Daren Kagasoff ‘Oh My God I Was Freaking When I Got Cast In A Series With Molly Ringwald! It Blew My Mind’

The Secret Life of the American Teenager star Daren Kagasoff interview excepts from UGO and About. They’re not super recent, but he’s a fun and new person! Is it more fun to play a ‘bad boy’? Oh, yeah! It’s so fun. It’s just something that I’m not like in my life, so it’s cool to be able to do certain things on camera.

Are you familiar with your costar Molly Ringwald‘s old movies like Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles? Oh yeah! When I knew that she got cast in this, I was just freaking!
Just absolutely freaking! Like, oh my god! I’m in a series with Molly
Ringwald? It blew my mind.

Do you think the show will be controversial? Yeah, I think so, definitely, because in this day and age pregnancy is definitely a hot topic in the teen world. So I think it’s going to show both sides. How you’re gonna deal with abortion.

If, in fact, she’s gonna have an abortion,or if you think its right (that) she should have an abortion or keep the kid. So there’s a lot of controversy over that. Over rights as well. If it’s morally correct to have an abortion..Have you experienced Hollywood red
carpets and things like that yet? Yeah, I’ve been to a couple of those
little event things. They’re fun. They’re good. It’s good to get your
picture taken and get out there.. it was a little overwhelming at
first, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. (laughs) I’m getting
used to it, so we’ll see.

Best concert you’ve ever been to? Probably Jack Johnson and Matt Costa. They performed together. Matt
Costa opened up for Jackie boy.. I love Jack Johnson so it was a great
experience with my buddy. Just chillin’ and listening to them.

How long have you been acting? I’ve actually been in the game of acting for about a year and two or
three months, which is when I began working on my craft. I moved back
from San Francisco State about a year and a half ago
and I jumped into
this play. The play got terrible reviews..

..so I decided that since I
moved away from college, I better learn my craft and take this
seriously. I went on to take some acting classes and I did that for
about eight months. The Secret Life of the American Teenager was
literally my fifth or sixth audition and I booked it. I’m very
thankful, I don’t take anything for granted.

What would you be doing now if not acting? I’d probably be at San Francisco State, wasting away my life. It’s so
stagnant over there and it was just not fulfilling my life. Acting is a
way of expressing myself, I feel a lot more comfortable in my shoes
because I’m doing what I love and I’m passionate and confident about

What was the worst job you ever had? That’s easy, working for my dad! My dad is a hotel diamond dealer,
so I’d go down there and answer the phones and run his errands, kind of
like a little puppy. I didn’t like it, I felt like I was back in San
Francisco again, taking orders and not doing what I wanted to do. The
best part about getting this job was telling my dad that he had to find
someone to work Mondays and Fridays.

Acting advice: You’ve got to
work at what you do. If you don’t put in the work, you’re not going to
get the results. That was key to getting this role; I put in the work,
spending hours and hours a day getting coaching.

This guy [Ricky] lived
inside of me for two months before I booked the role. It’s really got
to hit you in a spot inside that you can fully relate to. If you put
the work in, you’re going to get the results. It’s a matter of time and
luck and once they meet together, it’ll be your time.

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    I LOVE HIME!! His character kinda sucks, but last week he was a little better and this week he seems to get nicer or whatever but he is HAWT!!! I love the show and Molly Ringwald is AMAZING!! as is almost everyone else on that show!!

  • Tatiana

    What a conceited self-serving ass.
    I used to like him but this interview totally turned me off him.

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    hes so handsome!

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    how old is he?

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    He’ss Sexxyyy (:

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    Ayy Are yu seriouss?(:
    i wish i coulda did that.

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    Hot!!!! with a capital H

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    I love Molly Ringwald! Daren seems like a cool guy. I love the show :]

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    OMG i had no idea the mom was molly ringwald!!!!
    and btw im pro choice.

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    i LOVE him. he is so cute and i love his character in secret life


    i love him. x] id bfreaking out if i got a role with molly ringwald in the same show too. x]

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    MollyRingwald is the original teen queen. She was the teen queen of the 80’s. If you are a big fan of 80’s teen movies, like I am, you would definitely know who she was since she starred in 3 of the hugest ones. So yeah I love Molly Ringwald too!!!!
    The Breakfast Club
    Sixteen Candles
    Pretty In Pink
    and my favorite…..
    For Keeps?

  • Andrea

    I met Daren at a birthday party last Saturday night and
    sparks flew. I have a major crush on Daren he is a
    sweetie. I even danced with him.I think I am falling
    in love with him. But I do not know if Daren feels the
    same way about me.

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    he’s pretty hot! i didn’t think he would be 21, i’m surprised!

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    I think he is so fine! Mmmhh he is so sexy def on the show….whoooh!

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    how is he conceited?
    he sounded honest and genuine
    at least i think so

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    hot dayum
    i love him and the show:)

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    ihhhhh my god. but he’s so hot.

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    his gorgeousness is the reason i watch the secret life!

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    love him hes sooo cuteee

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    lol yea my mom was watching the show with me last nite, and she was like oh wow thats molly ringwald! i was like who??? haha

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    omgod he is SO FINE!

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    molly ringwald is that bitch!!!!

    16 candles was my favourite movie i watched t that 30 times i know the movie by heart. pretty in pink and the breakfast club are alos cult classics.

    molly was apart of a generation called the brat pack.(i think dont quote me lol)

    as for this guy he is sexy.

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    I love him and this show!!

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    pretty decent actor…
    and hes hot ;]
    overall not too bad!

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