Jackson Rathbone The Last Airbender

Jackson Rathbone dished to MTV about his new film and his band 100 Monkeys: ‘I’m focusing mostly on music and another movie I have coming up. We’re going to be working on ‘The Last Airbender’ with M. Night Shyamalan, so that’s very exciting.’

On his audition: ‘It was great. They flew us all out to Philly.

I got to meet the other castmembers that they hired on. I got to read with them, even. It was a blast. It was a great chance to get a free trip to Philly and get a chance to meet M. Night. He’s an incredibly nice guy, and I think we hit it off pretty well, and now I get to play Sokka.’

 A young warrior of the Southern Water Tribe, Rathbone’s Sokka will accompany his cinematic sister Katara Nicola Peltz] as they help the heroic Aang [Noah Ringer] take on evil. Jesse McCartney is also reportedly onboard..

Jacks on the Nickelodeon animated
series: ‘It’s a fantastic show. I’ve always loved that kind of deep, mythical fantasy. It’s
got a lot about the four elements: water, fire, earth, wind. It’s just
really cool. It’s a really interesting series and such a cool
character. I’ve always liked the show, and I thought it would be fun. It’s a
chance to do something a little funnier. Something less serious than

Due in theaters in summer 2010, Airbender has already begun to face a
bit of controversy over the casting of white actors like Rathbone,
Ringer and McCartney to play Asian characters:

I think it’s one of those things where I pull my
hair up, shave the sides, and I definitely need a tan [On his transformation to play Sokka]. It’s one of
those things where, hopefully, the audience will suspend disbelief a
little bit.’

I think
‘Airbender’ has a lot of suspenseful twists as a TV show, but I think
it’s something he’s really looking forward to, for expanding his own
horizons. He has kids. How many films has he made that
his kids would be able to watch?

So I think it’s really great that he’s
making a family film. I have a sister; it’s exciting to make a film
that my whole family can enjoy. It’s just an action-packed, epic film. I’m starting to do
martial-arts training..

..which is going to be so much fun, and we’re
doing a lot of interesting work with the green screen. It’s such a
mythical world. We get to go to Asia, go film abroad. It’s just going
to be such a blast.’

  • Anonymous

    zuko kinda looks like camp rock joe jonas

  • lAuReN=SHHHHH+ LiStEn!!


  • Hat

    I love the TV show! But here in latin America it’s not getting as much promotion anymore and I don’t know if the aired the final episode yet, I even haven’t seen all episodes b/c I don’t know what time they air it anymore…

    It’s good as a movie, and Sokka nor Katara are Asian, they have wide blue eyes and very tan skin with brown hair.

  • lAuReN=SHHHHH+ LiStEn!!


  • Anonymous

    YAY! jackson is soo cute <3

  • Sidney

    jesse mccartney is DISGUSTING, if he plays prince zuko in the movie – im not watching it.

  • Tru

    OMG! That is my show….I miss it so much….If they make that it into a movie I will be going to see it….I love the show……

  • Anonymous

    i swear ill shoot myself if jesse mccartney is gonna be prince zuko! ugh hes my favorite in the whole show and i hateeeeee jesse mccartney…its the same thing as putting vanessas hudgens…its gonna just look stupid ughhhh gr

    butttt my favorite cartoon and the love of my life (jackson) all in one is great!!!!

  • AvatarFan101

    I seriously love the show avatar! It brings an unique e es essense to the chinese culture. It also provides
    morals and life lessons into 1 epic show. If the movie casting is all Caucasian,it will lose the special unique trait that makes the show so wonderful. So, if the keep the casting as mentioned, I suspect many of the elite Avatar fans will not be buying a ticket to see this movie, including me.

  • Vick

    he is sooo cute!
    so many movies are being filmed here in philly now haha

  • JuBrazil


  • JuBrazil

    1 , cute jackson;!

  • Brittany S.

    I love the show, so hopefully the movie is good too. :]

  • kelsey

    Not only white people have blue eyes you fcking A

  • Maddie

    shit. jackson should have been edward cullen. he’s gorgeous.

  • http://aang-aint-white.livejournal.com/1820.html To Hat

    “…and Sokka nor Katara are Asian, they have wide blue eyes and very tan skin with brown hair…”

    Sokka and Katara are of Asian/Inuit descent.
    In the Avatar universe everyone’s eye color represent what nation they are from
    The water tribe have blue eyes
    and the fire nation has crimson eyes.

    I am sorry the character designers didn’t color their skin yellow or draw slit eyes.
    No wonder they whitewashed the cast. Its so the ignorant kids won’t get confused.

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  • connie

    I love him ?

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute!

  • evilazula

    this movie is going to be an epic fail. avatar is the best cartoon have ever seen.there is so much a cartoon can show that real people just can’t.
    The martial arts will be kept within limit, depending on the actors physical abilities (i hardly think any of them have spent much of their lives training in a certain martiall arts)and the characters will seem out of place, obviously because of the skin.
    Also, i think they’ve changed Jesses’ role to Dev atel. Like that’s much better. I for one REFUSE to go watch this movie, even if someone payed me!