Tony, ‘I’m Glad I’ve Stayed In Public School While Acting And Singing.’

Tony Oller new Myspace blog: ‘I aced my finals. Straight A’s woo hoo! Also made the honor roll and got a dorky bumper sticker to prove it lol. Hope you made it through your finals too. It’s a 3 day weekend and officially the last semester. Senior year rocks! 

I’m glad I’ve stayed in public school while acting and singing. It IS the best of both worlds lol. Good times but I’ll be glad to graduate & be able to concentrate just on my career for the next year FINALLY. I’ve been doing the back and forth to LA stuff since I was 12 but I’m ready to kick it into high gear baby!!

I was just sitting here and thinking how wild it is to have over a million song plays now. That’s pretty crazy when you think about it since it’s just me and my myspace and YOU hangin out listening to my stuff. I just want to say I really appreciate you supporting all my own original music on myspace and.. for so long and asking for more. When you see what I mean it will make you realize that no matter who you are you really can do things if you keep the faith. Take all the opportunities you get and you’ll eventually find people who believe in you. Keep it real and keep the dream alive!

  • V

    his myspace is
    And i think it’s cool he’s in school, unlike alot of people.
    Him and Dakota Fanning are pretty much the only ones who go to school

  • Anonymous

    Logan Noh is so much hotter.

    i love logan noh

    team logan noh

  • Anonymous

    Tony Oller is amazing
    talented and cute.
    So if your saying hes ugly why are you wasting your time commenting on this blog if you dont like him.

    Nobody cares about your pointless opinion

  • holllla

    ahhh i love him!

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES ????

  • x
  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh! i want to date him!!!!

  • Anonymous

    1st. i bombed my finals :(

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez should date him.
    They both got the big ears thing going on.
    And they’re both really ugly.
    They’d be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    1st! i bombed my finals. :(

  • Anonymous

    well its great that he passed his finals cuz i failed my midterm anyways y post stuff about him now

  • Lola

    Lol best of both worlds

  • Anonymous

    his eyes <3

  • msdfsdfsdf

    im not sure what planet you live on… but
    hes not uglyy.. either is selena

  • x
  • http://myspace sydney

    yall need to be quite tony is cute and his mom is my bus driver

  • Anonymous

    finally!! someone who isnt, selena, jb, miley or demi!

  • lisa

    apparently you do for commenting

  • Anonymous


  • Kara

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  • crazy_by_niick

    i dont know he is but is so hooot!*!*!*!*

  • Anonymous

    and he is…?

  • <3

    what school does he go to….?

  • meagan

    he is really hott.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE HIM <3

  • Anonymous

    My finals are next week, unfortunately ):
    I hope I ace my finals too!

  • alex s

    hahaha i love that kid

    his myspace URL is

    hes heck of tight give him a chance dont write him off

  • Cristina

    I have 20 times more respect for people like him who stay in school.

  • Anonymous

    finals week for me is gonna be this week, i’m scurred

  • haha

    yea i did okay on my finals, i dont see why u should take them seriously unless u need to higher ur grade,which i fortunately don’t. btw i wanna do him.

  • Jane

    ewww he’s so fugly! the only reason he’s been able to stay in public school is because he has no career. i doubt he’s EVER going to make it in hollywood

  • ashers

    does anyone know the url to his myspace?
    let me know and thanxx.

  • Anonymous

    finally!! someone who isnt, selena, jb, miley or demi!

    well, they are MUCH busier than Tony Oller.

    well, maybe not Selena and Demi, but JB and Miley are 10000 times more busy than this kid. So I don’t blame them for being homeschooled.
    but yeah it’s cool that Tony is in school:D

  • Zena

    hahahahhaa hi guys, i go to school with tony
    and we go to Cy-Fair highschool in cypress, texassss
    sooo yeah.

  • Zena

    hahahahhaa hi guys, i go to school with tony
    and we go to Cy-Fair highschool in cypress, texassss
    sooo yeah.