Savannah Outen FOREVER & ALWAYS

Savannah Outen covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Forever & Always’.

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  • =/

    she like messed up WAYY too many times…

  • team jonas

    ew why would she wanna cover sucha God awful song like THAT ? she`s better than that . . .

  • Lundiegirl

    lallalala needs to stfu
    I don’t like her either but you don’t need to be obnoxious as hell

    taylor’s was way better (obv)
    she makes videos talking to her fans,
    she’s not famous!!

  • CaliGuy

    Hey everyone.
    Now remember, these people aren’t perfect and are actually striving to make it into this ridiculously hard music business. Insulting them surely doesn’t help them at all. She obviously wasn’t horrible you guys, it was pretty good actually and she gave it her own kinda style to it, so don’t insult her, she hasn’t done anything to really deserve it so just try to be nice ya guys haha. A lot of people do covers to kinda make their music a little more out there so constructive criticism is prolly appreciated but insults are kinda mean doncha think?

    -I have no relation to her I cover songs as well and I sure as hell wouldnt want people to be going like “YOU SUCK you ruined the song,” cuz that sucks you know?
    anyway that’s just something to think about guys.
    Could you do any better? if so, submit your vid haha

  • Ali

    Love her but Taylor sings it better. And she seems to always be a word or two off in her covers haha. She is trying to low like Taylor but it doesn’t sound right. She should have sang it an octave higher.

  • avery

    i love how savannah makes it her own….she rocks!!

  • Anonymous

    dontt like it. she wasnt giving her full power you knoww? i like taylors version a lot better.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty good but taylors version is better, of course!

  • Steph

    Does this girl have an album out yet? I think she has a n incredible voice and can’t believe she’s not famous yet. I think she has a big future ahead of her.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, she is so annoying, and not even that good at singing.

    Taylor did it better.

  • Anonymous

    that was soo good!

  • asherss

    she was okay, but of course taylor’s was betterr.
    i need more friends on myspace..add me

  • stephanie


  • Anonymous

    she’s awesome!
    for You’re Not Sorry cover look up on youtube

  • liz

    actually know it all’s
    she is famous
    I have her songs from itunes
    thats kinda famous dont you think?
    all I have to say about this is
    fucking amazing.
    she can sing and all of you know it.

  • ??

    i lik taylor version better
    but if u think taylor is a better
    singer then savannah
    then u must be fckin krazi!!

  • mojo

    MY EARS!
    Savannah does some covers that are good, but this one… P.U.

  • claudia


  • Anonymous

    i really don’t like her

  • tjjj

    she sucks x 10! just give up!

  • Nicole

    Lol. I’m listening to that song right now.

  • KT

    Probably one of the better covers, but her voice is kinda wierd, and her guitar sounds out of tune.

  • Anonymous

    2:48-3:02 is great. Don’t really like the rest. Sounds like she is talking the song but love her!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I wish she wouldn’t have done that. She kinda really murdered Tay’s song.

  • Lola

    ehh I really didn’t like it. I like Taylor’s way better. I just think her voice is too like rough for this song. Idk if that makes sense but idk

  • Anonymous

    she sing good too.both of them do

    but taylor got aggavating because she kept talking about her 26 excuse me 27 break up phone call from joe.we get it he broke up with u in 27 seconds yipie.maybe thats why because u neva let nothin go unti the wholeworld heard it .

  • nicocacolaax

    1. who is she?
    2. taylor swift did it better

  • Anonymous

    After singing this song, I officially don’t like her.
    No jk jk. But I hate this song and how Taylor had to
    be a bitch and write a song like this!

  • Anonymous

    After singing this song, I officially don’t like her.
    No jk jk. But I hate this song and how Taylor had to
    be a bitch and write a song like this!

    like what? lol. its just a song. iv heard worse.

    anyway. i do think shes a good singer and this was pretty good, but i love tay so im obviously going to like the original better.

  • Anonymous

    that really sucked

  • no, just no

    Not so good. Part of Taylor’s appeal is that she doesn’t try to do weird things with her voice to make it sound ‘sexy’ or ‘good’. She just sings it straight, and its clear and honest and raw and real and amazing.

    Savannah’s cover makes it sound exactly the opposite of how it’s supposed to sound.

  • JJ

    Personally, I think she ruined an amazing song. Taylor’s voice is so much more softer.

  • bob

    OK Taylor really can’t sing and this Savannah girl is OK but not great either. At least she is better than most of the other shit right now *cough*Miley*cough.

  • Anonymous

    shes an amazing singer! guys stop bashing her cause u couldnt do any better and if u think u can, then post a video and see how many hate comments YOU get

  • Ashlee

    She is famous have you ever heard of Savannah7448 or the Youtube girl? Well this is her. She recently went on tour with the Naked Brothers Band. Were I saw her preform live. I personally think that this is not her best cover, but still amazing. You have not heard anything until you see her live, because nothing compares. Even the Jonas Brothers. No one’s voice is a pure, but I’m rambling. She is singed to Levosia Entertainment and Keith Thomas is her manager. It is located in Nashville, TN. Her album will be comming out early this year, but she has not released the date yet.
    Check her out!

  • xOiLY.Ox

    Okay, Taylor’s version is so much better.

  • Anonymous

    she sucks she is ugly too i am like double times better at singing AND my looks are like a million times better than hers. taylor swift i have been to 7 of her concerts and she sounded amazing at all of them, this savannah girl sucks big time, she just does not have the looks to
    be as big as taylor. also you can tell she thinks she is a celebrity. well she is not and she needs to know that.
    i have never heard of her and i go on youtube a lot.
    her facial shape is just odd, you can tell she has
    HORRIBLE acne, and her body is not tone what-so-ever.
    she just disgusts me. yuckkk

  • Anonymous

    maybe, once she gets in shape, takes more singing
    lessons, clears her skin, and wears less makeup and
    better clothes, gets her head on straight maybe i will like her.

  • LoriAnn

    I freakin LOVE her voice omg!!!
    Y’all quit hatin on her, you wish you could sing like tht

  • sarah

    are you kidding me? she’s a hell of a lot better than
    taylor. i love taylor, but she seriously sucks live.

  • Anonymous

    ehhh i don’t really like her version

  • Anonymous

    1st and taylors is better

  • Anonymous

    ya some haters
    she did a really great singer
    and did a great job with this

  • Ashlee

    Definitely not her best. I love Savannah but I feel like after singing, “I Hate This Part,” not much can top that. IDK but it sounds like she has a really thick accent for somewhere in this, but I can’t figure out from where. Wierd because she doesn’t have an accent when she talks normally (I met her last month.)
    Forever & Always
    Peace. Love. Outen.
    XOXO Ashlee

  • x
  • jacqueline

    Savannah rocks leave her alone