Lucy Hale American Juniors AUDITION

Lucy Hale audition for American Juniors singing ‘One Step Closer’. Thx Megan!

  • Tru

    Awwww….Thats a nice video to look back and and say Sh has achieved her dream….This is really nice…..Much Love Lucy Hale! I Love Privileged( Spelld dat wrong or right, idk)!

  • Ashlee

    I remember watching her on American Juniors when I was in 4th grade! I met Lucy and the rest of the band at some concert. She was so sweet.

  • Cyn

    aw shes so cute.
    love her x333

  • Anonymous

    I used to love that show.
    & AJ Melendez was my fav

  • rachel:)

    so after looking at this post i youtubed american juniors cuz i forgot about it :) so i watched random stuff from it. i used to love that show. hah :)

  • meganrose

    i sent you this!! ekk. im surprised you got it:)
    i think she sings great:)

  • Jane

    i used to love that show! hahah her mom was right. and she is an amazing singer…i seriously wouldn’t have known! she’s beautiful now too

  • Anonymous

    her voice is a little too low..
    i dont know shes good but i dont like her voice for her.

  • amberJONASS

    i remember her my sis was voting fer herr..lmao!
    she’s really good!


  • i love lucy

    she is so adorable and very talented, love her!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Aww ! :]

  • allie


  • Anonymous

    she sings? i suppose she’ll release an album, too…

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    well, she was right!

  • anon

    wow she sure can sing

  • Anonymous

    She got some cholita eyebrows there. ;)


  • adfhsdfhdf

    “she sings? i suppose she’ll release an album, too…”

    One day, maybe.
    But she’s not even a Disney star. She guess starred in a few episodes of Wizards, that’s pretty much the only thing with Disney she’s worked with if you think about it (right?)
    She’s a good singer.

  • Anonymous

    I remember this! I used to watch it. She was one of my favorites because her voice was amazzzzzzzzing!!!

  • kenzieton

    omg i remember watching this when i was 10.

    haha i only watched it because of nick carter as a guest judge.

    thats how i remember her, and Katelyn Tarver,

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she sings, too!?
    she’s really good!

  • Anonymous

    look how thin her eyebrows are compared to how they look now. they’re thicker