Bottom Of The Ocean MILEY COVER

Tiffany covers Miley Cyrus‘Bottom Of The Ocean’. Do YOU like it?

  • Anonymous

    No, recorded her self singing this twice and overlapped so she could sing both the high and low part at the end at the same time.

  • wtf


  • taylorlautnerisfuckinggorgeous!

    very good!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing special.

  • mojo

    A very beautiful song and she sings it well! She needs a mic though

  • Anonymous

    umm shes not that good.
    mileys waaaaayy better.

  • WhatChoNameIz

    Carlson Young is HARDLY a celebrity. Look up the word celebrity, moron. Carlson is on a 5 minute long show – which airs on Disney Channel. Now do you REALIZE why no sites have her? Hell, the only success come off that show is Demi Lovato, but people only recognized her because she was in Camp Rock. -.-

  • Anonymous

    no … she’s singing like a humpback whale.

  • Abby

    Eeh, she’s okay.
    She looked creepy whenever she looked into the camera..
    and her voice is really plain.

  • Hayley

    Who is she?
    Since when does oceanup psost people no one has ever heard of?
    I mean posta really good youtube star like Ally Hamen :)
    She is amazing !

  • -.-


    oceanup needs to put stuff on of real celebritys.
    such as CARLSON YOUNG.
    no sites have her.
    and shes gorgeous and talented
    and an REAL celebrity.

  • Kat

    hOllyy, shit, shes actually realllllllyy goood!

  • chelsssss

    i thnk shes really good
    and i like that you put things up of people that arent famous because you never know, this girl might be famous one day

  • Anonymous

    she’s obviously not a “real celebrity” if no sites have her… and nobody knows who she is XD
    …just sayin’

  • Natalia

    The Person who started singing with her doing the 2nd voice near the end was better! lol

    she should have come into the picture and been part of the video..

    sounds like she’s singing in a bathroom or somthing.. lol


  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    She is better than Miley! ha Miley sux!!!!!

  • Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!

    You will see that it’s better.
    All our hopes and our dreams
    will come true.

    I will not disappoint you,
    I will be right there for you.
    ‘Til the end, the end of time.
    Please Be Mine ?
    ME 2!! lol

  • josie(:

    she could be amazing if she would loosen up a bit.

  • andreaa :)

    uh not really.. she sounds like she would sing in a church…?

  • h

    i love bottom of the ocean. she did a good job, much better than i could ever sing

  • Diana

    She does sound good,and to people telling ocean up to post about real celebs, well it is her site, the least you could do is sent her what ever it is form that other girl you want who ever she is. Tiffany sounds good, but I do prefer the Miley version,

  • anonymous

    jajajaj is she really think that is better than miley poor her FUCKYOU i love miley so.. ur nothing however whatever..

  • val

    why is she evrywhere?

  • team taylor undies babe!!

    shes freaky looking!! kinda boring too

  • Diana

    AMEN I don’t even know who she is.

  • nonamed

    wow, this was really good! :)

  • http://ha Maddy

    good pitch
    nothing special
    awkward stage presense

  • Anonymous

    better then the original
    she probably is in a bathroom or programming. but hey, acoustics are great in the bathroom.

  • Anonymous

    slow news day?
    miley did it better
    this kid isn’t bad, though

  • Jes&Mar

    mhm well good but you sing slow.

  • Katy

    wow. she’s better than miley!

  • loverr

    ahaha 4th babehhsss! <3

  • -S-

    good! but i like mileys better!

  • monika

    she’s so good. i bet if miley sang this acousticly she would suck.

  • Anonymous

    Do I like it??!


    fucking Savannah Outen WANNA BE!
    get a life. like, now.

  • sfdssdgs

    clone of Savannah Outen. minus the voice.

  • Anonymous
  • gabby

    she can sing well at times, but other times shes just plain. there are much more people out there who can sing better. but she can play the guitar amazingly. thats the only thing.

    and btw, shes youtube famous. just like savannah. she has a ton of subscribers and crap.

  • Tayyy

    Well, she’s obviously in a bathroom because of the echo.
    But, she’s ok.
    Nothing special
    And not as good as Miley.

  • monica

    i think she did good, but she did have a creepy look on her face looking into the camera.

  • gabb

    ehhh. she was pretty good not tht im any better but she looked really creepy just looking into the camera.

  • Carol

    Stop posting random people, please.
    This girl is average. Keep her on YouTube only, don’t post about her or anyone else like her here.
    Savannah Outen is an exception, since she’s already becoming famous and has been on the radio, etc.

  • Abby

    You will see that it’s better.
    All our hopes and our dreams
    will come true.

    I will not disappoint you,
    I will be right there for you.
    ‘Til the end, the end of time.
    Please Be Mine ?

  • Steph

    She sang it a bit too monotone, but not bad.

  • Jonas Sweetie

    Who is she??????

  • Olivia

    Next time, do it in a room without an echo. It ruins the whole thing.

  • Anonymous

    Shes OK…But that echo was annoying

  • Anonymous

    you are amazing!!! i really think your better than miley lol…. oh no they are gonna jump on me for saying that lol. your really pretty too! where does the love go, i don’t know! thats my favorite phrase. :]


  • Anonymous

    You will see that it’s better.
    All our hopes and our dreams
    will come true.

    I will not disappoint you,
    I will be right there for you.
    ‘Til the end, the end of time.
    Please Be Mine ?

  • Anonymous

    noo emotion

  • Anonymous

    woooww this girl isnt’ even famous
    kay and no offence shes not really good at singing, she just has a pretty average voice
    but whatever its cool i guess…

  • Brittany

    Woah! Your better than Miley…..
    You have a great future ahead of you
    for singing! Go all the way :]

  • Anonymous

    who the heck is she?

  • Haley

    No offense to this girl but why do you post stuff like this? There are millions of people with great covers all over youtube and you really don’t have the time or the space to post them all and it’s kind of unfair to post stuff about random people… =/