Chace Crawford TEENS FOR JEANS

Chace Crawford has joined and Aeropostale for the new Teens For Jeans campaign. Drop off any pair of your gently worn jeans to any Aéropostale store between January 26 and February 22 to be donated to a
local homeless shelter or charity. In thanks, Aéropostale will give you an additional 25% off your next pair of jeans.

  • Tru

    Now this is one sexy ass man……Whooh….he is so fine…..whooh….Much Love Chace! Whooh he hotttttiiiieee!

  • Anonymous

    soo cute

  • Anonymous


  • Karina :]

    hes hottttttttttttt

  • taytay


  • Anonymous

    i lvoe the one the jonas brothers did…joe was

  • Anonymous

    AHH his smile is amazing.

  • taytay


  • Anonymous

    hot stuff…love his smile, his eyes, his voice, his laugh, his hair, his body, damn i freakin love this kid…wow, stalker much?

  • Anonymous

    yeah, another hot piece of ass…damn, oceanup…please stop posting the guys, everytime u do i think we all get mini heart attacks

  • Claire

    I love his voice. That alone makes him hott. Then you look at his face!!! He’s such a hottie

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i like the jonas one better.. “Were calling out teens to donate your jeans”-joes little rap he had goin
    “to the homeless’-kevin

  • Anonymous


  • Bea

    aw, the Jonas boys once did a campaign for that.
    Joe’s rapping ”were calling to teens to donate their jeans”

  • andrew


  • Emma

    HAHAHA For like two years I always said Chance crawford and one day someone said “You know its Chace…” Haha. I thought i was the only one that did that!

  • fdsdf

    is it just me or is he saying aeropostale weird?
    isn’t it pronounced air-ro-pas-tal?

  • Anonymous

    Logan Noh is so hot.

    post stuff about Logan Noh

  • tiffany

    chace crawford is <33333

    so freaking hotttt!!

  • anonymous

    I’m sooooo gonna do that!.

  • Anonymous

    aaww i loovveee the jonas one. gah. such good times. im gonna go watch it.

  • Ale

    Oh my gosh, Chace <3
    He’s so amazing.
    I’ll do that for sure.
    In fact, I have some jeans that are like so tight on me :P

  • Anonymous

    “1 in 3 homeless people in America are homeless.”


    He is so hot.


  • Anonymous

    logan noh is so cute

  • Jessica

    Hahaha. He’s cute and funny. :]

  • <33333

    ahh! i love it. i love when kevin gets mad at himself

    ^for those who feel inclined. well those are the outtakes; funny stuff.

    but i do plan on donating jeans. i have a bunch i cant fit at all.