Ashley Tisdale PRADA PRETTY

Ashley Tisdale flaunted her Prada handbag while battling the frigid LA rain to grab coffee at Coffee Bean before her daily outing. Photos: Fame. Adding 7+!

  • Anonymous

    why does she always have to have a big pricey bag with her to get coffee. that is so pathetic!!!!

  • LH

    oi? cala a boca voce menina louca :)

  • Krystal

    For starters, it’s CALM down, which I don’t even need to do because I am calm & always have been. Average is a person like you, but when you call someone who clearly is above you average, it makes you a liar …

    Sorry but it’s only the truth.

  • lol

    oo i lyk her laid back outfit n her skull hat haha diffrent from the whole snazzy get up
    she makes me wanna go get a coffee reeeaal bad lol

  • Anonymous

    OOH Lovin the bag :)

  • Cyn

    why do celebrities drinks always look so damn delicious?? :]

  • Anonymous

    I find her boring, tbh

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jane

    hate herrr

  • Anonymous

    seen this way before on justjaredjr, oceanUP stop copying justjaredjr

  • Anonymous

    so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like asley simpson!

  • Anonymous

    shes so out of it and always wearing sweat pants. like dress up a lil sometimes!!! goshh.

  • Anonymous

    i love it!
    That Prada just stole my lovee.

  • David Henrie Fan

    shes so ugly she looks like a bird

  • Anonymous

    umm where is she? i hope it is so cold where she is so that there is a reason why she is wearing those pants

  • ashley_1989

    i love how she wears sweats and cute shirts :)

  • Taylor

    Because They Have The Money to buy the starbuck & all those drinks that are acctually good lol
    But anyway Ashley Always looks great!

  • Anonymous

    she annoys me for some reason

  • ..

    wtf i hate that stupid pouty face she makes o__o

  • karen

    she looks pretty =]

  • Anonymous

    why does she make that weird face……?

  • Anonymous

    okay…come down i think you are getting way to worked up about all this,and i think selena gomez is just as bad as ashley so…………whatever!

  • yanira

    i love her hat

  • Sam

    she looks like a frickin goof ball
    no offense.

  • Krystal

    It’s doesn’t matter what you think, no one cares about the opinion of a hater. Average is someone like you or Selena Gomez, Ashley is way higher then average & actually has talent, so save your bullshit for someone who cares. Ashley is GORGEOUS, jealously is ugly …


  • Anonymous

    I am not saying that Ashley Tisdale is average i am just saying that she doesn’t need to flaunt all her money alll the time to get COFFEE!!!!!! it is stupid just wear sweats , oh and i am not a liar, so what if i don’t make a billion dollars you don’t either!!

  • Krystal

    No, your pathetic & your comment is STUPID. She has her purse with her, that just so happens to be expensive, so ? She bought it, she can wear it wherever the fuck she wants to wear it. Honestly, your comment isn’t even worth a reply but I can’t stand people like you.

  • Anonymous

    if i saw her on the street i wouldn’t think anything of her :/ she’s just average, and that pouty face makes her hideous.

  • brazilian hot

    calem a boca vocês aí ¬¬