Really random video from Popstar! It’s the G-Girlz surprise 14th birthday party at Michael Copon‘s loft apartment where he talks about mentoring or managazing them. Also at the party [Towards the end] Daniel Samonas, Jake T. Austin, Jansen Panettiere, Bella Thorne, and Jordan McCoy.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve never heard of G-Girlz, so I’m thinking he’s not a very good manager. Second, both Popstar and OceanUP need to stop posting shit about Michael Copon. He needs to stop trying to get press and fade away already!

  • Anonymous


  • mhfyjfo;ih;


  • tati

    like i care

  • Anonymous

    i recognize exactly 0% of these people

  • Anonymous

    yeah i know

  • Anonymous




  • taylorlautnerisfuckinggorgeous!

    uhh the what girlz?
    if you have a name with “girlz” in it…then you wont make it. kthanks.

  • Anonymous

    why do you still post about this idiot??? he didnt get picked for New Moon, so
    know one cares about him anymore.

    if you need something to post then just post about this Logan Noh guy everyone
    keeps talking about

  • Anonymous


    post about Logan Noh

    team logan noh

  • Anonymous

    i just threw up in my mouth from all these fake ass bitches and that ugly as hell

    post about Logan Noh. at least hes funny and entertaining and not a fake bitch

  • Anonymous
  • Carine

    I’m sorry girls what?

    Never heard of them woah
    and who cares about this loser? -.-
    Post about this Logan guy everyones talking about
    Can anybody tell me who he is?

  • Anonymous

    oh boy. THESE are the g-girlz


    ew what are they, the wanna be cheetah girls? although the cheetah girls suck ass too…except for raven, who seems like a doll!!!

  • logannohisGAYbitches

    I hate logan noh, well you people who kept
    posting ‘i love logan noh’ and blah, made me
    hate him a lot. so thank you. i officially hate
    that bitch :D
    fck logan noh
    and its likely that the person writing that
    is logan noh, because he is a dum ass whore.
    take that :OO

  • Anonymous

    damn, i just realized thats the nigga from one tree hill, i hated his ass!!

  • Anonymous

    post the miley video already.

  • miley > you
  • Anonymous

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