Ashley Tisdale Wesley Quinn LA DATE

Ashley Tisdale
was spotted hugging boyfriend Jared Murillo‘s bandmate Wesley Quinn on Wednesday after a quick LA lunch date. Photo: INF. +1!
Plus a video of Tis sprinting out of Citibank earlier in the day.

  • Anonymous


  • Yasmine

    okay ppl who don’t know blink 182,are retarded and dumb
    Blink are like legends !
    blink is real fucking music, it’s not like the jonas brothers.

    And I’m not old.

  • Anonymous

    i was first!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    she looks a lot like danielle!

  • Anonymous

    in the first pic he looks like a young mark hoppus from blink 182.

    I know, I know…
    “Who’s Mark Hoppus?” “Whats blink 182?”

    yes, im old.

  • Anonymous
  • LH

    aww, cute :)

  • E

    +1 ? or +3 ? HAHAHA

  • http://t blackskittles

    She does look alot like Dani.
    seperated at birth.

  • woah..

    this chicks a cougar her bfs get younger and younger

  • Anonymous

    she seems happier with him than with jared

  • MeliJonas

    Ashley ‘Danielle’ Tisdale much ? :S

  • Jane

    bitch why did she have to run to her car that fast? divaaa!

  • Leah

    really ashley? im sorry but she frustrates me. why is she running…?

  • Ale

    Ashley ‘Danielle’ Tisdale much ? :S

    You know,
    Its not “Ashley looks like Danielle.”
    DANIELLE looks like Ashley.
    Ashley been around WAY longer than JB and especially Danielle.
    That’s Ashleys original hair color.
    Ashley is probably older too, who knows besides the obsessed stalkery fans.
    So it’s actually.
    Danielle ‘Ashley’ whateverthehelldanielleslastname is much?


  • Anonymous

    i know i`m 16 and i know who they are is not like oh my gosh who are they they are like legends

  • Jenna.

    Wow – he got mucho ugly. :P
    she looks pretty though.


    okey no offense that was RUDE
    u could at least say hi im good and u dont have to run when ur car is right there gez

  • CaliGuy

    wow that video is hilarious!!! Ive never seen anyone run like that hahha and she uses her purse to cover her face. hahahhahah that is sooo funny… hahaha

  • anonymous

    okay i dont understand why her and vanessa always cover their faces when theres only like 2 people taking their pictures. i mean when they are tog the pap go CRAZY. she just kinda gets on my nerves. and plz ashley go back blonde!

  • anonymous

    she acts like such a bitch to the paparazzi. i mean, seriously? RUNNING when there’s like 2 or 3 guys? and its not like they were mean, they asked her how she was. i know its kinda ridiculous, and it probably gets slightly annoying cameras always in your face, but that’s the price you have to pay for being famous. so, Idk. it comes off as really rude.

  • Anonymous

    there was only like two paps. lmao.

  • Ashley

    He did NOT get “mucho ugly”
    He’s just as hot as ever<333
    love you wesley!

    but whats with those glasses, wesley?

    still hot though.:D

  • LOVEato

    it’s so funny how she runs to her car
    but umm. she does not look like demi :S

  • JuBrazil

    she looks cute, but too much makeup. and the guy [i dont know who is it] but he is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    its ok, i love blink 182, i actually remember seeing their videos debut on trl, i should not be on this site!

  • Anonymous

    wow, i didnt even know who the hell danielle was until i saw the JB’s comment…

  • Anonymous

    great video lol

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