Tammin Sursok Pointless Relationship

Nickelodeon’s Spectacular Australian star Tammin Sursok music video ‘Pointless Relationship‘ from her early music career. Do YOU like her?

  • me.

    haha oh my god. this video is like a trillion years old.
    i loved this song when it first came out!

    she .. had a very short music career here. haha
    but this was a great song.

    and woah, i loved Dani on home and away.
    im actually watching it right now.. i cant believe Jack died.
    (lol coz no one would understand this.)

    ps. Oceanup should look up Lincoln Lewis and Todd Lassance, coz they are HOT!

  • edenm

    xD I’ll always remember her as that character.

  • Anonymous

    jack died cuz he’s starting a new coking show =P
    well kindaa, she’s so pretty, i hope she’s beter in ‘spectacular’

  • http://JessJealousyx.bebo.com Jess Jealousy

    She’s a better actress, and she was in the movie aqua marine, but her being Australian and mentioned on Oceanup is awesome.

  • Breeee

    OMG this came out friggen a billion years ago! This premiered like a few weeks after she left Home and Away which was like FOREVER ago! I this music vid came with a different single and I got it like a week after it came out!

    Loved her as Danni on HAA and I still love this song now after like 5 years lol

    BTW Home and Away is like the best Australia TV show EVER!!!

  • Ti-Elle

    I’m with you about her being my fave character. I was ten when this came out. Im 14, almost 15 now

  • happy


  • Anonymous


  • -s-

    i like it=)
    burt never heard of her.

  • happy

    yay im first!
    and today is my b-day! 4 real!

  • Anonymous

    GO TAMMIN!!!

  • as

    wow i remember when this came out in australia, it was actually a few years ago!

    i was like 8 and she was my fave character on home and away! LOL

  • megan

    happy birthday happy!

  • huh??

    da fuck??

  • Anonymous

    she’s on the young and the restless
    i love her

  • Anonymous

    how old is she?

    she looks way too young to be in bed with a shirtless guy

  • Anonymous

    wtf…is this just me…or is this from back in the days (as in Home and Away days) lol. HA back when I actually watched the show…I was 12/13. This is yooooonks ago…but its good to see her posted here lol.

  • Anonymous

    yeah lol i remember when it came out!
    she was so good on H&A but shes not a good singer… she should stick 2 acting lol

  • Kaitlin

    I love her on Young and The Restless!! shes really good

  • sanna

    I love her,
    I miss her on H&A!
    She’s a great singer but Beautiful Thing is her best song

  • Steffffff

    ummm I think she’s pretty.
    but im not into the music part.

  • vanessa

    she is still around??
    she was on home and away :p
    a true aussie!

  • Mel

    Wow i used to be so obsessed with this song
    when it first came out.

  • Maddie

    I like it :]

  • melissa

    i was thinking about her the other day, i used to love that song when i was like 12 or whatever. (Im 16 in a month)


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  • Anonymous

    the dude in the beginning looks like justin gaston haha

  • Ethel

    She’s a good singer.