Katelyn Tarver THE IN CROWD

Behind the scenes Mitchel Musso’s The In Crowd’ music video hosted by Katelyn Tarver featuring Malese Jow: I wanted to get this up before the video premiered.. oh well. Figured I would still post it. Hope you guys enjoy the video and go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet!

  • joanne.

    anyone else think that katelyn & mitchell make a good couple ? >.< *** yeah, who is she? – shes from american juniors :D

  • Anonymous

    i like it is guess.. a little random having mitchel do a video. i guess i am not use to it.

  • Feist

    PLEASE, PLEASE… pluck your eyebrows.

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  • Anonymous

    Malese Jow is in the videoo too!
    I love that girl
    she is busy with her music;
    You MUST check it out man!

  • -S-

    is the other girl the one from unfabulous from nick?

  • Anonymous

    her eyebrows do NOT match her hair! rotfl

  • Anonymous

    “yay cody kennedy is in the video!!!”

    I just lol’d.
    because of the whole her and mitchel thing, her and nick simmons thing.

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  • Anonymous

    yeah, who is she?

  • Anonymous

    wow i reallly care

  • LaLa Land

    Her eyebrows are really dark

    lol but i reallyy loved her in American juniors

  • Anonymous

    yikes i thought she was pretty.
    she needs to die her eyebrows.

  • Anonymous

    pretty though (:

  • Chrissy

    she’s so pretty though (:

  • Anonymous

    shes really annoying with her gum and it wasnt that interesting wish we got to see more of mitchel or something i dnt even kno who that girl is and her costume wasnt that funny all it was was glasses wtff??

  • Anonymous

    Aww she looked really cute and seems so sweet.

    Mitchel is amazing!

  • andrea

    yay cody kennedy is in the video!!!<33

  • Kayla


    I sent this in!!

  • Maddy

    Shes pretty cute. :]

  • Abbey

    who is shee?
    She;s prettyy,
    OCEANUP-post the new miley rares!!

  • Anonymous

    i love the glasses :D

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