Demi Lovato & Alex Deleon STILL TALK


Demi Lovato‘s rumored former flame Alex DeLeon of The Cab talks to 97 BHT about Dem: ‘We like to hang out, we’re really, really, really close.. She’s great, I have nothing but amazing things to say about her.. I actually just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago..‘  FF to 3:50.

  • Anonymous

    He cusses on the radio what a tool.

  • Nicole

    FBR fans make me lol every time. They think they’re so l337. No, you’re all epic fail. All that stuff = pop, basically

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a druggie.

  • Anonymous

    was kristin turley like mean to demi?

  • mairedith

    awhh, i love alex and ian :)

  • Anonymous

    demi acording to the girl was mean to her and made her life hell

  • Anonymous



    BHT ! love that station <3

  • Anonymous

    i heard demi lovato is dating alex noyes from honor society

    check it out

  • Anonymous

    but i just saw new pics of him kissing logan his ex either he moved on soooo fast or he never went out with demi same with demi if shes dating alex noyes!

  • Anonymous

    alex sucks i hate him! the cab suck big time! and disney sucks as well thats not real music the cab aint no rock band the music is like pop rock something mixed idk but they suck!

  • arielle

    i saw the cab in concert on the rock band live tour
    right before the news of alex and demi dating broke.
    although i am not personally attracted to him, he’s
    a great musician and seems like a cool person. i love
    demi and am behind her 100%! whether they are still
    together or not, i love that they can stay close.

    love you, demi! :)

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE HIM.
    and everyone stop talking crap about him if you dont even know who he is.
    he’s a good guy, him and demi are really cute together.

  • Anonymous

    FBR fans make me lol every time. They think they’re so l337. No, you’re all epic fail. All that stuff = pop, basically
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    I would agree about most bands on FBR but not the cab. They’ve acknowledged that they have a very pop sound on several occasions and even went as far as to say they weren’t offended when people called them Nsync with guitars(Deleon sounds a lot like JC). They’ve even done NSYNC covers. They’re NOT posers. They’ve tried to be emo so please don’t group them in with those other bands.

  • Anonymous

    kristin turley is this girl who says that she used
    to go to school with demi and that demi bullied her,
    that’s why she got bullied back or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    ALEX NOYES is 22. genius. shut up.

  • Anonymous

    alex noyes is 22 years old. demi would not be dating him.

  • jessssssssss

    hey alex,
    is demi great?

    hahahaha he said that so many times
    awww that’s cute :)

  • Anonymous

    go to or whatever.
    they broke up.

  • jess

    FBR fans make me lol every time. They think they’re so l337. No, you’re all epic fail. All that stuff = pop, basically

    haha finally! thank u! fbr fans think they’re so hardcore but really? no all the bands are just pop wannbe rock scene and emo and all that they think is real music they make me crack up lmfao they’re so pathetic!!! but on demi well i think shes too good for disney!

  • anon

    FBR fans make me lol every time. They think they’re so l337. No, you’re all epic fail. All that stuff = pop, basically
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    yeah fbr fans listen to some real rock not pop wannabe rock bands that are so gay
    they’re all gay as hell esp william becket how ever u spell his name! i like demi
    she’s hot! i actually think she’s good to be a disney star and her old lyrics without the jonas fags were really good plus a metal band said they would work with her….metal=hardcore not pop crap like fbr bands!

  • emmmmaaa.

    singerrrrr =p <333

    …lmfao, i could really care less about celebrty ‘realationships, it’s stupid.

  • Anonymous

    wow.. guess the rumors are true. i really didnt think they were together at all.

  • mandy

    I HATE HIM !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    aww i still dont like him though even though hes band is good and reall music…demis too good for disney anyway so i didnt have a problem with them both dating if they broke up oh well but i heard demis dating alex noyes now if its true than damn she moves on fast

  • gr
  • Anonymous

    looks dont matter plus joe was a real jerk 2 demi

  • Kimmy

    At least they stay good friends! <3

  • CaliGuy

    I honestly think… they are just friends. We really can’t assume much more. However that thing on social butterflies is pretty mind boggling..

  • holly

    wow fbr fan are hardcore wannabees?
    seriously what do you listen to? like metro station!? or hannah montana? yeah FBR/Decaydance is way better than the shitty stuff you listen to.

    i lovee singer with all my heart and this kinda made it seem like they are dating….i love demi too.

    he’s not using her!! he didn’t even bring her up! the god damn interview person did!!!!

    if you dont like him or her, why waste your time watching the video…and then commenting!?!?
    yay you!!! you just wasted your life :D

  • sophie

    IEW, he is so ugly and just using her! yuk

  • ontheDL

    I am just convinced that Demi stays friends with EVERYONE regardless of how things go. She’s just a rad person. (Well, maybe I could make an exception for Kristin Turley, but in her defense, I think Kristin Turley was a bitch. LOL.)

    But honestly, she seems so friendly with everyone. She hangs out w/ Miley regardless of Selena and Nick going out, she chills with Taylor regardless of Joe’s issues, and obviously she’s stayed close with Selena and JB.

    Now she’s still on good terms with her ex? And I heard she’s also still friends with Cody, as well. This girl is like the Mother Theresa of the Disney world. LOL.

  • Chelsea

    Oh, Singer. Why have you mixed FBR/Decaydance with Disney losers?
    What’s next? Miley and Brendon?
    Ew, that’s a terrible thought. D:

  • Becky

    ontheDL :
    I totally agree with you.
    She doesn’t seem to care about the drama,
    she just wants to be friends with the people she cares about.

  • Steffffff

    thats so fucking cute
    I hope there dating.

  • JB lova gurl baybie <3

    ewww wat a damn BUM!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think demis dating joe,
    cant she just be friends with alex and alex noyes?
    woah, 2 alexes…

  • Anonymous

    I HATE HIM !!!!!

    and how is he using him?….

  • Anonymous


  • twal

    aw i bet if they aren’t together
    then they have a thing :P
    thats so cute!

  • jesse

    okay, i lvoe dmei but seriously miley gets critized for dating a 20 year old when demi donst with a 22 year old!! thats just wrong!

  • Anonymous

    their still dating.

  • Anonymous

    How is he using her? He didn’t even bring her up the interviewer did. If he’s using her then it’s ok to say she using JB right?

  • jessica

    Media whore….
    Jemi is where it’s at….

  • Anonymous

    who is kristin turley?

  • naty

    cute couple

  • Anonymous

    how the hell is he using her The Cab is really sucessful
    & has amazing fans & doesnt need some teeny boppers following them okay sweetie get your facts straight.
    i love him <3;

  • Anonymous

    thats cute :)
    he looks like he really likes her.

  • Anonymous

    hes an adult he can frigging cuss this isnt disney
    hun kay?
    i love him demis the poser she needs to take her wannabee
    scene self and go back to disneyland!

  • ahhaha

    i really don’t know what to believe.
    i mean if she caught a glimpse of the boys
    it wouldve been way more believable.
    but anyone could make up a story.
    and video tape the reaction.
    just saying.

    alex deleon is soo fucking cute.
    him and demi are perfect.
    i thought she and joe were, but now i actually see them as friends only.

  • acaila

    i think their still dating

  • andrew

    wtf who like demi lovato?? whe is so uglyyyy jesus!!

  • laurennnnnn :) [[TEAM DEMi&&MiLEY]]

    wow i don’t think he said she was “great” enough times
    lol i think they’re just friends though

  • Anonymous

    isnt demi dating alex noyes now? she a fast mover haha wat a player
    loveee her!!!!!!!!!!! alex is just watever for me eh…

  • Anonymous

    How the FUCK is he using her? I could understand if this were Justin&Miley, but Alex&Demi? Alex is already famous! So how the fuck is he using Demi?
    Morons …

  • Anonymous

    lmao, deleon…

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    “really really really close”
    wow that’s too close to be friends.

  • Cheyenne

    I think they are adorable regardless if they are or are not dating. He looks like the type of guy she would go for. I’m happy for them.

  • demi <33

    I dunno if they ARE or AREN’T dating, but he sure does like her. you can tell… seriously, his face was like all smiley and he couldn’t stop giggling. aaw

  • Anonymous

    Alex is NOT 22. He’s 19. Genius. -_-

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t answer the question of if they were “seeing” each other…
    And we all know what kind of “seeing” he meant…

  • Anonymous

    a girl who demi used to go to school with

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