a show look bad does not indicate jealousy

    it really does look bad

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    anyone who thinks this is funny is only fooling themselves. this looks so idiotic, and i say that as a hannah montana fan. my standards are low but this couldn’t even meet them.

  • sariie

    it looks pretty funny.
    but idk if i would truly watch it.
    but i am a fan of demi, so i am going to
    it may end up like hannah montana did for me
    i thought it was stupid, now i watch it daily.

    did i just say that?
    i think it will do fine
    i just want JONAS to come out

  • Anonymous

    yikes, this really does not look too great. sorry but i think i’ll pass. :/

  • Anonymous

    who’s logan noh?

  • That Dude

    Demi kinda looks like a dude.